Love Disney? Have an Alexa? Ask Her to do This!

“Alexa, play Disney music!”

You know that one right? But what else can she do? You got your first echo for Christmas, or on Prime Day and you’re still working out the kinks. Well I’ve got your back. Especially if you’re a Disney fan. Because today I’m diving into all of the skills you and your family will love to try with Alexa.

An echo dot for kids playing disney games

My mom gave us our first echo– A hand me down first generation that’s still kicking just fine. And we’ve collected 10 more since then. If you don’t have one just yet, or are shopping for a new one let me quickly recommend my three favorites. I love my Echo Show for a big screen in the kitchen, so I can see the artwork for music, read the trivia questions, and even sing along to words on the screen. On my nightstand I love my Echo dot with the display clock. My kids love their Echo Dot Kids Rainbow edition. If you have more questions about devices let me know, but I won’t go into that much in this post. 

We use them for music in the bathrooms, as a clock in our bedroom, and we use the timers all the time in our kitchen. But they can do so much more. From trivia, stories, to fitness. There’s a lot to discover. 

Echo with clock to play disney skills

When it comes to Disney Alexa games, there are official ones made by Disney, and some unofficial ones and skills with Disney aspects that may not be officially connected. I haven’t seen a post out there compiling them all so I decided to write my own! I’ll be adding more as I discover and try new Disney Alexa skills but these are my favorites so far. The nice thing is all of them are free. And if you’re missing Disney magic right now, there are so many ways to bring the magic home, these should perk you right up!

Disney trivia games on alexa

Disney Trivia Skills on Alexa

  1. Disney Hits Challenge – “Alexa, open Disney Hits Challenge”: Easily my favorite Alexa skill right now. It’s a Disney music trivia game. Test your knowledge of titles, characters, and lyrics from Disney’s most popular songs. You’ll also get to hear some fun facts about Disney and the classic movies and characters you love. 
  2. Disney Trivia – “Alexa, Start Disney Trivia”: A quick trivia game with a mix of 6 multiple choice and true or false questions, and complete the phrase questions. Try and see if you can get all 6 right!
  3. Descendants Challenge – “Alexa, Play Descendants Challenge”: Know every word to Audrey’s “Queen of Mean?” The officialDisney Descendant music trivia game that tests your knowledge of the music, lyrics and characters from the Disney Channel movies. We love playing until we get a top spot in the day’s leaderboard.
  4. SOLO: A Star Wars Story Co-Pilot Quiz – “Alexa, open Solo movie quiz”: Take the pilot’s seat in the Millennium Falcom with Chewbacca as your co-pilot as you travel through the galaxy and face challenges that will put your movie triia skills to the test. You get 5 rounds of trivia questions focusing on Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando the Millennium Falcon and more. If you need help with a question just say “co-pilot” and Chewie will provide you with a clue from the movie.
  5. Avengers Infinity War Trivia Game – “Alexa, start Avengers Trivia”: Test your knowledge of Avengers Infinity War as you battle through 10 rounds of questions and quotes from the movie. 
  6. Disney Trivia Game (Unofficial) – “Alexa, open Unofficial Disney Trivia game”: A simple game where Alexa asks you 10 multiple choice Disney questions and you answer with the number. She keeps track of your score as you go along. No bells or whistles, just down and dirty Disney trivia. 
  7. Disney Villain Trivia (Unofficial) – “Alexa, open unofficial Disney villain trivia”: A simple 5 question multiple choice trivia game to see how much you know about your favorite Disney villains. She keeps score. 
Disney games on an amazon echo show

Alexa Skills for Disney News

  1. Disney Character of the Day – In Flash briefing: Add a bit of Disney knowledge to your flash briefing (an Alexa morning news roundup curated by you!) and get the scoop on a different Disney character every day. Just say “Alexa, what’s in my Flash Briefing?” after enabling this skill.
  2. Disney quote of the Day –  In Flash briefing.: The happiest quotes on Earth! Get inspired by the magical creators of Disney, from Walt Disney himself, to George Lucas and more. Add the Disney quote of the Day to your Flash Briefing.
  3. This Day in Disney History: Bring a little Disney magic into your home with This Day in Disney History. Check in daily and Alexa will share a historical Disney moment.
  4. Disney Dailies – “Alexa, open Disney dailies”: A standalone skill where you can hear the day’s fun fact, joke, and what’s up with different Disney characters. This isn’t rolled into your flash briefing like the others. New every day and fun to use with kids!
Disney games on alexa for kids

Disney Stories and Entertainment

  1. Disney Personality Quiz – “Alexa, open Disney personality quiz”: Not your average personality quiz. These figure out things like “Are you feeling like Rapunzel today?” and “Where’s your super suit?”. Answer a series of questions to find the answer.
  2. Movies for Disney Fans – “Alexa, open d. Movies”: Alexa asks you 3 simple questions to help you pick a Disney movie to watch.  
  3. Disney Stories – “Alexa, Open Disney Stories”: A beautiful audio storytelling of some of the Disney stories we know and love. Great for bedtime! My kids love this and currently use it every night!
  4. Star Wars Choose Your Destiny – “Alexa, Open Star Wars, choose your destiny.”: A choose your own adventure experience designed for kids 8+. Each choice can lead you to triumph or disaster. You can choose to take a mini mission that’s not too long, or a big adventure for a longer story. 
  5. My Disney Story – “Alexa, open my Disney story”: You team up with a narrator to tell your own version of a Disney story. Add in unexpected twists. Sorta like a mad gab you fill in the blanks with titles, funny sounds, adjectives and more. The narrator gives nice encouragement each time you fill in the blank. There’s even some opportunities to get up and act things out. 
  6. Disney Plot Twist – “Alexa, open Disney plot twist”:  Dive into a story with Disney characters, and fill in the blank as the story unfolds. Works sorta like a madgab where you answers are told by another character later in the story. 
Mickey mouse and a rainbow echo dot for kids

Disney Music and Dance Alexa Skills

  1. Disney Hits Playlist – “Alexa, play Disney hits”: A playlist constantly updated with the latest hits from Disney movies. Ask Alexa to shuffle the songs so you hear a different mix every time. 
  2. Magical Mouse Radio – “Alexa, open Magical mouse radio”: Stream digital Disney magic from the Walt Disney World parks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  3. Disney Park Music (Unofficial) – “Alexa, Open. D Park”: Stream background music and parade sounds from the Disney Parks on your Alexa device. Great background music when you just want to close your eyes and pretend you’re inside the parks. This skill does have ads, but even still it’s been a favorite of mine.
  4. Main Street Radio – “Alexa, play main street radio”: For a mix of Disney sounds, and instrumental Disney music, try this playlist. It’s mostly the scores from Disney movies. Not the songs you’d sing along to, which makes for some great background noise when you’re working or studying.
  5. Radio Disney – “Alexa, ask Radio Disney to play Radio Disney”: Stream your favorite Disney music station from your Alexa device. 
  6. Disney Remix – “Alexa, open Disney remix”: A fun interactive skill that’s perfect for a family dance party. Choose freestyle or DJ battle while you mix up and remix some of your favorite Disney songs. It’s a fun way to hear Disney music. And you can remix the songs over and over to hear them in different styles. For instance, I heard “Try Everything” in reggae, country, techno, salsa, rock, and more.
  7. Disney Dance Floor – “Alexa, open Disney dancefloor”: Listen to dance versions of popular Disney music and get funny dance instructions such as “Swim like Ursula, show us those squiggly octopus tentacles”  during Under the Sea.
  8. Disney Sing Along – “Alexa, start Disney sing along”: Practice lyrics and sing along to a song you may or may not know. When we tried Mickey Mouse taught us a song called Sailing, you can choose between Goofy, Mickey or Minnie. 
Free Disney games on Alexa first generation Echo device lighting up

Disney Alexa Games

  1. Either Or (formerly Would You Rather for Family) – “Alexa, play Would You Rather” and choose ‘Magic’ Edition: Would you rather be able to smash things like Wreck or Ralph, or swing through the trees likeTarzan? A fun either/or game where Alexa asks you questions pertaining to Disney and can see if you agree with the majority or are a little more unique with your preferences. You can also do multiplayer. My kids LOVE this game.
  2. Star Wars Sound Journeys – “Alexa, Open Star Wars Sound Journeys”: This is like storytime and trivia together but on steroids. SO fun for Star Wars fans. I gave it a whirl just to test for this list and was surprised how many I got right. When you get an answer wrong the story gives you a detailed response about why that would be incorrect and why the correct answer is right. So positive, and truly immersive. 
  3. Marvel’s Project M.I.N.D. “Alexa, open Project M.I.N.D” – Team up with some of the Avengers to answer questions, solve puzzles, and save the world! Have paper and pencil on hand while you team up with Wakanda’s greatest scientist Princess Shuri. “What’s the most direct way to convert sun’s energy into electricity?” Kids can run calculations, solve brain teasers, and explore the topics of Science, Technology & Engineering, and Mathematics alongside some of their favorite characters. Users will be challenged to apply their academic knowledge as well as their problem solving skills to proceed through a serialized, narrative experience. My son (7) loves the narration and sounds, my daughter (9) is better with the questions, which are geared for older kids. 
free Marvel games on alexa

Disney Pretend Play Skills

  1. Disney Princess Playtime – “Alexa, play Disney Princess playtime!” – Choose your own adventure with Ariel. Active, engaging and super cute and fun for young ones. 
  2. Incredibles Hero Training – “Alexa, start Incredibles hero training”: 6 physical activities for 20 seconds each (like Jumping Jack Jacks) and 6 mental questions testing your Incredibles knowledge. A fun one to do with the kids.
  3. Marvel Hero Training – “Alexa, play Marvel Hero training”- Answer some “what if” questions about what you’d do in certain situations then get paired with some of your favorite Marvel Heroes. Lots of imaginative play, and opportunities to get up and move while running from enemies or dodging weapons. 
Biriaicla girl in disney mickey ears playing a disney trivia game on Alexa

These Disney Alexa skills should give you plenty to try if you’re just getting the hang of your devices, or even if you’re a seasoned pro, I’d think there are a few here you haven’t tried yet. The nice thing about all of these skills is they’re free! And if you’re missing Disney and need a fix, these should help you out!

Disney Alexa games to try on your Amazon echo device.

Do you have a favorite Disney skill for Alexa? Leave us a comment and let us know which one you liked!

Love Disney? Have an Alexa? Ask Her to do This!

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