Another Dream is Becoming a Reality


When I get an idea in my mind–Not just any idea, but a big idea, a goal, a dream–I can’t let it go.

Currently the big idea on the top of my mind is to bring more awareness to the hate, racism and marginalizations that exist in the our very own country and work to unite people to fight against it. However… I’m going to get more into my thoughts on that soon. Very soon. (Like… In a few hours so check back here shortly.) But first I’m going to tell you about another goal that is about to become a reality.

Two years ago, on October 20th, 2014, Disney announced its next animated musical would feature their first Polynesian princess and 5th princess of color. Two years ago I made a goal to be at that premiere.

I didn’t know how I’d make it happen but I knew it would. It had to. I put a countdown on my phone for the movie. I showed my daughter every piece of concept art and stalked fan sites for every little update. Every time a new Disney Animation or Pixar movie came out we’d go see it, and sure, we liked them, most got good reviews from us. But really we were really waiting for Moana.

I’ve already told you all the reasons I’m excited for this movie. Now, finally, the countdown is inside a month and every preview has my daughter squealing “There’s Moana! She looks like me!”

Then one night a few weeks ago, part complete surprise and part realization of self-fulfilling prophecy, I got an email inviting me to the premiere of Moana in LA.

It’s not just to walk the red carpet, go see the movie and hang out with stars at the premiere party–That will be cool. But I’ll also be doing a lot of behind the scenes research about the movie. There will be a lot of interviews, picture-taking and a lot of writing. But there’s no movie I’d rather have this experience for. I grew up on Disney animated musicals and this one is going to be extra special.

Now about those interviews– I’ve sort of buried the lead. I had a wishlist: Dwayne The Rock Johnson, John Musker and Ron Clements (iconic Disney movie directors who did most of my favorites including: The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Princess and the Frog, and Hercules), and Auli’i Cravalho (breakout and voice of Moana).

Soon after getting the invitation I noticed several bloggers attending this event were going on and on about another creator for this movie. Someone by the name of Lin-Manuel Miranda. The writer and star of the iconic Broadway production Hamilton. I still hadn’t listened to any of it. That was until two weeks ago when I finally sat down and watched the PBS documentary on the performance to see what all the fuss was about. That is when Moana became “Whoana?” and I developed a new obsession over Hamilton.

100 hours later I finally took it off repeat and came up for air. I’ve memorized several songs but I’m still got some work to do to get Lafayette’s raps down.

My Moana excitement was coming back but this time with a new item on my wishlist: Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Call it karma or good luck, but on Sunday I’ll be a part of a group interviewing every single person on my wishlist.–The Rock, Lin-Manuel… My favorite directors (sorry Steven!) and Auli’i.

There is one sad fact about all of this… The fact that I’ll be experiencing this alone–That is without my Disney sidekick. My daughter is SO excited to see this movie and when I told her I’m going on a trip for the movie and interviewing the cast she said “but you won’t see it without me right?”

…And that shatter you just heard was the sound of my heart breaking.


We’ll still see it together at a local screening once I’m back in town on Wednesday, and hopefully again on opening weekend as a family.

When I told my daughter I’d be interviewing Moana her eyes got ginormous and she said “The REAL Moana?! … Or the actress?”

Because the actual person who plays the character isn’t as exciting as the one we’ll eventually meet at Disney World.

Friends, I’m so excited. Like a kid who’s just been told they are about to spend the next week at Chuck-E-Cheese. I don’t get this excited very often. But I’m practically already packed–days early. Early packing just doesn’t happen for me. But it did for this.

I’ll be sharing more of this journey during my trip. You can catch me in action on SnapChat: JenniferBorget. Or hit up the hashtag #MoanaEvent on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Once I get back I’ll share more about the interviews and experience here on my blog in a special series dedicated to this trip.

So this week I’ll check another dream off my list. I’ll soak it all up and enjoy this bright spot on a pretty gloomy week. Then once I get back it’s back to work. Back to making more dreams come true.

Are you excited to see Moana?


While there I’ll also be getting a behind-the scenes look at ABC shows Speechless and Dr. Ken, and Disney Channel show Stuck in the Middle. You can follow along on the hashtags using #ABCTVEvent and #StuckInTheMiddleEvent.

And finally, as if coming full circle from when I went on a Disney movie trip for The BFG. I’ll also get to be a part of an interview with Dahls’ daughter about the Blu-ray release of THE BFG (on Digital HD and Blu-ray on 11/29). You can follow alone with the hashtag #TheBFGBluray.


Here’s a little more about the shows we’ll be previewing, let me know if you’ve seen any of them!

Disney presents a Roald Dahl classic directed by Steven Spielberg. In an imaginative tale filled with magic, wonder and unexpected friendship, a young girl is launched on an enormous adventure when she crosses paths with a mysterious being called the Big Friendly Giant.


DR. KEN (Fridays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC)

Ken Jeong returns for a second season as the titular character in “Dr. Ken” and continues to be the hilarious general practitioner we all know and love. He has a smart and beautiful wife, two decent kids and a loyal but sometimes irritating support staff in a job where he gets to help people on a daily basis, all the while using his unique sense of humor to get him through the day.


SPEECHLESS (Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC)

Maya DiMeo is a mom on a mission who will do anything for her husband, Jimmy, and kids Ray, Dylan, and J.J., her eldest son with cerebral palsy. As Maya fights injustices both real and imagined, the family works to make a new home for themselves and searches for just the right person to help give J.J. his “voice.”


(Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC)

Stuck in the Middle The story revolves around Harley, who lives life in the eye of the tornado that is her family. She may be a middle child, but Harley has big family life figured out, that is until the day she needs everyone to be in one place, on time, for her event. 

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  1. YOU’TE MEETING LIN MANUEL MIRANDA?!?! I’m so jealous right now. He is such a hero of mine and inspires me so much. Hamilton is amazing and he’s amazing. I keep laughing because he was on a few episodes of House as his roommate and he was rapping there too. If you learn Lafayettes rap, you HAVE to make a video of it. Also have you seen the James Corden carpool karaoke with Lin? I’m very anxious to hear what you say about our other dream as well, because that’s something I want to help with too.

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