Awkward… He Says/ She Says

On a routine trip to the dollar tree I grabbed a few pregnancy tests. This is normal. I like to have a stash for my paranoia/ obsession with taking them. Usually I hide them under the sink when I get home but my arms were full of baby stuff/ baby and bags so I forgot.

Later that evening my husband discovers my shopping bag…

He says: “Umm… Why did you buy pregnancy tests?”
She says: “Well, umm, cause, I mean…” I figure it’s best to tell him the truth. “It’s for my paranoia, just in case. I always buy them.”
He says: “Paranoia? But why would you be paranoid? That would be like, impossible.”
No, actually it wouldn’t. Hello. Check out these statistics.
She says: “It’s just a girl thing ok? But they don’t expire a long time, I’ll have them a while.”

I really just wanted to say “it’s not what you think” although I’m not sure what he was thinking. But whatever it was, it wasn’t why I got them.

Oy, awkward!

Too funny! I have this vision of you holding a crazy amount of tests. There is nothing like being prepared 🙂

Kira =] says:

I used to buy 10 tests at a time from Dollar Tree. It was nice to calm my paranoia. We also had an awkward moment when he discovered my stash. Then he was all on board and would request I take one EVERY time I was feeling “off”. It’s not a worry anymore since he had a vasectomy and we followed through on all appointments. But besides that and abstaining-its always a possibility. =]

Marilyn says:

Hahaha! That reminds me of the time my husband found my stash of prenatal vitamins. I just like being prepared to ok!?

LOLOL! Reminds me of the time my husband found a pregnancy test box in the trash. He kept following me around the house saying, “So…so…” I would be like “so…what?” because I didn’t know what he was referring to. Finally I realized he wanted to know if I was pregnant or not.

Elizabeth says:

Let me tell you, my husband and I thought it was impossible for me to be pregnant this go around. Impossible! I still don’t understand how it happened honestly. So yea, keep stocking up. And while I’m here, Walmart has a huge aisle of .88 meds including pregnancy tests. I was so tempted to grab them just because they were so cheap. 🙂

Beckie says:

Haha- I’m glad I’m not the only one that does this!!! I take prenatals allthe time too- I tell him its for hair and nail growth- heheeh!!!

Amanda says:

Haha. I’m not sure my husband would have believed me if that happened to us! PS – I just read your post at Baby Center. Ohmygosh! Those women are freaking out over nothing. Some people will choose to be offended by anything. They need to get over themselves.

Suze says:

Ha ha ha! That’s pretty funny♥

Kira says:

Wow, I read that article.. and I read a few responses… People take great offense don’t they? Do they feel guilty or what? If it doesn’t apply to them.. don’t take it so personally people! Everyones entitled to their own thoughts and you were just expressing how you came to that conclusion. Honestly I don’t know why I am commenting… I have mixed feelings. I take the pill. I have for 5 years, and I haven’t gotton preggo. 🙂 I’d like to say our children will be planned and expected. I wish it were now, but I know were not quite there and thats okay. I’m willing to wait and want to do so when the Lord thinks both James and I are ready.. That being said. I do believe in divine intervention happening. Which would explain the whole.. statistics not adding up. Miracles happen every day, most unexplained… I give credit where credit is do. 🙂 I don’t question or judge anyone (nor I am sure you do not)..Who am I to say? I’m not even a mother yet!

Sarah says:

Too funny. I have a stash of 10 or 12 myself. But hubby knows- I explained why. And- Dollar Tree was out last time I went so the next time I was there I bought 10- so I won’t have to go back for some for awhile. Hopefully I’ll get preggers before it runs out. I’m also paranoid- I get so anxious I end up taking one like a week before my expected period- just to see. 4-5 tests in 2 months. I’m gonna freak when I finally see 2 pink lines!

Urchin says:

Hah, I read that article in addition to your post and was so amused by the angry people responding…lightening up is good….

But, in response to this entry, I can totally relate to how you feel with those tests. before I got pregnant, I teste at least 2-3 times a month. If Dan would have known, he probably would have thought I was trying to get pregnant even though we weren’t trying. I was just trying to make sure I knew ASAP if we did get one past the goalie…but he wouldn’t understand that, haha.

Too funny that I think every woman who reads this was like:

“Whew! I’m not alone!!”


Missa says:

I am so the opposite. The only times I bought pregnancy tests were when I was verrrrry late. Maybe I’m just always in denial, haha.

Lindsey says:

Oh so funny! I did the same thing when I was first married even though I was on the pill. haha My only defense is that being on the pill makes you FEEL so dang pregnant that you have to check! lol

So how did you write this post without getting into the insane price of pregnancy tests anywhere but the dollar store? 😉

sarah bryant says:

Its normal. Every woman has that paranoia. And the tests are a dollar! I totally keep a stash on hand at all times.

Sarah says:

I love the lists! Before my husband and I decided to try for our first (due in four months) we sat down with a white board and made a list of pros and cons to alternative timelines. It may not have been spontaneous, but it made us both feel comfortable with the choice.

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toi says:

This is funny awkward, lol 🙂

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