An Interview With Annie Potts: The Voice Behind Bo Peep

Continuing our summer Disney movie series I am going to share about three press conferences I attended during the Toy Story 4 junket. This is the concluding part three. You can read part one here, part two here.

After the main press conference a group of us were invited to interview Annie Potts, voice of Bo Peep.

What you may not realize when you’re watching the movie is how much time went into making these movies. The actors weren’t given a full script to look over, instead they came in and would record pieces of dialog then leave and maybe not return for months at a time.

“And you know, sometimes there would be 6 months lag time before I came back again and sometimes I would forget so I’ve been working on this for over 4 years so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I saw it,” Potts said.

Did you miss Bo Peep in the third movie? Uh, yea… I didn’t really either. But once you’ve seen who she’s become in this fourth installment you’ll never forget her again.

A whole team worked together to create Bo Peep.

“They were called Team Bo, and they were in touch of defining everything about her. How she might move, how she would move her eyes, what she would think,” Potts said. “So they were, I mean, everything about these is so carefully considered.  I mean, that’s why they’re Masterpieces.”

And all that hard work turned into a masterpiece. And this fall expect a little influx of girls dressed as Bo Peep.

“I can hardly wait until Halloween and see all the little girls because she is, I think she’s very relatable,” Potts said.  “She’s feminine but nobody’s fool.  And I think little girls are empowered by that and I think the world is moving that way and I think Bo gives it a nice shove in that direction.”

Bo Peep was my daughter’s favorite character in this movie (Forky was a very very close 2nd). And I’m excited to hear what you all think. Read our spoiler-free review of Toy Story 4 here.

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Toy Story 4 hits theaters is in theaters now! Go see it then come back and let us know what you think!

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