Baby Shopping List

Ok so I’ve been wondering what I’m going to need when this baby gets here. I know some friends in college told me love would be enough.. Love, some clothes and diapers I guess. But yea, I’ve gotta get real. I waited awhile to be ready to have a baby so I could hopefully afford more than the essentials. But since I’m more than three months pregnant now I figured it was about time to get real, buckle down and see what I’m REALLY going to need.

I have a Prego Planner and it ROCKS! I’m going to be giving you a full review on it soon so I won’t spoil it all now, but it’s really helped me stay organized with this pregnancy and all of the information I need to know and/or remember.

One of the many many things it has which I LOVE is a Newborn Checklist. And it lists all of the things I may need for the first few months of Spawnie’s life. Yes, it’s daunting at first, but that’s ok. I’ve got a long way to go. All of these things aren’t total necessities, but it gives me an idea of what I may need. I’m sure I’ll get a lot used/recycled, and as gifts, but it’s an encompassing list of what I may want to end up with.

I’m listing it below, and throughout pregnancy I’ll mark off what I have to have a visual of what I still need. A strike through means I have it!

Crib and/or bassinet
Crib bedding
Crib mattress
Mattress pad
Waterproof crib liner
Fitted sheets (2-3)
Sleep Positioner
Receiving blankets (4-5)
Changing table
Changing pad
Changing pad covers
Rocker/glider- Coming from grandma!
Nursery monitor-Coming-Won from Real Moms
Night Light

Feeding Supplies
Bottle Sterilizer
Bottle brush
Bottle warmer
Bottle drying rack
Nursing pillow
Breast pump
Nursing pads
Nursing cream
Breast shields
Nursing bras
Nursing gown
Milk storage bags
Travel formula dispenser
Pacifier clips
gas relief drops
High chair
Meal mat
Infant spoons
Sippy cups

Washcloths (5-10)
Baby wash
Baby shampoo
Baby lotion
Bath toys
Tub toy pouch
Hooded towels (2-4)


Toys and More
Bouncer seat
Play gym
Crib mirror
Walker- Not getting
Toy Chest

Books and Music
Preggo Planner
Pregnancy books
Childbirth books
Breastfeeding books
Parenting books
Baby book
Educational music
Lullaby music

Baby sling
Baby Wrap
Diaper stacker
Nursery curtains-Made by me, Yay!
Pregnancy pillow



Diapers (disposable or cloth)
Wipes (first box)
Wipes warmer don’t need.
Travel pack for wipes
Diaper bag
Diaper pail and refills
Rash ointment
Diaper sacks for travel
Disposable (portable) changing pad

Homecoming outfit
Bibs (5-10)
Burp cloths
Booties and socks
Dresses(More than enough)
Hats (2-4) (or 10)
Footed rompers
Swaddle blanket
Baby laundry detergent
Stain remover
Baby clothes hangers


First aid supplies
Medicine dispenser
Baby fever reducer
Nasal aspirator
Baby brush and comb
Nail clippers

Safety gate
Corner guards
Outlet covers
Drawer latches
Cabinet locks
Toilet locks
Fireplace bumpers
Fire alarm
Carbon monoxide detector

Rear-facing infant car seat
Car seat base for 2nd car
Full-size stroller-Coming- Won from Real Mom TV!
Lightweight stroller
Stroller rain shield
Stroller toys
Infant car mirror
Pack and play- Coming from grandma!
Soft carrier

Birth announcements
Thank you cards
Picture frames
Growth chart
Baby calendar
Personalized items

Not bad for 13 weeks 34 weeks right? I know that I obviously don’t need all of these things from day 1. I can build up a lot of this stuff after Spawnie gets here, and some of the safety stuff after he/she starts crawling around. Surprisingly I have quite a few things already! Anything you think I don’t need or that I forgot on the list?

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  1. This list is intense but it is pretty much what an American baby needs. lol

    It is very similar to my list except I have taken off or put a few things on hold because I have limited space. But yeah that list looks right. And you will collect along the way.

  2. You are going to be the most prepared mother ever! I didn’t like the wipe warmer. Dried out the wipes before I could ever remember to add water. Not worth the small amount of space it takes up in my humble opinion…

  3. This list is very comprehensive. A lot of it you won’t end up needing but that is different for every mommy and something you will learn once baby is here!

    Safety stuff is very important but you can get that after baby gets here (and it might be a nice excuse to get out of the house!. Baby won’t really be moving for a while (rolling over start at 3-4 months!).

    I am not sure when you are due but you might want to add a car seat cover to your list…something like a bundle me, but not exactly, as they go behind the baby and it isn’t safe. Even if your baby will be born in s warmer month they make light weight ones that can protect baby from wind or rain…

    A jumper and feeding utensils are other items you won’t need until 4-6 months.

    And I would read up on walkers as there are safety concerns with them now.

    I hope I don’t sound preachy, I just wanted to be helpful. I went through all of this not too long ago myself.

    Good luck!

  4. You should totally read the book Baby Bargains, if you haven’t already. When I have a baby, we will get a foam mattress. They are much lighter and just as safe as a coil mattress.

  5. Wipe warmers are a waste of money and not good for the environment – waste of electricity causing increase carbon emissions. Also don’t need disposable change pads – can get waterproof reusable ones or just use a flat cloth nappy. Also most women don’t need breast shields so I would wait and see if you do or not. Same with pacifiers – some babies won’t take them or don’t need them. My baby sucked his fingers until he was about 12 months old and then stopped. You can’t lose your fingers but you can lose a pacifier! Heaps of people I know wish they hadn’t let their baby have a pacifier because then as they get older they lose them in their sleep and then wake up their parents to come and find it for them.
    A humidifier is only necessary if your baby has lots of colds etc. I would wait to see if yours does.
    Oh and also sleep positioners… I never understood the reason for these. The instructions say to stop using them once your baby can roll and if your baby can’t roll yet then they stay in the position you have left them in! Therefore totally redundant as far as I can tell 🙂
    I’d hold out on a lot of the toys, feeding stuff, safety stuff etc (ie for older babies) and see what you get given. It is amazing how generous people are with first babies plus you might get lucky like us and have friends who give you the stuff that their kids don’t use anymore. Babies grow so quickly that a lot of those things don’t get much use and are in almost perfect condition even after a couple of kids have used them.
    Ebay is GREAT too!!
    Just thought of something else 🙂 A pharacist friend of mine suggested I avoid all the baby shampoos, washes etc. She has seen heaps of babies with skin problems as the result of those. Washing in just plain water or using one of the very mild washes for people with sensitive skin such as the QV, Dermaveen or Ego range are perfect.
    Other than that, the list sounds good! Have fun 🙂

  6. Wow, ok, i’d scratch off half the list really…but I’m not a ‘stuff’ kind of person. For example, I don’t have a swing, just a bouncer…(I find it more useful, more portable, and much smaller). I don’t have separate toys for the crib/floor/stroller, I have a set of link-a-do’s and I can attach a rattle or something to one end, and then attach the other end of link-a-do chain to the stroller (or to the ring of my ring sling!!) or set them on the floor with baby.
    Different lifestyles call for different things–I don’t have all the bottlefeeding stuff for example, but if you’ll be going back to work and pumping then you will need it.

    One area where I would STRONGLY advise not bothering with special baby stuff is in the soaps/lotions/shampoos/detergents department. Switch to a ‘free’ (unscented) detergent for the whole family and then you’ll never have to worry about washing baby’s stuff separately. Trust me the last thing a new mother needs is to have to keep track of multiple detergents!! The BEST stain remover I’ve ever found is oxy-clean. Just throw the clothes into a tub or bucket with hot water and the powder, let it sit 30 min, and everything comes out. Even washed-in/dried-in spitup stains.
    Ditto with not needing special soaps–just don’t soap the baby until they start crawling and getting into actual dirt. Before then, warm water and a washcloth is good. Babies have sensitive skin which dries out really easily, and soap just dries them more…so don’t use it! If you didn’t dry them with the soap, then you probably won’t need the lotion. A little olive oil on flaky skin will do a great job of moisturizing–it’s good on sore nipples too (even though it will also make you both smell like a salad, LOL!). The best thing for baby’s skin is actually to not put anything on it though–their pores clog really easily so it’s better to just leave them be, even if they’re peeling a bit (which they often do in their first couple of weeks). Rest assured it will clear up on its own. 🙂

    Oh, I don’t think babies need special towels/washcloths either. Regular ones are fine.

    And just get a snowsuit that covers hands–no need for mittens (which will just fall off and get lost anyway. Ditto with footed outfits–I try to avoid socks and booties whenever possible, because they usually fall off and/or get lost.

  7. Great list and you have a good start! I’m SO glad as I was reading through it I was able to say – yep, got it! – to just about everything (phew, I’m prepared!) haha. I used the book Baby Gizmo–it saved me!! It goes through everything and tells you about different features and which are actually important. There’s a consumer reports baby guide book too. I didn’t buy it, but I did sit at the book store and read it a few times. Both are SO helpful when you have NO idea what you’re doing! 🙂

    Emily @ Baby Dickey

  8. Brookstone Tranquil Moments noise machine (eBay). Babies are used to noisy environment and sleep better with white noise and swaddled tightly. Note: husbands make great baby wrappers. We women tend to think they are too tight.
    Dove soap for sensitive skin
    Travel swing
    Lots of batteries, various sizes
    The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr Harvey Karp

  9. That is some list! There’s only a couple of things I wouldn’t get. The sleep positioner always seemed like a waste of money to me. Baby doesn’t go anywhere when asleep before they learn to roll, and after they learn to roll, the sleep positioner should be removed. I, personally, cannot stand the smell of baby detergents, such as Dreft. And, having to wash all of baby’s clothes in a seperate load? I just don’t have time for that. So I switched to All Free And Clear. They make “Free” detergents in all kinds of brands now, so you can still buy your favorite brand. As for the nursing pillow, I still love the boppy. Love it. Can’t say enough about it. It’s my favorite thing. Milk storage, I have reusuable plastic containers that I found on I love them, and I’m not constantly throwing away plastic baggies after I’ve warmed up milk. I have a set of 20, so I can freeze some and put some in the fridge. Pacifiers, I wouldn’t go crazy buying. I’d buy 1 or 2 in the newborn size, and test them. If baby likes them, you can always buy more. My first son hated them, my daughter still uses hers (we are getting ready to wean) and my 7 week old doesn’t want anything to do with them. You never know if baby is going to take them.

  10. I agree with what Mommy Bee says about the booties and socks — my sisters’ babies always kick them off within a few minutes, even in cold weather.

    And someone said on another blog I was reading that you should keep the baby’s clothes in drawers and not bother with the baby clothes hangers, because you’ll be too sleep-deprived to want to struggle with them!

    (About detergents and soaps — I have very sensitive skin on my face and the best thing I ever did for it was to stop using all cleansers/moisturisers and just wash with warm water. It has calmed down a lot and feels much softer. So I can definitely see that being a good idea for baby skin too!)

  11. I didn’t get half the things on this list, and I never bought any clothes until she was 3 months old. People LOVE to shop for baby clothes, so I’d suggest saving your cash for other items.

    Just a quick perusal of the list, and I have a few comments:

    1. Nasal aspirator. The hospital should give you one, and the one we got was a billion times better than the one that came in the newborn kit we bought.

    2. Receiving blankets. They’re usually too small to swaddle with, so be sure to take as many as you’d like from the hospital. The ones from the hospital are perfect for swaddling.

    3. Formula dispenser. If you’re serious about breastfeeding, I’d suggest not having one around and getting rid of any formula samples so that you’re not tempted to use it if/when the going might get a little rough.

    4. Full sized stroller. This is just personal preference, but I hated the one that came with our ‘travel system’ so much – big, clunky, useless – that I sold it. When we went anywhere when she was too small for the umbroller, we usually kept her in her carseat, which could be carried or placed in a shopping cart, or carried her ourselves in our arms or in a sling. Even now, we almost never break out the umbroller and the times we’ve ‘had’ to (airport, mall) its still easier IMO to just carry her.

    5. Hooded towels. They are adorable. But the absorbency is next to nil. We use a very cute, but very large adult sized bath towel for bathtime and it works great.

    6. Diapering. I’d suggest a diaper wallet. They’re about $10 from Target or any store like it. They hold about 4 diapers, a travel container for wipes, and have room for cream if you need it and another onesie – because you will need it. I found it more convenient to throw that in a large purse and go.

    6. Diaper bag. They’re adorable. But not useful on a daily basis in our case. Because of the diaper wallet, we NEVER take our diaper bag anywhere unless we’re going to be away from the house for more than 5-6 hrs. And when she was younger still never took it anywhere unless we were going to be away for more than 3-4. Its just too tempting to bring the kitchen sink when there is a bag that big with all of its convenient zippers. We have used it as her carryon when we have traveled, so it is useful for that. We also stash diapers in the cars just in case we forget the wallet.

    7. Toys and more. I’d suggest perusing craigslist or any second hand shops you have around. Those things are bloody expensive, and some kids don’t like certain things. We received a travel swing brand new, and it was perfect, and an exersaucer second hand and it was too.

    8. Paci clips. We had paci clips, but never used them.

    9. Except for the fire alarm and the CO detector, the babyproofing can wait until your babe is mobile.

    10. Nursery Monitor – we LOVE the video one we got, but didn’t move our girl out of our room until she was 13 months old.

    11. Baby laundry detergent. Unless you’re sure your babe will have sensitive skin, I’d skip it. Its a bit of a racket from the detergent manufacturers. We’ve washed our girls stuff in our detergent from day one (and didn’t pre-wash any of it), with no issue.

    12. Finally, of course register for as much of this stuff as you can. What you don’t get as physical items, you can use the inevitable gift cards to get the highest priority things.

    🙂 This has been hardierlime from twitter…Hope I didn’t write a novel.

  12. It looks like you are off to a great start!

    I agree with most all of your commenters above. You will find that some of the stuff on the list that do not seem important will become pretty essential for you. In turn, you will find that some of the things that look essential actually aren’t!

    Registries are wonderful! For us, people still bought us a ton of clothes. But, not all of them were in my taste. I have a baby girl, but I’m not into frilly clothes. People love to buy baby girls frilly clothes! I re-gifted a lot!

    Gift cards are the best!

    As for baby laundry detergent, I think it’s pretty important. My daughter’s skin is pretty sensitive. So, it may just be dependent on your baby. I’ve found that the natural detergents like Method, Seventh Generation, etc. work well even if you don’t get the kinds designated for babies! I always prewash clothes too – personal preference I guess!

    Best of luck!

    Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day the other week!

  13. Okay although I rarely read others comments before I add my own, I did this time so you won’t have to keep reading the same thing over and over. However no one has mentioned how much burpy clothes will become your favorite and most practical accessory! And ALWAYS keep a bag for yourself in the car with some backup clothing just in case the baby misses the burpy cloth. But get tons of cloths because you can run through them like water.

    Also, if you are going to breastfeed, your new BFFs will be those breast shields. Even when you are away from Spawnie, sometimes just hearing a baby cry in the supermarket can send your girls into Letdown City! Then you will be glad you had those pads (plus keep extra in your purse) because every womans amount is different.

    Don’t splurge on too many newborn clothes because the kids grow so quick and you can fall into just dressing the child in your favorites and then realize all the tons of clothes at the back of the closet the kid never even got to wear.

    My best, Lynn

  14. Lots of good comments. I have to heartily disagree, however, with removing all formula from your house. It isn’t evil and giving your baby a little formula, if nursing is killing you, is not the end of the world and doesn’t mean you’ve failed at nursing. You can have your husband give the baby a bottle, you can pump and go back to sleep knowing the baby has a full tummy. Formula saved my baby’s life. I was nursing him constantly and he was screaming and losing weight. I started pumping exclusively (until he was 10 months)and supplementing with formula and he thrived. Give yourself options and do what works.

    Also, I recommend a “Swaddle-Me”. They sell them at any baby store. They are especially nice once your baby starts to wiggle out of their swaddle; it keeps them bundled tight with velcro.

    I think someone else already said it, but instead of a bassinet, just get a pack-n-play with a bassinet in it. You can set it up right next to your bed so the baby is close for those first few months when they are eating all night long.

    Enjoy this time (you seem to be). A first baby is a magical thing. All babies are, but there’s just something about that first one…

  15. You should add hand sanitizer to your list. I love Babyganics and/or Hands2Go.

    I see a lot of your readers don’t like wipe warmers! I ended up purchasing mine a week before I had the baby. She is 16 months now and we still use it. I think it was especially helpful during those middle of the night diaper changings. No baby wants a cold wet wipe on their butt in the middle of the night.

    And your wipes won’t dry out if you keep it closed. Someone mentioned something about adding water to the wipe warmer?! All you have to do with mine is just plug it in.

  16. Good for you! That is quite the list. A lot of those safety things you won’t need for a bit.. luckily babies don’t go anywhere at first 🙂

  17. I have to say I disagree about most people on the wipe warmer but thats my personal perference.. its cold where I live and it was SUPER nice to have warm wipes when I changed my 2 kiddies in the middle of the night – but thats just me! LOL

    I also second the noise machine — both my kids have them — they were instantly calmed by the white noise sound and have slept with them on since birth — our 3 year old still has one. Also convinent as it cuts out all noise — we can have a LOUD get together and the kiddos never hear a thing. I know you can get some that are super $$$ but mine is a conair – I got at walmart for $19.99…. its really all you need!
    Sound like you have a good list going… and I’m a stuff girl – so I had one of everything and multiples of lots of it 🙂 Left a swing at my moms, mils etc!

  18. Wow that is a looooong list! Well for our first we bought cloth diaper and they will be use on baby #3 in a couples of months (was a very good 125$ investment)

    Beside that baby sleep with us until about 10-11 month old at that point sleep in her bed (mattress on the floor)so no crib no bassinet no special bedding etc.

    I made my own wrap

    we bought one little dress on sale (since birth our eldest as been wearing her aunts clothes she as 8 of them) so no $$$ spend in that area. Our second was a girl too she she is sharing big sister clothes now.

    we breastfeed, I sew my own nursing pads (out of old fleece shirt)

    All toys were given to us second hand and we only had someone giving us a high chair for baby #2 so baby#1 did not use any.

    We change our baby on our bed, table floor etc… and use the sink until to big then use the bath tub to get clean.

    So over all our children have not cost us a lot! We do accept the generosity of the grand parents and all 14 proud aunts and uncles. It’s a blessing to have a big family!

  19. My mom made me some burp clothes for when I was breast/bottle feeding and they were longer then the ones you can pick up at the stores and I just love them and plan on having her make more for when this baby comes. I found them to be essential and saved a lot of my shirts when the baby decided to vomit all over me. I know a few gals on etsy make them too and think it’s something that should be put on your list too.

    I hope your enjoying your pregnancy.

  20. Now don’t forget to leave some things behind for the people to buy for your baby shower. I’m not going to tell you what not to get but you’ll realize that you have so much stuff, that you get overwhelmed. but this all the fun part. Enjoy every minute of it.

  21. Now, now. I never said formula was evil. If it comes down to exclusive breastfeeding actually not working (as 2% of moms really will have a problem with it), by all means, feed your baby!

    But, for some folk, just having it around is temptation enough to give up on breastfeeding, and it makes it hard to go back to exclusive BFing. And lack of support and information out there – even from trusted advisors like doctors! – make many new moms feel like there is a problem with their supply when there really isn’t. I’m well into my 18th month of exclusive pumping. I wasn’t going to let something like a latch problem hinder my desire to get my milk into my baby, so I’m well aware that there can be bumps along the way.

    My comments are as much for BMM here as they are for everyone else reading. When it comes down to it, it is just food. But, in the first 6-8 weeks BFing can be harder than formula feeding, but after it is established, it becomes light years easier, so its better to not be tempted to quit by having formula around, is all I was saying.

    hardierlime from twitter

  22. That is some list! There’s only a couple of things I wouldn’t get. The sleep positioner always seemed like a waste of money to me. Baby doesn’t go anywhere when asleep before they learn to roll, and after they learn to roll, the sleep positioner should be removed. I, personally, cannot stand the smell of baby detergents, such as Dreft. And, having to wash all of baby’s clothes in a seperate load? I just don’t have time for that. So I switched to All Free And Clear. They make “Free” detergents in all kinds of brands now, so you can still buy your favorite brand. As for the nursing pillow, I still love the boppy. Love it. Can’t say enough about it. It’s my favorite thing. Milk storage, I have reusuable plastic containers that I found on I love them, and I’m not constantly throwing away plastic baggies after I’ve warmed up milk. I have a set of 20, so I can freeze some and put some in the fridge. Pacifiers, I wouldn’t go crazy buying. I’d buy 1 or 2 in the newborn size, and test them. If baby likes them, you can always buy more. My first son hated them, my daughter still uses hers (we are getting ready to wean) and my 7 week old doesn’t want anything to do with them. You never know if baby is going to take them.

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