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I haven’t done one of these posts in awhile and lately I’ve been getting quite a few emails with questions for me and I try my best to reply to them all but it’s really hard! So I’m going to make an FAQ page and add the questions I get most.

It’s okay if you don’t have a common question, or want to ask anonymously. I’ll answer all of them sometime next week in another post, and put any duplicates or ones I’ve gotten emails about on my FAQ page.

Thanks and Happy Saturday!

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  1. Here’s what my inquiring mind is dying to know:
    -what are your plans for #2?
    -do you feel you’re too young to make any “permanent decisions” about the total number of kids you’ll have?
    -as of right now, how long do you plan to breast feed?
    -do you and hub go on regular dates?

    They’re very personal, I know . . . but all things I’m grappling with right now, so thought I’d pick your brain.

  2. Do you wish you had waited longer to TTC (and have baby J)…or do you wish you had done it sooner?

    How has baby J impacted your relationship as husband & wife?

  3. You refer sometimes to the LDS church, and I see that you are an active member. Not being Mormon myself (and as such, not understanding certain aspects of it), I was wondering from a first-hand perspective what drew you to the church? Were you brought up LDS or did you convert? How would you say it affects your daily life choices…as in, do you ever wish that you could do things that are ‘forbidden’ by the church (such as drinking, or not wearing the ‘garment-approved’ clothing, etc)? And based on your experience, how do you intend to bring up Lil’ J with regards to your faith?

  4. I am 27 weeks pregnant and I am having troubles with my swollen feet. I know that you had cankles, and I am wondering what you did to help relieve the swelling? By the end of the day my feet hurt and are very puffy.

  5. I second the Mormon question! I’m really interested to know how big of an impact that plays in your life, marriage, parenting etc.? I’m about to sound dumb and I’m okay with that but…. don’t they outwardly discourage interracial relationships? If so, how can you just ignore such an important aspect of the faith in your life? How will you address that with your daughter?

    Again, I’m about to sound dumb…. but what about the clothes? Don’t you have to wear certain undergarments all. the. time? I’m sure there are some aspects of the faith that are antiquated and outmoded, but then again, I could be wrong?

    I’m fascinated by all faiths and forms of spirituality and would love an in-depth look at LDS through your eyes.

  6. Where on Earth do you find time to blog, Twitter, Facebook, and do all the other social networking stuff that you do? I’m a working mom who started my own blog while pregnant. I found blogging easy when pregnant and while on maternity leave. Now my blog is grossly behind and that’s an understatement. If I kept up with it, I feel like I’d lose time with my daughter and husband. How do you do it ALL???

    Tell me about your hair. (I’m African-American, so I notice it often) It’s fabulous! What is your regimen? (Do you go to the salon or do it yourself?) Do you have a relaxer? Do you wear a weave or is it all yours? Have you always had THAT much hair? It’s beautiful! I’m jealous every time I see it. 🙂

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