Baby #3

Inquiring minds want to know. After all, it’s been a while since I’ve put all my bidnass out there as usual. And that is pretty much the theme of this here blog.

The answer to your question varies depending who you ask.

Let’s make it a game. Polling two random adult individuals in my household one said this:

“How could we not? Look at how adorable our first two are!” brother-sister-love And the other said:

“No, absolutely not, we’re done.”

No idea? Ok, well here’s how the answers went after a bit of thought, reason, and consideration…

“Well, maybe. In five years or so we’ll reevaluate.”

“No way! I’m going to get a vasectomy right now!”

Oh… Did I give it away?

IMG_1381-copyNeedless to say, I’m always open to the idea of more babies. I mean, not like the Duggars, but in a reasonable sense. If my husband wanted five or six kids I’d be down for that. Or maybe I only think that because I know that is about a likely as McDonald’s denouncing the Big Mac.

At this point he is pro-permanent baby-making-cancelization measures, and I’m very anti-permanent-baby-making-cancelezation measures. We’re too young to make that kind of decision. Maybe in another five years we can reexamine things.

I want to feel done. I WANT to be completely 100% satisfied with two kids. I don’t want to have to hypnotize my husband into wanting a baby again. I have the perfect pair. The son and daughter I literally dreamed of (click the link and prepare for your mind to be BLOWN!). They’re the biggest blessings and really, is it maybe a tad selfish to want more that I initially asked for?


I love babies. More importantly, I love the little collection I have going. Big T is growing way too fast and I can’t stand to think that this is my last time raising a little baby. That’s just a dang shame, almost a waste of a baby maker. Especially when I make them as perfect as these two.

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  1. First of all….I’m going to eat both those children up if I ever get my hands on ’em.
    Second….you cracked me up “oh did i give it away?!” LOL
    If you don’t FEEL done, then you’re not done.
    I understand what you mean, and I hope you either feel done shortly, or you and hubby agree to have another to complete your gorgeous family.
    I must say, I FEEL like this is my last pregnancy, and I’m happy to feel this way. I love my son, and I love this gender-unknown nugget growing inside, and I’m so glad that I feel that he or she is COMPLETING our family.

    Have fun at Blogalicious, I’m SUPER jealous.

    1. First off I’m SO HAPPY for you and your family and your new baby coming. That’s SO EXCITING! Secondly, I’m so happy that you know this baby completes your family! I’m trying to get there, or hope my hubs comes around. … Either way one of us is gonna need some hypnosis.

  2. I know the feeling! I think my husband would be done if we had one of each as well. It took a while to convince him that we should plan on more than 2! Hopefully you both can figure it out. 🙂

    1. I think the problem is I undershot what I thought I’d want. Instead of saying “yea one or two” I shoulda over guessed like “five or six” then we could settle on three or four.

  3. I hear you! My daughter just turned three and the baby is 16 months old. He’s almost growing out of “that pain in the butt, get into everything” stage and I’m starting to get the itch, but then I think about going back to baby stage when the older two are starting to become more fun and less work. It’s such a conundrum. My husband and I both want three but I sometimes say four, we’re going to try for at least one more and then wait a bit before we do anything permanent…although my husband says as soon as I’m pregnant again he’s going in. I told him then in 5 years when I want another one I’ll have to look for some who is able to reproduce, he said “Go Ahead!”. Looks like I may not be winning that battle.

    1. Are we married to the same man? Haha! I think a 5 year gap would be great cause then these two will be off at school all day and I can snuggle and love on the baby while they’re away. It also gives me more time to work up a strategy.

  4. I completely understand the feeling of not being done! My boys were 3 years apart due to a miscarriage in between and then surprise I was pregnant again when the baby was 8 months and another miscarriage. That along with the youngest having a seizure disorder put my baby making on hold for a long time! Thankfully the Lord blessed my world with a baby girl when my boys were 10 and 7 years old. Everyone was surprised but it has been great! She is now 5 and the special relationship she has with her older brothers and the way that they are learning to care for a younger child has been great to watch. The special feeling that she wants to love and snuggle with me that I can’t have with a 15 yr old son who is taller than me and shaves, helps the pains of watching your older ones grow up. She made our family feel complete! Now talk to me in 10 more years when she is 15, and the last one, and I may be crying and wishing I had one mor

    1. I’m so sorry about your losses Kathy.

      Sound like you’ve got a great batch! My youngest sister is 8 and the next oldest from her is 16. I think my mom had the same thoughts when the 16 year old was 8 but now she’s like “ok when will all the kids be grown and flown?!” haha.

  5. Awww…I can understand where you are coming from. Hubby wants 2 and I want 3 so our compromise is that we’ll have 2 and leave room open for a 3rd. If God blesses us with one more, then great. But we always tell people we want 3.

    Goodluck! Your husband might change his mind once the kids get a little older. Right now, the sleepless nights and constant demands is bound to make him think twice. After I had my daughter (our first), I was SURE she would be an only child. But now that she’s closer to turning 1, I know for sure that I still want 3 :-).

  6. I hear ya! I have 2 kids now. Luckily we both want at least one more, but I want 2 more. I know I’m out of my mind crazy for wanting 4, but I can’t help but feel like that’s “my” number. I can’t stand the thought of only having one more baby. My heart feels complete when I am holding one of my babies. (not to get too cheesy on ya) I’m terrified that we won’t be on the same page.
    Thanks for sharing! Oh and just for the record… I vote you have more, because they are just TOO adorable not to! Maybe you should have us all vote on how many kids you should have and use that as evidence to convince your hubby 😉

  7. All I will say is you seem to love your roll as mom and you seem to be in an amazing happy place. Much blessings to you and your family no matter what number it is….though I can def go for some more family pics wink wink….xo

  8. I wasn’t done after 2 because I had in my mind we would have 3. My husband even said we would have 3 not long after our 2nd was born. He recanted later. After some time and lots if back and forth I convinced him (or he gave up) and we tried for 3. #3 should be here early June. 🙂 He has now completely freaked out about a 3rd because there is so much to do before than (like make $ appear). I think he’ll be fine hen he sees our little June Bug in a couple weeks.

    After this, we are done. He’s volunteered to get a vasectomy. Hey…at least I don’t have to have the surgery. It’s better for me knowing this is it. I’m ready. 🙂

  9. We were in a similar place…he was talking vasectomy, I was feeling not ready to call it quits. But we agreed on taking a break, so we compromised with an IUD.
    Now I’ve had the IUD for almost 3 years, and have reached the point where we’re ready to do the vasectomy (I confess I still have mixed feelings sometimes, but I confess that after reading about how a vasectomy works, all I could think was “if he’s willing to do THAT, he’s pretty darn serious about this.) Also we are pretty settled into our routine with 3 now. We bought a vehicle last year that is awesome but wouldn’t fit another kid…I’ve given away my maternity stuff and as my youngest outgrows things I am giving them to my sister in law.
    In other words, we’ve slowly gotten to this point…but he’s going in for the big snip over christmas break (so that he can be a couch potato all week before he has to go to work again).

  10. I know we’re not yet done, we are actually just beginning to try for #3 but I am still unsure if there will be a #4. We always wanted 4 but I have imposed an age limit of 34 upon myself, I’m now 32 and I like having about a 3 year age gap between them. So if I follow that logic then we’ll be done at 3 but a friend once told me, “you’ll know when you’re done, you’ll feel it.” I really believe that and if it comes down to it and I don’t feel “done” at 3 then that age limit will go out the window. With that said…feeling done or not…after #4 I QUIT! haha

  11. Just give yourself those few years to think on it and make a decision then. I know it is hard when the heart always is aching for more babies lol! 🙂

    My husband wanted 2-3 and I wanted 3-4 and now I am pregnant with #4 and due mid January. We have a 4 year old, 3 year old and a 17 month old. I have horrible morning sickness from 6-16 wks and this time was a lot harder with 3 other little ones to care for and it being summer and no preschool when I was feeling pretty sick. Also mine are all 15-22 months apart so I think my body needs a break and we aren’t planning on anymore. But I do love seeing them all play together and wouldn’t change it for the world!

  12. I’d been wondering about something a little different. I noticed in some pictures of Big T that you are using disposable diapers. I’ve been following your blog for a few years and I wondered why you weren’t using the sprout change diapers again. Seeing how you already have the diapers and all. I have a few sprout change and i admit they aren’t my favorite, I prefer the Kawaii but I do still cloth diaper. Just curious. 🙂

    1. So I loved Sprout Change but I fell out of love with cloth diapering. My husband was a SAHD when we did them with Lil’ J and did all the laundry. Now with us both working, the idea of lugging 2 kids + a diaper pail to/from daycare was unappealing. Of course now there’s no more daycare, just my distaste for laundry. 😉

  13. We were “done” after our 3rd child was born. I say “we” but I really mean “he”. I didn’t have that feeling of being completely done having kids. She was our first birth child, we had adopted our older sons from foster care. A couple of years later we had an oopsie moment that resulted in the birth of our 4th child. I still didn’t feel done but my husband was ready to schedule the vasectomy. I figured we were finished making babies. I mourned the babies that I wouldn’t have, even though I already had 4. Well you know what they say about plans. He scheduled his vasectomy and I found out I was pregnant with number 5 all in the space of a few days. My youngest just turned 3 and I finally feel done. I feel complete for the first time. But my ovaries sure do stir to life every time I see a picture of your cute kids! I have to beat them back into submission every time. There will not be a number 6. That’s my mantra.

  14. It took me a long time to be ready for Baby #3. My first two are 2 1/2 years apart. Number 2 and Number 3 are going to be 4 years apart. I just know how awful I feel and how hard it is. The first time, you’re naive and it sounds like it might be fun. You might escape morning sickness and colic and all that jazz. The second time, you know you want your kid to have a sibling and you hope you’ll get lucky and have an easy pregnancy/newborn. The third time, you just KNOW it’s going to suck! Taking the plunge is so hard.

    I was the one in my marriage who was reluctant to try for a third. But now that I’ve been pregnant for a few months, I think my husband will agree that 3 is the magic number for us. I don’t think he wants to be married to Pregnant Jenna ever again. Haha.

    Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE my kids, but man, being pregnant and then dealing with the newborn woes is TOUGH!

    1. Reading this I thought I was reading my own post. My 1st 2 are 2.5 years apart. This one will be 4yrs. I want ready as early. I finally told dh it’s now or never. I was ready to “get out over with.”. I know it sounds horrible, but you’re right. It sucks. The nausea started before I was officially late and I know I have many weeks to go.

      I’m also so very thankful to get to do this one last time.

  15. First of all, my husband said we were absolutely done at two kids. I’m due with baby #4 in March, 2014 because we are apparently super fertile and all he has to do is be in the same room as me to get me pregnant 🙂
    Secondly, if you go into any nursing home or assisted living and ask the residents there if they wish they had had more or less children, the answer will mostly be that they wish they had had more. (Yes, I actually conducted this experiment after hearing another person mention it) You will never regret having another child, but you may regret NOT having another child. My feeling is that the Bible says that children are a blessing and blessed is the man who has his quiver FULL of them. Why would we turn down another blessing from God? I’m not saying we all have to be like the Duggars (although I’m thinking of asking them to adopt me), but we need to view children as the blessings they are.

  16. I thought that after I had JJ, we would be done because we finally had one of each. And for a while I almost felt like I was done. It was my husband who initially said that he wanted to try for another boy or twins. And so, we’ve agreed to try for Baby #3 the end of next year. I’m not sure if we’ll be done after either because the who tying up of the tubes freaks me out.

    I keep thinking about all that can go wrong, especially since I seem to be allergic most general anesthesia. And my husband said he’s definitely not getting his manly parts snipped. So, the odds are that we’ll probably end up with 1 more after Baby #3. At the end of the day, I think we’re both just happy to be able to bring life into this world because there was time that we tried for a year and had started to think children of our own weren’t going to be in the cards for us. I’m sure your husband will come around as the kids get older.

    And who knows, God may just intervene on your behalf. None of these contraceptives are 100% effective. I had my own pregnancy scare a few weeks ago.

  17. when you look at those adorable two, how can anyone resist just two. I always thought i would be more than happy about two babies, but more I am getting this second pregnancy the more I feel like having another one might not a bad idea

  18. Your children are so adorable!
    Well I made up my mind yesterday after giving MJ (my 9 month old 27+ lbs) his bath that Maya (still cooking in the oven almost 6 months) is my last baby!!!! I love my son dearly and I can’t wait until Maya gets here but this baby making machine is closing down on or around January 31, 2014. My Hubby wants a 3rd child and he was in disarray when he found out that Myles was in fact going to be Maya! LOL. He only wanted boys! MEN! I guess he may need to hypnotize me in order to get his Myles! If you guys want more children I say go for it! They are truly a BLESSING FROM GOD! And some days when I look at my son and feel the movements in my belly I still can’t believe they chose me to be their MOM! I love them both! Good luck and thanks for the Blog!

  19. I agree!!!! You have the most gorgeous kids i have ever seen in my life. I was looking forward to seeing big T. Lil J was just too perfect, you certainly know how to make gorgeous babies. One or two more please!!!!!!!!!

  20. My baby no 3 is a few weeks younger than yours. Honestly, I would say wait a bit to think about it. You are still under your current baby’s hormonal spell, and you are young! Even I have said in the past few weeks, what about a fourth. And, I know that is crazy talk. I am already 35 and already approaching the year two mark in my career break. Luckily, I knew it would haapen and emailed myself notes on “never again” during my recent pregnancy.

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