An end to a fun weekend

Do you know that torn feeling you get  when you’ve been having so much fun with your kid and you don’t even want to make them go to bed? That was me all weekend.

I’ve had a busy last three and a half days off work and I’m dreading going back.
24/7 with my girl has been exhaustively fun.

There’s been:
Countless potty psyche-outs.
More than a dozen storybooks read.
At least five homemade cheese quesadillas.
Three restaurant dates.
Two trips to different splash pools.
A couple nights out on the town.
A train ride.
A new obsession with her giant bouncy ball.
And a trip to the zoo.

And summer has just begun.
What do you love doing for fun with your kiddos? Let me know and share tomorrow night during the Glad twitter party hosted by me and Social Moms. I want to make the most out of this summer, and come up with creative things to do with her. Who knows, maybe next summer I’ll have TWO to wrangle.

Side note: At one of the splash pads she was acting really strange. Overly excited, screaming and jumping with glee. All fine until she took her swim shoes off and started drinking the pool water out of them.

No, I didn’t yell at her to stop, I took photos to document her strangeness. But as you can see from the progression of this photo, she decided it wasn’t the best idea on her own, and didn’t do it again.

Live and learn.

That’ll teach her!

Another side note: Like her pink tutu swimsuit? She picked it out herself.

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  1. Love it! Kaedynce has the same one, walmart came out with some cute swimsuits this summer (: Cant wait to see what else you guys do!

  2. Ahhhh! How cute 🙂 soooo where are the splash pools? My kiddos are dying to get into some water since we moved here Monday, we feel bad because we have been doing nothing but setting up house & shopping to fill the house…

  3. Love her regretful face! Nia tries drinking the splash pad water too (not in a shoe though! LOL!) and got sick after her first visit there this season so now I’m paranoid.

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