Here is the Latest Home Upgrade That is Giving us Softer Hair and Skin: ARS Austin Review

Today’s blog post is sponsored by ARS Austin, all opinions are my own

Bit by bit we’re making improvements to this house of ours. I mentioned before how when we were building we did very few builder upgrades to keep the costs down, but we’ve been working on them gradually through the years. One of the things we thankfully were wise enough to plan for was a water softener loop installation, so when we were ready we could add a water softener. 

Depending on where you live, your tap water may be hard. After a period of time, this can affect your appliances. For us our shower heads were getting a bit calcified, our dishes were getting foggy, and I’m sure it wasn’t looking pretty on the inside of our washing machine or dishwasher. But the real kicker for us to decide to finally get a water softener was realizing how dry our hair and skin were getting. And we have A LOT of curls in this household and they desperately need quality hydration. 

When I finally said enough was enough I went on the hunt for a water softener and found one I liked with good reviews, but still needed someone to install it. ARS Rescue Rooter of Austin was to the well… rescue. 

ARS Rescue Rooter Austin water softener installation.

When it comes to a big home update like new floors or painting an entire downstairs I go on entire bidding wars to find the best person for each specific task. When I need help with routine maintenance, a repair, or installation, it’s nice to call a company I know will be reliable, dependable, and insured. I’d reached out to a couple of plumbers for quotes on installing a water softener and one got back to me but didn’t follow up, a couple of others never responded. When you know what you need and you need it now, it’s nice to have a company with staff available 7 days a week and a 100% satisfaction guarantee to help. 

ARS Rescue Rooter Austin water softener installation.

Using ARS Rescue Rooter Austin for the Installation

Our technician came to our house and checked out our setup. He realized we didn’t have a couple of tubes we needed so he went to get them for us. Then came back, let us know he was turning off the water, and installed the water softener in a jiffy. When it was all set up, he showed us how it works. And came with us through the house to ensure our faucets were back to running normally after the air bubbles went through. 

Now we are back to softer shower water and softer water for our curls! Our hair and skin are beginning to feel soft again and I’m sure our appliances are thankful too. 

So if you’re having trouble with hard water check and see if you might need a water softener. If you need help getting it installed, give ARS Rescue Rooter a call! They also do other plumbing services and air conditioning repair in Austin for your homes. It’s really a great one-stop for home tuneups! Whether you have a burst pipe, clogged drain, or broken HVAC system, they can do it all.

ARS/Rescue Rooter has just launched a new HVAC, plumbing, and electrical maintenance program called the Executive Membership Club. For those of you in the Austin area, I have a special discount for my readers and community! If you mention this blog post you will receive a 5% discount on their Express Plan. A 10% discount on their Essential Plan. Or a 15% discount on their Elite Plan. Get priority service, discounts on repairs and new accessories, and a free annual tune-up. Plus this discounted rate will continue year after year for as long as you stay a member. Go claim your Executive Membership Club offer and schedule service in Austin now with ARS/Rescue Rooter!

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