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I have been too exhausted to do anything but browse the Internet. I haven’t been visiting or commenting on blogs… Or writing in my own for that matter. I’ve been one big fat blog slacker. Oh but I have an excuse… (Not that I really need one, but I kind of do so I don’t feel so bad) I’ve been SICK. Oh yes, and it’s weird being sick while being pregnant cause I’m not sure if I’m puking cause of morning sickness or cause of a stomach bug.

For the amount of puke I’ve witnessed spewing from my mouth I’m guessing it’s a stomach bug. I was worried I’d puke Spawnie up with my dinner. Then I woke up sweating like crazy, then the next moment I was freezing. I should have taken my temperature but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I imagine it’s not too bad, and I’m trying to stay hydrated. I hit 12 weeks on Friday… A milestone which now means I have around a 2% chance of miscarriage. Can I get a big WOOP!!?

We have another appointment on Tuesday and they’ll check to hear Spawnie’s heart beat for the first time. I can’t wait! And I hope all it well. I think after this next appointment I’ll be able to let out a huge sigh of relief, make an official announcement at my job, etc. I’m just praying it all goes well.

In order to calm my nerves about all of the ickyness I’m feeling I started shopping around for crib bedding I like. I first checked out Etsy and saw a few adorable designs for 4pc sets for under $200. With the skirt, blanket, sheets, bumper or whatever. But then a few friends on Twitter turned me on to JoJo Designs. I guess the are good-quality for a great price. Now I’m pretty much obsessed! I found a bunch of brand new 9 piece sets on eBay for $50.

I know some people say they won’t use it/ care/ etc. But I’ve been waiting to decorate a nursery like my whole life, so I’m gonna enjoy this! We won’t paint the room or anything so the lamps, diaper stackers, and decorations will have to add the full effect. We also have a queen bed in that room too, but it just has a white down comforter, so I need to try to get something that doesn’t clash with that.

Here’s what I love for if Spawnie is a boy (which apparently, most of you think it is):This one is by Jo Jo designs and it’s in a 9pc set for a great price! It’s my favorite I think. I think frogs are so cute for little boys.
Since a lion is my favorite animal I fell in love with this. It’s by Kidsline. The 4pc set is $99.
Penguins are my second favorite animal. A friend showed me this design and I think it’s so cute! This is by Cottontail Designs and it’s $100-$150 depending where you buy (Amazon is cheaper!)

Now for the girl designs I love! I must say I still am not TOTALLY sold on any of these like I am the frog one, but they are all pretty and very different from each other! I’m not as big on animals and teddy bears for little girls as I am for boys. All of these are JoJo Designs.
I like the bumblebee cause it’s simple and classy. But I’m feeling it’s lacking pink (my favorite color)! I love love this one!! It’s so different and I could just picture my little princess surrounded by this. While it’s original, once again, it’s lacking pink! I do love that it could grow with a toddler and kid though.This design reminds me of the way I decorated my bedroom when I was a teenager… To the T! And I STILL love it! I love that it’s girlie yet somehow a little chic at the same time.
This rose design I think is cute and classy, but I wonder if it’s too plain. I think it’s really pretty though and fit for a little princess!

And because a couple of commenter mentioned Target and Walmart I decided to add a few designs I like from those stores too!
And once again I find the frogs I like. Then Walmart:And last but not least:
So what do you think? Which one of these is your favorite? (spare me bumper debates!) Have other nursery or bedding designers you like? Please share. I’m all for affordable but if you know of a great one that’s on the pricey side still let me know, and maybe I’ll win the lotto between now and then!

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  1. I really like the bees for a girl, simple, yet you could add colors in without taking over the theme or room.

    I totally go for the frogs too, but I am one of those people who like something like that for girls too 🙂

    Good luck, this is a hard decision!!

  2. Awww, hope you feel better. It sucks to be sick and pregnant. Morning sickness/all day sickness sucks too.
    Love the designs. We never did any with our boy though.

  3. I have the JoJo Designs crib set in the dragongfly pattern. My daughter’s room is decorated in dragonflies. I won it on E-Bay for $80. Not bad..But I wasnt a fan of it when I got it. There were loose threads everywhere, and the bumper is horrible. All the things that tie onto the crib have ripped off either from her pulling on it or from my washing and remaking the bed. I’m not impressed with it at all. I love the bedding sets on, but that’s just me.

    Feel better soon!

  4. I can’t help = I REALLY love them all. I have a jojo design – its choc brown/pink for my 1 year old daughter and its been great – washes well and looks gorgeous! I paid something like $55 on ebay for a $300 set! Good luck!!! Can’t wait to see pics of the nursery!

  5. Congrats on 12 weeks! Sorry about the puking, I do not envy you there! As for the bedding, I definitely like the frogs best for the boy, and I think that royal red set for a girl is sooooo pretty! I went cheap and bought a “nursery in a bag” from Walmart’s website for 80 some odd dollars… It’s a puppy dog theme and came with the comforter (which we put on the twin bed I have in the room), sheet, crib skirt, bumper, stuffed headboard (which is so cute and different!), lamp with a stuffed doggie on it, mobile, and several wall hangings. You’d be surprised what you can find on Walmart’s website that isn’t in their stores and do the free site-to-store shipping thing. Worth it in my opinion!

    I have to ask though, what are the things on the walls with the pockets??? I’ve never seen those!

  6. I have to say I like the very last for a girl the best. It seems so whimsical to me, like if you looked out the window you see the waves crashing along a beach, haha. For a boy I agree about the frogs. But ultimately, it’s all up to you. Have fun decorating!

  7. I love kidsline actually Little man had a kidsline B is for Bear crib set so cute. I think if the L is for Lion one was out then we probably would have got it.

  8. Oh, it’s too hard. I guess it depends on what you are going to have. For a boy I really like the polar bear and whale. For the girl I like the pink dots.
    oh and I’m not sure if you are interested but my sister in law is selling some that she made for $100 + shipping. Here is a link to what they look like:

    I feel weird posting it, but you did say you welcomed suggestions.

  9. I almost got the asian one for my girl, but picked up something else from the same company. It had the same colors as the asian one, except the red, and focused more on the paisley design. I loved it! When we moved Smidget into her own room, however, everything in there is decorated in shades of blue/teal/sea green. I still love her room. My main thing was that what we picked out SHOULD work for a boy or a girl.

    For Spawnie boy or girl, (I’m going against the grain and saying its a girl!), I still like the frogs or the lion. If you want to go girly for a girl, then the pink & yellow that you said was like your teenaged bedroom is very cute and chic.

    (this is hardierlime from twitter btw)

  10. I went super cheap and skipped the bedding set all together, haha. We registered for one from Babies R Us that was $180 – and we thought that was just crazy expensive!! But I was in love with it and didn’t want to settle on something cheaper… (it’s jungle animals playing sports–a perfect compromise for me and DH!)…

    SO, we bought the separates for it instead. The window valance, the wall hangings, the mobile, the lamp. So we got the “design” that way. Then just bought a jungle animal crib sheet from Target (half the price of the crib sheet that matched the theme!). I mean, since you can’t use the bumpers from the set anyway… or the comforter, really (besides for decoration).

    We’re still hunting for a crib skirt, but will probably have to end up with a plain color just to match. Does this JoJo place sell just skirts? I’ll have to look!!

    I admit though, it would have been fun to just buy the set… but we saved tons of money this way, still got the theme, and I still love it!

    Can’t WAIT to see what you pick!!!

    Emily @ Baby Dickey

  11. Love your style and aesthetic sense. I’m a fan of the Asian style from Jo Jo; it’s very similar to the 100% cotton organic nursery set we have at Maternitique that I absolutely love. I think the lions are adorable for a boy room.
    Tara from @maternitique, following you on Twitter

  12. The one you said looks like how you decorated your room as a teen is my favorite! Personally I like to (well, eventually when I have a house) decorate more in greens and blues, but if you LUV pink then you should go for it! Especially since you’re having a little girl. Wait. Maybe I should say she’s actually a he that way I don’t jinx my guess!

  13. I like the first frog one best. Technically it could work for a boy or girl. If it is a girl you can add pink dragonflies or other accesories to the frog theme. The Giraffe one farther down is my second choice.

  14. Bedding is a huge decision..decides the whole theme of the room! I’m not pregnant, but have saved pictures I like into a “baby” folder in my computer…lol I’m just a nut that way. Good luck in your choice!

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