Alice Through the Looking Glass 5-Year-Old Review

Lil’ J and I went to see Alice Through the Looking Glass earlier this week and her opinion was not what I expected. If you missed it, here’s my take on the movie. I thought she would be scared and confused or maybe even a little freaked out, but she actually liked it.

Here’s an Alice Through the Looking Glass 5-year-old review in interview form.

alice through the looking glas

What did you think of the movie?

Some parts were funny. I thought Time was funny.

What is the movie about?
It was about Hatter. He wanted his family back. … Well, I don’t want to spoil it!

Was it hard for you to understand?

What was your favorite part?
When [we found out why the Red Queen turned evil] (edited to remove spoilers).

Who was your favorite character?

Because he’s funny.

Did you learn a good message?/What did you learn?
To not go into mirrors.

Was did you think was funny?
When they said the queen ate their nose and fingers and elbow. And Time called Alice a yellow-haired kindergartner.

Was it a little boring?
Why would you even ask that question? NO!

Was it scary?
A little. When Hatter got angry.

Would you recommend it to other kids or families?
Yes for girls and boys. 7 and 5 and older.


So there you have it. My 5-year-old’s take on Alice Through the Looking Glass. If you’re worried about taking your 5-year-old to see it, here are some tips for getting ready:

  • Tell them about the movie first. Watch the previews, and you can describe the scary parts I’ve mentioned in my review, or show them the previews.
  • Let them try some activity sheets to get familiar and excited about the characters. The photo above is the Chester Cat she colored and cut out.
  • Just go see it on a date night and decide later if you want to bring them.
  • Wait until it’s out on DVD (if you think it’s just not right).

And I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite quotes from the movie:

“To achieve the impossible believe it is possible.”

“I want to believe I can do 6 impossible things before breakfast.”

“The only things worth doing are the things you do for others.”

I loved the Alice in Wonderland movie with Johnny Depp. I would probably like this one too!

Cathy says:

Okay, so give me just a second to get past her cuteness long enough to digest this adorable review. I LOVE that you got a kids’ take because in some ways I think it might be more helpful for parents than reading an “adult” review. I mean *I* totally want to see it even more than I did before after reading this!

Both of my kiddos liked the movie for different reasons. My daughter loves the books and my son just likes the characters. We all had our sad moments with the movie bur overall they really enjoyed it. I love the Hatter and Cheshire Cat!

Love her review! She has a career as a film critic ahead of her! Can’t wait to see this movie – it sounds great.

Amy says:

This is one of my all time favorite books. I love the fact that we got to hear a child’s opinion of the movie, they always have the best and most honest opinions!

We are taking my niece to see this on Sunday for her 23rd birthday. She’s, thankfully, got a sitter lined up for her little one (Alice, after Alice in Wonderland). I’m looking forward to seeing it and was also worried about the impact on the little ones. I’ll tell my niece about your daughter’s review and see if she wants to take Alice to see her namesake after all.

Tonya C says:

First of all, how cute is your daughter! I’m taking my girls to see this too and can’t wait to see what they think!

What a little cutie! Love her answers ” Don’t go into mirrors..”” **teehee**
I can not wait to take my own little ones to see this movie. They are going to have a riot!

Rosey says:

Glad to hear it wasn’t too scary for her. I think my son was 5/6 ish when he saw the first one and he did great too! 🙂

LIz Mays says:

This is so helpful for parents! I love hearing her perspective on this movie. I’ll be seeing it!

Good to know from a child’s perspective. I was thinking about taking my kids to see it.

Super cute. My 10-year old loved this movie as well. I loved her message about what she learned about not going into mirrors, lol. I enjoyed hearing the movie from a child’s perspective.

Barb says:

Cute post. I haven’t seen the movie but your daughter gives me courage to be brave. LOL! I love your post’s interview style, but more importantly I love kids, especially five year olds (and anyone close to that age up to middle school. Quite a stretch I know.) I just thought I’d share my new blog with you, since I am reaching out to parents of young kids. Enjoy!

Wow! This is so cute!
My daughter and I like the Mad Hatter, who is played by Johnny Depp too.

Testo ultra says:

Thanks for finally talking about >Alice Through the Looking Glass 5-Year-Old
Review <Liked it!

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