Baby #3? He Says/ She Says

There’s been a lot of back and forth with vasectomy discussions lately but there’s a standstill in our home until one of us caves.

birth baby t2

We’re both happy with our two wonderful kids. He says he wants to get snipped but she says they should wait a few more years, just in case.

Yesterday we sat over dinner and discussed the topic again.

She says: So you’re for sure for sure done having kids?
He says: Yes. I’ve always just wanted two. Plus we got a boy and a girl which makes it better.
She says: Like 100% you know you’ll never want another kid? Never ever?
He says: Well, I can’t say never but…

He trailed off into his explanation but that was all I needed.

I tried to conceal my uncontrollable grin.

dum and dumber meme

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  1. You are soooooo ridic. Ha.

    I told my wife last week that I want to get the “big V” and offered to freeze my sperm, just in case we change our minds later. She seemed pleased with that idea.

    Would that work for you?

    Everyone is happy in that scenario, I think.

      1. lol. 5 years of storage is only about $1,000 and if you are healthy you can use it the natural way later rather than having to pay for IVF and such lol

  2. We’ve got the same standstill going on in our house. 🙂 One boy, one girl…but I can’t help but think (especially with my youngest turning SEVEN this year) that I’d love to have another little itty bitty at home to snuggle and love. I’m going to have to steal the Dumb and Dumber pic to send to hubby. 🙂

    You make beautiful babies- I think that he should really re-consider!!! 😀

  3. I always just wanted one child…oops! So we had a nice surprise 7 years later. Hope you both can agree on what works best for you all! 😀

  4. My husband and I have talked about having more kids but I’m not sure financially I would want to have a 3rd child. I am 34 so if I decide I want another child it has to be here soon.

  5. Hope it all works out for you! I am so glad my husband loves kids probably more than any other man I know, and wants several 🙂 We are expecting #1 and are so excited!

  6. I hope to have baby #3 within a year. I’m not getting any younger nor him. We both want like 6. But I’m still trying to recover from postpartum hair loss and muscle control (not doing the kegels enough when pregnant) “Watch out kids moms gotta pee”.

    I want to say go for it!!!! but I really want you both to be on board with it, because kids are so much work that it’s a decision not to take lightly, and when ones not on board…. just don’t want your happy home, to not be so happy, you know (resentment). Don’t want a yelling match with “I said I did not even want another kid” So I’m going to say “I support the marriage first” and hope for you both to be eventually excited for another baby.


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