After 5 Months With You I’m Ready for 10 More


My Little Journey,

You are growing so beautifully and so smart every day. One of my favorite things about you is how you are so easy to please–Usually. If you are ever just fussy or cranky after you’ve already eaten I just sing to you and you’re fine.

One morning last week I sat on the bed with you and sang to you for about half an hour. I sang just about every primary song I could think of twice, and rocked you back and forth and you just loved it. You watched us in the mirror and didn’t make a peep, you just smiled.

Another favorite perk about you is how happy you get when I come home. I didn’t think you’d be doing this so soon but you reach out for me. It melts my heart every time. You stick your arms out and lean towards me, or if you’re sitting down you’ll lift your arms to be picked up.

Every night before bed you and I dance around mommy’s room and you laugh and laugh and laugh. I think it’s probably your favorite part of the day. Afterward I blow on your tummy and you laugh some more. You are so ticklish now! I got it on camera the other day and I’m so glad because it’s something I never want to forget.

You’re beginning to sit up by yourself. I feel like I hardly put you down but when I do I’m amazed that you can wiggle your way along the floor, roll from your back and from your tummy, and sit up for a little while–depending if there’s something you want to reach for.

You have four different “voices.” Your regular voice, where you’ll babble and talk. Your cooing voice, which is really high and so sweet, and soft. It makes us laugh because you sound like you’re talking to another little baby in your angel voice. Your third voice is loud and gruntish. You aren’t mad when you talk in this voice but just very loud. And finally, you have a special voice for when you talk to Snoop. It’s kind of a mix between your sweet talking and your grunt talking. At first I thought you were scared of him and starting to whine because he was too close to you, but then I realized you were just trying to communicate, and were reaching closer to pet him.

Now you love to pull on his ears and pet his head. Like your mommy, you love it when he licks your feet.

You still say “dada” so now we walk around the house looking for him and I ask “where’s dada?” when we find him I say “there he is!” Then you laugh. You also (by coincidence I’m sure) respond “hi” sometimes when we say hi. It’s more of a “Heh” but that counts to us.

You love food. You love smelling it, trying to grab it and put it in your mouth. I’ve never known a baby your age seeming to want to eat, as much as you seem to. You’ll try to grab many things but I can no longer eat with you in my lap because you actually try to eat my food.

Something very pleasant that you’ve developed this month is the ability to tolerate your car seat. It’s like you know we’re going someplace fun so you don’t cry anymore. Well, not unless we’re in the car for longer than 30 minutes, or if we stop for a long period of time. You just look around, play with your toys, talk in the mirror, or fall asleep. I never thought that day would come.

You’re also sleeping much better now which is seriously a miracle. I’m worried that’s all going to change soon once your teeth start coming through. I haven’t noticed any yet but my guess is they’re not too far away.

You are so much fun and such a delight. I can’t believe in another couple of months you’ll probably be crawling around. I just want you to stay tiny forever. Every stage you grow into is my new favorite stage but I still miss the last. You seriously make me want to have ten more babies just like you.

I love being a mommy so much more than I imagined. Thank you for being such a joy.

Love you so much,


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  1. I just started reading your blog. And I must say I have truly enjoyed your journey. Your baby is beautiful and I like that you stay true to who you are. I am mother of two a four year old girl and a 19 month old boy. Being a mother is the greatest joy I have ever had. Your story reminds me to enjoy every single day and opportunity I have with them. So thank you!

  2. Oh my goodness I can’t believe she’s already 5 months old. it seems like yesterday I was texting you (and twittering in private) that I was pregnant and then not long after that you said you thought that you were. They grow so fast. She’s so adorable, you are one lucky mom.

  3. I know you hear this all.the.time. But, it never gets old to me, as I am certain it does not to you either…so!!!! SHE IS JUST SO SWEET AND PRECIOUS!!! And she gets cuter everytime I see her. I know you are so in love….it’s wonderful!!!

  4. Touching letter!! Lil J will adore these sweet words and thoughts from your heart when she is older. The pics of her are always cute, but the pic of her with Snoop is SUPER cute!!!

  5. this is a great letter. just like you, i enjoy every new stage, but i miss the past ones too. i hate how fast it is going! now if only my little one, who is almost 9 months, could sleep like yours is…

  6. Aww! I hope she doesn’t have any trouble with the teething thing..I think it bothered Dominic for a few days, but I guess if he suffered after that, he did it silently lol!

  7. This is sweet! I have been following you over a year when you were trying to conceive. My baby is 4 days younger than yours. I feel like we have been going thru the journey together. You have also inspired me to start my own blog:

  8. Oh my gosh the getting mad in the car is the worst. My oldest LOVED the car from day. He fell asleep pretty much as soon as I put him in the car seat to take him outside. My daughter and my youngest SCREAMED whenever I put them in it. They like car rides now though.

    She’s getting so big! I love those insane dimples she has! They’re adorable!

  9. I love your post – it is so sweet – my girl is a month old today so I am going to write something to her- she is in the NICU still so we still haven’t got to bring her home:(

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