Baby loves bath time: {Amost} Wordless Wednesday

Hooded Towel c/o Little Lily

All I have to do is rub my fists against my chest (the sign for bath) or say the word “bath” and she laughs and kicks, knowing what’s next.

Afterwards we always wrap up in a hooded towel. We have several, some with bears, some with her name but we have two favorites. Our favorite was gifted to us by Cora’s mommy, it’s special to us. We stop and pray for babies with CHD and their families when we use it. And our second favorite she’s wearing above. It’s so big, so soft, and so cuddly.

Everyone who comments on this post before Thursday January 20th will be entered to win a hooded towel of their choice from Little Lily.  Towels from this Canadian mama are made with bamboo which is naturally anti-bacterial, ultra-absorbent, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. You can get up to ONE extra entry by either following Little Lilly on Facebook and tell her you saw her here, or if you’re a subscriber/follower of this blog.

DesignerSam says:

I love following your blog 😛

L. J. says:

Jenn I am SUPER stoaked that you are teaching Baby J signs! As if they weren’t high enough, your cool points just went up 1000 🙂

Kyla's Mommy says:

I just came across your blog and I love it! 🙂 Your daughter is beautiful! I read about Cora’s Story. I couldn’t imagine going through that.. so sad! We too have a favorite towel. It’s pink with elephants on it! It’s too cute 🙂 I just wanted to leave a comment and let you know I am not a reader!

Alena says:

Lil’ J is sooo cute in that bath towel! I’ve been loving your pictures lately, too. They are absolutely precious.

Just as an aside question from a first time mom, how many of those baby bath towels do you need? (Or how many do YOU have?)

fiestadinner says:

That towel looks so soft! My baby wouldn’t mind one of his own.

Lil’ J is a cutie!

zumivara [at] gmail dot com

First off, I don’t think my pudgy one would fit in it, but I just had to say how darn cute that little girl of yours is!!!!

The Klahns says:

This towel is so pretty! My daughter loves bathtime too. Also I am a follower, so extra entry for me please! 🙂

carolpie says:

Look at those beautiful eyes and eyelashes! And those lips. Ooh lala! She is getting more and more gorgeous all the time, if that is possible.
Cute towel!

What a sweet photograph! You do such a great job of capturing your daughters beauty and the moments of her life.

I had a few of these towels when our daughter was an infant and loved them. I would love to give one to my niece who is expecting her 1st child in May.

dropcqueen at yahoo dot com

LiciaLee says:

that is the most adorable thing ever. She rivals Clara for cuteness. 😀

LiciaLee says:

I follow the blog!

kristi says:

So precious! I’m a follower.

kristi says:

I liked Little Lily on Facebook. Her towels are adorable. I would love to have one.

Oh my goodness, she’s too cute!!
I love that you’re signing, any books you’d recommend on taht!?

Rebecca O says:

Oh my goodness! She looks so happy from her bath! I love her big eyes! I love the design on the towel! Too cute.

bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

Rebecca O says:

I like Little Lily on FB: Bekki Orr {and commented on the wall}.

bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

Lindsey says:

Aw, what a sweet picture! You’re going to love to look back on these memories. 🙂

Lindsey says:

I’m a fan of Little Lily on Facebook! And I’m an email subscriber, too.

Camjay says:

Too cute..the towel too 😉

Seriously, Lil J has the most beautiful eyes ever! She is so adorable!
gorlewskifamily at gmail dot com

You are so blessed. You have such a beautiful daughter. that picture is worth a million words.

Tiff says:

So cute! My baby is due next month and I know he’d love a nice towel… Who doesnt appreciate a nice towel?

Tiff says:

I follow you on google reader (and facebook).

Breanna says:

We do baby signing too. It was so beneficial to my son, and he still will use some every once in awhile (especially please and thank you.) And I love our hooded towel. Both of my kids have one!

Love your blog! I’m a follower!

B says:

I love that towel – so precious! And I love that you have a towel that reminds you to stop and pray for Cora – such a heartwarming, yet tragic, story.

I’m a follower 🙂

Oh, goodness, her eyes are too beautiful!
I follow this blog and I am an e-mail subscriber. 🙂

lmsimmering says:

I just checked out the little lily etsy shop! My favorite is the Fleur de Lis Bamboo Toddler Towel!!

lmsimmering says:

I’m a current follower! My sister in law has just started cloth diapering and I always pass along your tips and tricks.

Sherri says:

Awwww!! That is SUCH a precious picture!

bmllewis at hotmail dot com says:

Lil J is sooo super cute. I am due in 6 weeks and am looking forward to giving my little one her baths!

Becca says:

I want a hooded towel in my size. I’ve registered for a couple of these for the Bun, because they are so irresistible and soft.

Becca says:

I’m a happy follower!

Look at those eyes!!! Love it!

Verena says:

Aww, your daughter is so cute! My youngest wants to bathe three times a day. ;D
Have a wonderful WW.


MsBabyPlan says:

Do you remember those posts you used to write about wanting to steal cute babies? :)!

Well, I feel just like that everytime I see Lil J, she so too cute! And I love her smile :), don’t worry I won’t do it because I know you will cry :)! I love coming to your blog always :)!

Carrie says:

What a great picture!

Carrie says:

I follow Little Lily on FB now. Thanks!

LABleedsBlue says:

I am a recent subscriber and absolutely love your blog. You have a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing with the world!

Oh we really need a bigger towel for our little girl, the ones we have are just too small! Thanks for the giveaway!

I follow her on Facebook 🙂

I have the hardest time finding towels for DD. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win and finally be in love with an adorable AND practical towel. =D

Heather says:

What a cutie! With my due date fastly approaching (two weeks!), I am so excited at the thought of giving him his first bath 🙂

allisa says:

She’s going to be such a heart-breaker with those huge brown eyes!

Heather says:

Also, I’m a follower 🙂

Kristine says:

I loved this. Love that you think of us and that she lives through J. All of the CHD babies do. Thank you for this. xo

Colleen says:

such a cutie! And the towel is sweet too. As a new-canadian mama-to-be, it would be awesome to have!

Look at those eyelashes, and those little chubs. So cute! And the towel makes for a great photo prop. Hope I win the giveaway! Thanks a bunch,

OMG Jen, this picture of Lil J is out of this world amazing! I love her eyes in this pic. Tell me what you used to take it please :).
BTW I am a fan of Little Lilly on fb 🙂

kristelh says:

Very cute! I’ve already got one hooded “bear” towel for our baby (due in May), but can’t wait to get more! They look so cozy!

kristelh says:

I’m a blog follower!

Rachael says:

I love the one that she made with the owls on it!

Rachael says:

I’m a follower of your blog.

jade says:

I love your picture of her in the towel! And you just happened to have the end date of the contest as my due date 😀 How exciting! I can’t wait to send a towel out to one of your lucky readers 🙂

How cute is she!! Cuteness factor just grows everyday with her!! :o)

That towel looks so cozy too.

I follow your blog (and her on fb too)

The baby and towel are too cute!! Love your blog!

Darcy says:

i am a follower of your blog and i LOVE the ooga booga one! we have the thinnest hooded towels for our guy and would LOVE a good one!!!

Darcy says:

also went on her fb and ‘liked’! (and i do!)

Kimberly says:

Beautiful photo! and cute towel too!

She is SO gorgeous. She has such beautiful eyes. My little man could use some new towels. 🙂

falon says:

cutest towels ever!

Wendy says:

Lil J is so adorable. And while I always thought she was your mini-me, I can totally see her dad all over this picture lol

Krista says:

It’s taken 9 1/2 months, but my little one is finally starting to like the bath (sometimes!). I’m sure a new towel would help make the bath a better place for her!

Krista says:

I follow your blog!

Chrissy says:

I would love one of these towels for my little one! Great idea!

stumbull says:

Love the towel, so cute. I have a question for you, what photo editing are you using on your pictures? Also what camera/lens do you use? I just recently got a SLR and I am just interested in what other people use.

Nichole says:

this has got to be my favorite picture of Lil’ J!

YUMMama says: cute!!

Heidi says:

Super cute towels, wish I had one 🙂

froggy_luver at hotmail dot com

Johnna says:

I follow your blog!

Johnna says:

I love that picture!

SumAsch says:

Oh my, that picture is so adorable!

SumAsch says:

I follow your blog!

She is adorable! And I love the fact that you stop and pray together. She’s lucky to have such a great Mom!

Sarah says:

Your daughter is *so* cute! Love the towel – it looks so soft & warm for after bathtime 🙂


sweetpea18 says:

these towels are so adorable! i love them!
heatheranya at hotmail dot com

sweetpea18 says:

i follow your blog on gfc-heatheranya
heatheranya at hotmail dot com

Lindsay says:

Following your blog…these are so cute!

Michele P. says:

very cool with the signs! My 18 mo old grandson learned signs at daycare, so I know when he wants more which is awesome! (and it helps me know he’s still hungry too)

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Michele P. says:

blog follower via GFC, and your little one is adorable!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Misty says:

follow you on facebook; misty Vanepps

Misty says:

follow you on twitter; mommy2skie

polly says:

love the towel! love her eyes!

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