An Open Letter to My Now 5-Year-Old Son

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My sweet little boy,

I can’t believe you are five years old today.

This morning when you woke up on your birthday we asked you how old you are.

“I’m four,” you said.

We explained how you’re five now but you have other ideas.

“No, I’ll be five once you sing Happy Birthday to me,” you said.

So I started to sing.

“NO!” You stopped me. “We have to wait until we’re at the table with cupcakes, candles and presents!” You clarified.

It’s one of the many things I love about you. How convicted you are in your own little beliefs. Which car is faster, which dinosaur would win in a fight, and when exactly you turn five.

Birthday letter to my 5-year-old-son

Oh my goodness, everything is a joke to you. You love to laugh, and play tricks. Your silly disposition is one of the most interesting things about you. If you do something that gets a laugh you keep going and going. It’s simple things like that that bring you so much joy. Making someone smile, riding your bike or getting a new little toy. You are very easy to please.

You treasure your toys. If something goes missing you almost always know exactly where it last was, and you come to me to repair anything that’s lost an arm or run down the batteries. You still love to play with trains and build tracks and tall bridges with blocks but you also love identifying and playing with your endless supply of dinosaurs.

Birthday letter to my 5-year-old-son

One thing you’ve really latched on to this last year are a variety of movies. You used to watch the same thing over and over, and you still will sometimes, but we’re in a quicker rotation. You still love all of  the Cars movies but right now you love The Incredibles, all of the Toy Storys. But I absolutely love how sometimes you’ll request to watch an old classic like Snow White. Interestingly enough, you’ve also developed a love for animal documentaries this year.

In just a few short months you’ll no longer be the baby in the house, but you’ll be promoted to big brother. What this means is I’ll be asking you to help out a little more, and expecting you to be more of a big boy. Don’t worry. I won’t ask you to do anything you can’t handle.

Birthday letter to my 5-year-old-son

In my eyes you’ve been my little baby for so long. In fact, I know sometimes I’ve held you back from learning about growing up. I’ve held back teaching you things and giving you more responsibility. I’ve probably held you back a little from your full potential. I’ve continuously underestimated you. All under the guise that you’re still my little baby who needs help from his mom. Not anymore.

This is the year you’ll begin to learn to fly. You’ll get to try your first sport. And you’ll have some time away from me when you go to school. I know it’ll be an adjustment for us all. And though I’m a little scared loosen the reigns a little more, I know you are going to thrive. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

No matter how big you get, my arms are always open for hugs and cuddles, and I’ll never stop loving your kisses.

You’ll always be my sweet little boy. I’m forever grateful to be your mom.

Happy birthday my courageous little goofball. Five is going to be a blast.



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