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We’re taking a break from the regularly scheduled rambling about my life to talk about blogging. Sorta. I’m coming up on 8 years of blogging here at and I don’t think I’ve ever done a reader survey. I mean, I’ve done casual questions here and there on Facebook and whatnot, but nothing formal. How selfish of me?

Well, today that’s all changing. I’ve created a survey so I could learn more about you, what you like to read about and want more of, and what you are sick of seeing!


Wondering where What I’m Making Monday went? Sick of pictures of my kids? Want me to finally take up cooking and actually add something to my “making food fun” section? Want more Disney tips? Want LESS Disney posts? Now’s your chance to speak up. No need to worry about hurting my feelings, it’s totally anonymous!

I’ll admit, I went a little crazy and kept adding questions but it’s not long, and it’s multiple choice. I’ll even offer a little incentive! If you complete the survey come back here and leave a comment letting me know you filled it out, you’ll be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card (or Target if that’s your thing). I’ll give everyone a week to fill it out before the drawing.

This is all on the honor code since I don’t ask for your email address or anything, so I’m trusting you awesome people to tell the truth!

Thank you so much in advance! I’m excited to hear from you!

Click Here to Take The Survey



Elizabeth says:

Thank you!

Elizabeth says:

Meant to say I completed it 🙂

Sherrie says:


Rania Osburn says:

I’ve participated in the survey!

Callie Meyet says:


Katrina says:

Did the survey!

Amy Travis says:


Sara A. says:

I did it! Hoping it worked! 🙂

Courtney says:

Completed the survey, what a great idea to get new topics for your blog. I would
Love to do that but I would probably get 0 responses, lol!

Gillian says:

Done! =)

Shauna says:

Thanks so much.

Tamara says:

Dropped my 2¢ in the bucket ?

Heather says:


Joy says:

Done! Love this blog!

Alisa Duncan says:

Survey complete!

Myra says:

Survey complete!

Tahzeeb says:

Love ur blog?
Survey completed.

Jacquie says:


Amanda bombard says:

Completed survey 😉

Hanna says:

I completed the survey!

Carol Pyles says:

Love your site, and filled out your survey 🙂

Jessica C. says:

Done! =D

Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Lydia says:

Done! 🙂

Lola says:

Done! ?

Jen says:

Completed 🙂

Hannah M. says:

I completed the survey… 🙂

Sarah says:

I took it

Kim says:


Kenisha says:

I completed it!

Belle says:

I completed your survey!

Mary says:

Thank you for your blog! I did the survey 😉

Chrissie says:


Whitney says:

Completed 🙂

Thank you for doing what you do it’s wonderful watching your little family grow

Janelle JB says:

Completed the survey!

Lindsey says:

Did the survey! Love the blog, great job!

Brittany says:

Completed the survey! Happy I recently encountered your blog!

Melissa says:

Done with the survey. Love the info you give.

Caro says:


Jessica says:

Ok I think I did it now ? Thank you

Julie says:


Shelly says:

Survey completed.

I took the survey. You’re doing a great job and I love reading your blog. Your kids are adorable!

Sharon says:

Filled out the survey.

Christine says:

I took the survey!

Sarah says:

Did it

Erin A. says:

Completed 🙂

Paula C. says:


Jessica says:


MiLisa says:

Survey completed! Great questions for readers!

Wendy says:

Done and done!

megan says:


Chelsea says:

Done 🙂 The favorite kid question made me laugh out loud.

Renee says:

Filled out the survey

Emily Coen says:

I completed the survey!

Sara Barker says:

i completed the survey!

Alisha says:

I enjoy your blog — it’s authentic, includes fun stories and you provide good/interesting advice. It’s very “down to earth”, relatable and genuine. I completed your survey. Thanks!

From Mrs to Mom says:

I completed the survey but wanted to add that I love your blog and you can do no “blogging wrong” in my book.

Kelli says:

Completed the survey! Such a fun idea to see what your readers think about your blog. Continue to be true to yourself and what you love!

Kelli says:

Completed the survey! Such a fun idea to see what your readers think about your blog.

Maybelline says:

Done ! You are an inspiration sis;)! Keep doing the dang thang!

And hehemmmm yes girl! 4th of July in DC and the opening of the African American History and CultureMuseum have the Borget and McCoy babies and families ALL over them !!!;)

Alicia says:

Completed! Hope you get a lot of good feedback!

L. Savog says:

Completed the survey?

MyChau Brikshavana says:

Done! Thank you.

Erin says:

Completed the survey ❤️

Amie says:

Completed! Hopefully the feedback is helpful. I have been reading for many years and hope you continue for many years to come. Thank you for sharing and also for listening to your readers. ?

Erin Marie says:

I did it. 🙂

catherine says:

I complete the survey. Thanks for the giveaway

AmyRyb says:

I filled it out 🙂

Sonia says:

survey completed!

Lisa H. says:

Completed the survey! 🙂

Erin says:

I filled it out! Thanks!

Dani says:

I did your survey… you should probably just give me the amazon gift card …. like… right now. 🙂

Miri says:

I took the survey

Rebecca says:


Kimberly says:

I just completed the survey. Answering those questions allowed me to take a closer look at my own interests. It was fun. Here’s hoping for the best.

Sheila says:

I completed the survey 🙂

Delora says:

I just completed the survey (I’m a little behind on blog reading… but at least I’m in the same month now! I was 2+ months behind there for a while).

Jennifer says:

Complete! 🙂

Kristel says:


philip says:

completed the survey

Renee Smith says:

Completed the survey! Thank you for asking our opinions!

Yaaaay I took it! 😀

Amy Carney says:

Filled out the survey! Keep up the good work lady!

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