Bad News Good News

This was something I wrote in my journal, and started a draft for a couple of months ago during my first two week wait, before my BFN. I decided to publish it today.

Bad News: Labor Day Weekend? What’s that? Oh yea, I had to work Saturday, Sunday Monday AND Tuesday (completing my 7-day in a row streak).
Good News: I’ll got Wednesday and Thursday off, as well as a TON of overtime!

Bad News: I don’t think we baby danced on my big “O” day.
Good News: We did it before and according to what I’ve read that gives us better chances for a girl.

Good News: I’m not nervous or stressed about “possibly” being pregnant.
Bad News: My research tactics are on high alert, and now I think I am pregnant because I sneezed and have gas.

Good News: I found my basal body thermometer, so I can take my temperature every morning and know when I’ve ovulated.
Bad News: The beeping every morning apparently takes “the fun out of it,” so I’m retiring it to my drawer for now.

Good News: I smelled a strong sent Bar B-Q as one of my friends walked in the room last week… A sign that my senses are heightening… An early symptom of pregnancy.
Bad News: My friend didn’t eat BBQ, she didn’t smell it, and she’s 8 months pregnant.

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