{Almost} Wordess Wednesday: A Smile to Brighten My Day

Little Splendid dresses c/o Target

After a week of rain, the sun finally came out. I had a day off and we were itching to get outside and play. It was mid-60s outside so I combed my daughter’s curly hair, dolled her up in her new pink and blue and grabbed my camera.

It used to be easy to capture her big grin. I used to be the center of her universe. Now when we’re out of the house, she finds so many other things more interesting than me and my silly faces.

It’s bittersweet to see her grow and discover. Time is going by much too fast.

Between grabbing mud out of her hands stretching towards her mouth (and sometimes stopping her a second too late) I captured a smile in my direction. And I fell in love all over again.

Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you even more for your many words of encouragement. I appreciate you, and for that I try to give back. So everyone who comments on this post by midnight next Wednesday the 26th, will be entered to win a $50 Target gift card which you can use towards Target’s adorable Little Splendid clothing bundles now available in stores. Followers or subscribers can have an extra entry. Winner announced next week on my Facebook Page.

*This post is sponsored by BabyCenter in conjunction with the BabyCenter Blog Network.

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  1. Seriously…where does the time go?! I have enjoyed watching your blog evolve from talking about TTC to that beautiful little girl and her adorable smile! You are truly blessed. Thanks for all you share….definitely helps!

  2. Ughy! So jealous! I’m in NY and we just got coated in ice from an ice storm yesterday and tomorrow night is supposed to bring 4 to 6 inches of snow (on top of the 12″+ already encased in ice on the ground).

    What I wouldn’t give to see some grass!

  3. Aww…I know what you mean. I miss the days when I could get Moo to be still enough to just take a pic. Now, I find that my camera and phone are filled more with pics of the back of her head than anything else. LOL.

    Looking forward to having a new subject to photograph this June tho.

  4. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and comparing your experiences to mine! My baby boy will be 8 months old tomorrow. 🙂

    -a reader from Alabama

  5. thank you for continuing to brighten my day with your hilarious anecdotes and VERY helpful tips! your blog is one of my very favorites, and gives me hope that this motherhood thing i’m 2 wks away from & belly deep in might actually be do-able!

  6. Great pictures and yes it gets so much harder to get a good picture as they get older, Addison is about a month older that J and man I can not keep her attention for anything, and if I do get it she is not smiling she is frowning because I interupted her!

  7. I’ve been wondering the same thing about time with my own daughter! I’m having the same problem with her growing up and wanting to discover new things rather than smiling at me all the time! 🙂

  8. I wondered why you were outside without a coat on! Can you push some of that fabulous weather East please? 🙂 We’re doomed to 5″ of snow this week. Bah. Glad you were able to enjoy it and get some great pics in the process!

  9. She is the most adorable little girl ever. Her smile, I told you before, is the best.
    I love, love reading you posts and you are one of the bloggers who inspires me. Thanks for sharing your lmoments of motherhood with us.

  10. Aw, it is bittersweet to watch them change so fast. I still haven’t gotten used to it, probably never will…


  11. Lil J is getting so big. I would do anything for 60 degree weather. I live in North Dakota and it is -20 in the morning 🙁

  12. Your pictures are adorable and inspired me to do a better job editing mine. I like photo actions, but can usually tweak the look in a short amount of time (if I actually take the time to do it). I’m also jealous of your progress with little J and her baby food eating:) My little guy (born a few days before yours little girl) is still having issues eating baby food regularly.

  13. She is adorable!!!

    And I am so stinkin jealous that you live in a nice warm state where you can take your daughter outside, in a dress no less, in January!!! I’ll be lucky if my daughter will get to have an Easter Egg hunt without a thick warm winter jacket covering up her cute little outfit.

  14. Too cute!! I wish that we had sunshine here and that I had a little girl! My son just isn’t into having his hair done or wearing dresses! 😛

  15. I love reading your precious blog! I’m not anywhere near having a spawnie of my own, but when I do I will be looking to your stuff for advice. Keep on posting cutie pics 🙂

  16. i feel the same way about my daughter. although, as i’ve watched her grow…she’s 10 months now, i see that even while exploring and finding new things, she will often look back at me and smile, to let me know that she still knows i am there. i miss the times when i was the center of her world, but love seeing her become her own person too. it is difficult being a mommy sometimes! 🙂

  17. It is amazing how fast time flies! My sweet baby girl will be five next week and I am amazed at how smart and beautiful she is! And my handsome lil man will be two in April! I miss the baby days but I am so glad that they are growing up so healthy,happy and strong!

  18. LOVE her dress!! I am really into stripes right now, for myself, my daughter and my new baby boy! 🙂 I cannot believe how much your daughter has changed since she was born. My little boy turned 4 weeks today, and it’s killing me!!!

    shellbelle1229 at yahoo dot com

  19. It has been an awesome journey to read/watch from your birth through the first few months as a Mom. I think you are doing an awesome job journaling this journey. Lil will appreciate it one day.

  20. I was gonna get that dress for my little girl ar target. I thought it was so cute but I didn’t buy it. I think I’ll go back and get once seeing how I looked at it 3 different times lol.

    So cute you tried pony’s! They are too cute. Jas was about that big when I started giving her pony’s everyday. Her hair had gotten too long for much anything else. Now she’s a wavy/curly puff wearer on a regular basis lol

  21. I feel like you and I have a lot in common when it comes to our little girls. My sweet chub will be six months old on monday, and I cannot believe it. I also work full time, so the time I have with her is so precious, and it’s flying by!!

  22. Adorable little girl!! Time does fly by. I have a 4 yr old son and a 5 month old little girl. I look at them everyday and say where did the time go?!?! It feels just like yesterday that I was in a hospital giving birth to them.

  23. My daughter has 6 and no sign of stopping now that is a baby making machine. Her first 5 were in 5 years. You need to get moving to catch up.
    Just teasing.
    Do it in your own time?

  24. Thank you for sharing! It’s a fresh perspective on a job as old as the beginning of time (mom). I’ve learned a lot from your posts and look forward to learning more in our journey of being 1st-time mothers together 🙂

  25. I cannot believe how much hair lil J has! My son is 10 days younger and has lost almost all of his hair! It has been fun reading your blog with our little ones so close in age, I can definitely relate 🙂

  26. She’s beautiful! I am so happy for you and thank you for sharing your happiness with us!
    Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  27. And as time goes by this will be missed as well. Her wondering about the world around her will be replaced by wondering what time her friends will call, or when her new boyfriend she’s had all of one day will call. This is why we have pictures, because you can’t keep time in a bottle.

  28. She is such a doll baby, I love seeing her pics, and you are doing such a fabulous job editing! I agree, time goes much too quickly. My little girl is five months old, and it sure seems like she should still be new born!

  29. Lilttle J is getting bigger and more beautiful by the day! I have enjoyed watching your blog go from ttc to beautiful baby girl and proud momma! We love Target and I just saw that new line and was thinking about buying it all up!

  30. I have three under the age of five, and I am starting to see that they are growing and that time is moving on also. Usually I have been too busy to notice that time isn’t standing still. Thanks for posting the lovely pictures of your adorable daughter…
    Alicia Webster

  31. Gosh, I just can’t get enough of your little one! She is too darn cute for words! Relish every moment when they are young because before you know it, she’ll be 3 and a half and in pre-school, so involved in learning and not at all that interested in sitting and cuddling….that’s where I’m at with my little boy right now. =) If only I could just have a little girl to spoil and cuddle with….sigh 😉


  32. saw a pic of when my baby was tiny today, and had the same thought about time. my hub say “it’s getting more fun” and he’s right, but i miss that baby!

  33. Your daughter is adorable. My little girl is 14 years old now. I would love a chance to go through the little pigtails stage (and all the cute things that go with baby girls) again, but the last two babies were boys and I’m worried it just won’t happen. Instead of a precious little girl in my arms, I just have to enjoy looking at other people’s pictures!!

  34. I agree, time goes too fast. My little boy is three and I’m fighting cancer so “time” has moved front and center on our radar.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  35. Your girl is just a couple of months ahead of my little boy. I love watching her grow and seeing where my baby will be soon! She is just precious. Which you know, so why am I telling you?

  36. So adorable!!! And your so lucky to be able to get outside!!!! We are stuck indoors and would love to get outside.

  37. You have a little sweetie! Enjoy these baby days because they grow up very fast. (My baby is in graduate school!)

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  38. Your daughter is absolutely adorable! Cherish all your time with her….my baby is off to college in the fall….time flies!

  39. She’s so adorable! Time certainly does go by fast as I can attest to by the fact that I blinked and my babies are now 18+!
    tmp95 at comcast dot net

  40. What a beautiful little girl you have.Time really does fly.My oldest just turned 13 and my baby is now 3.I am still trying to figure out how to keep them little forever lol.Thanks!

  41. I know what you mean! My “baby” is going off to college in the fall. I can still remember like it was yesterday how she’d happily play in mud puddles when she was 2, but scream bloody murder if there was a hair in the puddle!

    Email address is in blogger profile

  42. Those are such precious photos, capturing the innocence of childhood perfectly! I appreciate your insight and advice about parenthood. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with your readers; I’m glad to be following your blog (guettel78).


  43. Oh, your little girl is just precious..she looks like a professional model! I was just blessed with my 3rd granddaughter 18 days ago. She is my son and his wife’s first baby, and so lovely! My daughter has 2 precious girls, who will be 4 and 8 next month. Love those little ones!

  44. Capturing a child’s smile is a great way to bring happiness to YOU on a hard day. These pictures are so adorable! (Think of those days where they didn’t have cameras)…ah!!

  45. You realize so tremendously in regards to this particular theme, made my family many people feel accept it by many varied aspects. Its similar to both males and females are usually not curious until eventually it is something to accomplish along with Gal coo! Your own personal items outstanding. Always take care of that!

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