Baby hair care: He says/ She says

He says: “… and I washed her hair.”
She says: “That’s great, did you shampoo and condition it?”
He says: “No I just used the shampoo.”
She says: “Ok well, that’s why her hair is a big fro.”
He says: “I did it on purpose, I like it that way.”

Ok sure. … Well, at least he tried.

Faith says:

too cute! 🙂

love the picture of her with her papa!

My lil guy’s hair is almways a big fro. lol, I love it that way too. The best conditioner I ever used on his hair is Aubrey by GPB. Takes all of the tangles out, and doesn’t hurt their eyes.

Kira =] says:

Aww, come on. You know that’s cute!

Em says:

At least he used shampoo. My husband considers that optional when washing Marley’s hair.

moko says:

Love this post!
Long live the afro 🙂

That pic of the 2 of them is super cute.

melifaif says:

Dawwww!!!!! Dada. So sweet. She is precious in any form.

{swank}mama says:

Adorable! My hubby loves it when I wash Lil J’s hair because it goes all curly but then when it dries, it goes straight lol!

Sarah says:

well you know that the afro-puff is still in! plenty of grown black women sporting “big hair” 🙂

Suze says:

That king of Shampoo do you use for her hair…I need to try new product of my baby girl’s hair…She has an horrible fro and I don’t even like it 🙁

MsB.Plan says:

he did a great job. Love the pics 🙂

Huda says:

so adorable, similar to the convo mom would have with my dad.

Funny thing is that E also loves Sol’s hair in a fro. But that’s only b/c he doesn’t have to detangle it the day after she’s worn it. But she loves it as well, so I give in, and let her rock her fro, or afro puffs.

She’s adorable! I have to use separate products for my girls too. Their hair is so fine that if I only use shampoo, its all flyaway and stringy! 🙂

Quiana says:

Ha ha! Dads are so funny! Mind is the same way completely obsessed with the “fro-ness” of our daughter’s hair. He talks about it all the time and likes to style it. It’s his “thing.”

Gah! LOVE that Daddy-Daughter pic!!!

Austin says:

HIlarious. I think all guys are probably like this. And yes, we all do want our kids to have big ‘fros if they have the hair for it. No sense hiding what nature gave you!

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