As a Thank You…

Thank you for laughing with me. Crying with me. Reading my rants. For giving me advice. And following along on my journey toward–and now through–motherhood.

Somewhere between denying my rising baby fever and cankles, people started reading. A lot of people did. I can’t believe it. And I still am sorta asking myself why. But I’m grateful for my readers, and especially for my loyal commenters. Because without you, I’d probably be putting way too much of my business out there thinking no one is reading. Yea, this blog, believe it or not has a filter! I probably also would haven’t have kept up with blogging like I have. But I get a lot of motivation from others who have been where I am.

I don’t say thank you enough. But I mean to. And I want to more.

Thank you!

My new personal motto is “My blog is a diary, not a bulletin board.”

I get offered an unbelievable amount of free stuff to blog about but I don’t really want to most of the time. Because I’d rather blog about overflowing toilets, or about bikini waxing and just buy the stuff that’s offered to me, and blog about it because I want to cause it’s THAT COOL!

But I make an exception to say thank you to my loyal readers and offer a ridiculous amount of cool free stuff to yall! I think it’s a win win win. It’s a win for the sponsors cause more people can hear about their product. It’s a win for you cause you get to win free cool stuff, and it’s a win for me cause I get to live my dream for a few moments and feel like Oprah!

So as a thank you for all of m loyal readers I’m hosting a FLASH Giveaway. It won’t be here on my blog, but on my Facebook Page. Details for how to enter will be there but I just have to say it’ll be the most fun and easiest giveaway you’ve ever entered! And there will be lots of them! Here’s what’ll be up for grabs. And I’m guessing there will be more. If you’re interested in getting your product on the list and gaining a new facebook fan base, which is a great way to connect with your customers, Email me!

Mo and Ozzy, another handmade shop has just joined the list! They’re offering a $15 gift certificate to their shop to a winner. You can put it towards one of their adorable crocheted hats like the one below, or get some hair bows! There’s quite a selection!

Organic Hand-Painted Rubber Duckie Shoes from Kayas Kloset. They have a wide selection in shoes and slippers for babies and adults. They are 100% soft, breathable cotton fabric with plush corduroy soles.  These little shoes stay on babies’ feet to keep them covered and warm and to keep those little socks on!  The “rubber duckie” style would be great for a girl or a boy. And oh my goodness, I just spotted their mommy and me slippers and pretty sure Lil’ J and I are going to need some for Christmas!!

$20 Gift Certificate to 2nd Story Window. Home of activities, teaching materials and games for parents, teachers and kids!

Wonder Bumpers from Go Mama Go Designs. These fabulous bumpers go around the stats of your baby’s crib instead of the soft pillow kind that go in your kids crib. These not only lower the risk of suffocation, but are pretty stylish and a more than $100 value. Winner gets to choose their color!
Pregnant? Or have a friend who is? They need not feel exposed when bending over thanks to the Bashful Bump Maternity body suit. Created by a mom, for moms, these are comfy and keep you covered when you feel you need it most. Lots of different styles from tanks to three quarter length. We’re giving away a comfy maternity bodysuit. That’s a $70 value! There’s also free shipping right now on all of your orders through December 26th!

All American Baby Boutique has bows, beanies, hats, and oh my so much more! I had to peel away from perusing that site all day long. They’re sponsoring a $15 gift certificate to their cute store.

Gotta say whatsup to my generous Etsy sponsors. Burning Moon is sponsoring a nice variety of gifts for a winner. a ‘Butterfly with Doves & Crystals” necklace, a Butterfly scrabble pendant, an adorable pink burst button with a real turquoise heart on top button ring, and a mineral makeup sample! Total value is $35.

One of my FAVORITE etsy shops really upped the anty with these giveaways. Every time I visit The Groovy Mommy there’s something new that I’m dying to buy. My latest craze are these shopping tote baskets that you can get personalized. LOVE. It wouldn’t be fair for me to pick what you win so she’s sponsoring a $50 gift certificate to her shop!

My favorite birth education organization, Lamaze is also giving away 5 Giving Birth With Confidence books. I read it before having Lil’ J and actually really liked it. I say that because I feel like so much of what I read is oober bias. This was a nice educational read that didn’t leave me feeling pressured or guilty.

Abby Sprouts, based in Canada is also sponsoring a gift certificate to their shop. They are an online store based in Victoria BC Canada. They strive to provide families with the safest, healthiest, non-toxic products on the market, at great prices. They have cloth diapers and other eco-friendly products. One winner will win 2 Organic Cotton Onesies/T-shirts, in styles of the winner’s choice, plus when Abby Sprouts ships them, they’ll include a pack of fabulous samples, including Wipes Solution, Lavender Sachets, Compostable Wipe/Wash Cloths, and Rockin’ Green Soap. It’s a $40 value!

Also staying along the babyish theme. Kiki Fashions, sells inexpensive, trendy maternity fashions, and they’re giving away a $25 gift certificate to their shop!

The woman behind the bag that was a lifesaver during my labor and delivery is giving away $50 off one of her fabulous pre-packed hospital bags! That’s right. The bags that have everything you’d possibly need during labor and beyond. Heck I’m STILL using some of that stuff. Just the other day I was asking for my ear plugs. A big Horray for Baby Time Bags.

And last, but certainly not least, one of my personal favorites on this list is the Organic PumpEase Prize Pack. My PumpEase has been the BIGGEST lifesaver since returning to work and pumping. I can’t even fathom double pumping without my hands free pumping bra and I’m glad I haven’t had to! I’ve had a few friends get one too and they agree with me! In this prize pack the winner will get an organic hand free pumping bra from PumpEase as well as a breast milk storage guidelines fridge magnet, and a Best for Babies door hanger to use while you’re pumping. It’s a $47 value!

I’ve gotta say, I’m a little sad I can’t win any of these prizes myself, but I’m happy because it’s a win win win for everyone!

My 2000 follower giveaway is going to be all day Monday November 22nd on my Facebook Page. Keep an eye on my “discussions” tab on the page for more details, and for rules on how to play. Tuesday I’ll announce all of the winners!

If you’re interested in sponsoring a prize, email me and let me know. I’ll give you more information and add you to the list and give you more details! Email me at babymakingmachine (at)

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  1. We read you because you’re sweet and funny and loveable. You’re also a good writer. Doesn’t matter how nice a person is, if the writing is bad, the readers won’t show up. :0) I clicked over here thinking there was a farewell post coming. Glad I don’t have to beg you not to do that.

  2. I love your blog. Following your journey has been so much fun, mishaps included. I though you were going to be leaving!! I’m glad I get to read more. The giveaways sound great! I’ll be there!

  3. Jenn,
    you have inspired me with your blogs! I am currently on the TTC road and I enjoy every one of your posts, from pregnancy to being a mother. You embrace everything life throws at you and handle it with poise and grace and, most importantly, humor.
    Thank you for letting me stalk your blog, and please, keep it up!

  4. Jenn,

    Thank you so much for including Bashful Bump Maternity Bodysuits as part of your “Cool Stuff” posting and FLASH giveaway!

    As you know, I’m a mom of three who saw a need for this product as I chased/crawled around after one toddler while pregnant with another (now toddler). I was constantly tugging at my shirt as I reached for things up high and tugging at my pants as I bent for things down low. I made a bodysuit so I wouldn’t be self conscious about indecent or over exposure. One thing led to another and a business was born.

    I hope other moms out there will see how wonderful these bodysuits are and will discover for themselves how comfortable they are. By pregnancy #3, I felt naked without my bodysuits.

    Functionality aside, they are darn cute! It’s nice to wear something other than a baggy shirt down to my thighs. I actually felt super sassy in my fitted bodysuits… but I guess that’s what got me into this situation three times now! Time for #4? If so, I know what I’ll be wearing!

    Many thanks and very sincerely,
    Amy Naylor

  5. Love reading about your motherhood adventures. It’s nice having someone to relate to even if it’s via the Internet. Makes me feel like I’m not alone in some of the experiences I’m going thru as mom as well. Looking forward to reading more and to winning some awesome prizes too.

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