Abandoning the Shopping Cart: He Says She Says

shopping cart
(He sent me this photo from his phone while they were out, which is why she has no bow, and doesn’t match.)

She returns with the baby after grabbing an item off their grocery list, and watches him push the cart toward the cereal isle. He parks the cart at the end of the aisle while he walks down to browse cereal.

She says: “Why do you just leave the cart there? Someone could take it.”
He says: “Why would someone want to take all of our stuff and buy it?”
What say you?

PS: I know the photo is misleading but he doesn’t leave the cart with her IN IT (I hope). But when we’re together he’ll ditch it while I’m holding her, which drives me NUTS!

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  1. I’m paranoid so I don’t ever leave the cart! Hopefully my husband doesn’t when he takes my daughter shopping! lol Maybe I should ask….

  2. He does ditch the cart with my purse in it though, and what about all of the hard work that goes into shopping for the food? What if someone put it back? …Ok maybe it’s just me!

  3. I’m sorry, I’m with your husband on this one. I leave the cart all the time just not with my purse or a baby in it. No one is going to take your stuff. hahah

  4. My first thought was, “He leaves it with her in it?! Agh!!” heheh I should have known better. =P

    I leave the cart occasionally, especially when I’m in the produce section. There’s way too many people and carts in there already!

  5. I don’t think anyone will take the cart. Sometimes it is less crowded if you leave it.

    BTW…it’s aisle, not isle. Unless you’re talking about an island. 😉

  6. haha… I so leave the cart – esp if the aisle is crowded because I want to be able to zip around (if the baby was in the cart I would take it with me) But I will say that a few times my mom’s cart has been taken and they started putting things back but I believe that has only happened at after Christmas sales at walmart, never a grocery store…. I’ve left my whole cart and ran out to the car to get my walet before too and it wasn’t touched

  7. I remember Eddie Izzard doing a bit about this.

    But yes. I leave my cart (or even set down my basket and leave it at times).

    And he does have a point. Really, who would want to take your stuff while you’re still in the store? Unless you set your purse in the cart, then take it with you and leave the cart.

  8. Oh gosh, at first i thought you meant with her in it?! Well I’m with you on this one, not only that someone might take your stuff, your diaper bag, but also that it could be in the way for someone shopping and he wouldn’t see that since he left it! Also my daughter does that same face all the time, I was laughing so hard looking at that picture!

  9. I don’t leave the cart. The farthest away from my cart that I’ll walk (when children are not in it) is maybe two steps, but I always have my eye on it. Otherwise, I always have at least one hand on the cart at all times.

    I also have this fear of leaving my cart and an employee coming along while I’m choosing bread and thinking that it’s abandoned and putting all my things away, leaving me to shop all over again.

  10. I say you are BOTH right. If you are in the same isle and not that far, there is nothing wrong with it, yet there is nothing wrong with you being concerned.

  11. The only reason I don’t leave the cart at the end of the aisle more often is because I’m usually carrying a large purse and don’t want to leave it unattended. But as long as I don’t leave the cart in the way, I have no problem letting it sit for a little bit while I go look for an item (unless the item is large, in which case I want the cart with me so I won’t be carrying a huge load).

  12. I’m a ditcher (as long as my purse is not in the cart), expecially if the store is busy and I just need one thing on that aisle. However, my husband will leave the cart with my purse in it and that pisses me off so much! What if someone steals my purse, I lament. I was right there, he states. Whatev.

  13. Em, ditto. I have seen a lot of people spelling “aisle” like “isle” lately. I don’t get it. I thought, is there really an alternate spelling?? Aisle – grocery store / Isle – island. 😉

  14. I leave the shopping cart if I’m going like two feet from it but never if I’m browsing the own aisle. None of the other customers might want what you have but often times store employees will mistake unattended buggies for abandoned ones. Not to mention if you have your purse and diaper bag in there then that is a no-no. People can’t be trusted now days.

    They are always looking to swipe purses from unattended buggies.

  15. I never leave my cart. What if I leave it front of something someone needs, how rude of me to assume that they won’t find it bothersome for my stuff to be in their way! I’m overly sensitive to how others feel though, so maybe that’s just me. I always have my cart with me, even without my purse in it. There aren’t parking spots in the store for a reason 😉

  16. I don’t see the problem with leaving the cart (as long as no personal items or…say…a baby… was in it) and walking away down the aisle. As long as it’s to the side and not in the middle of the aisle blocking people I say why not. You’re not leaving it for very long, and really…who wants EXACTLY what you’ve got in there anyway?

  17. As long as there’s nothing valuable in it, doubtful anyone would take it. I don’t personally leave it but don’t see a reason not to.

  18. The most I will get away from my cart is about half an isle. And that is with no baby in it. When I have my little girl with me, I don’t leave it out of arm’s reach. There are too many weirdos who will walk up and touch/bother my baby.

  19. Thanks for putting that disclaimer because I almost freaked out. Sorry…I agree with what “he says.” I don’t think it’s a big deal at all. Just as long as I go back to get it. One of my pet peeves is people not returning their shopping carts. I know, it’s crazy but true. LOL

  20. My boyfriend does the same thing and it drives me nuts! We never have anything valuable in the cart but all of a sudden I’ll turn around to drop something in the cart and I’ve no idea where it is! He doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal so I try to just choose my battles. 🙂

  21. I say leave the cart … as long as it’s not blocking anything someone else may need to get! Sometimes it’s worse to try to plow your big cart though mobs of people.

  22. No leaving a baby unattended. Ya just never know these days who might want to snag her or she might get grooving and injure herself even though she’s strapped in.

    She looks so adorable! Great outfit daddy and sometimes Sans bow is all good. Hey hair is brushed, and faced is washed. 🙂

  23. I’ll leave my cart at the end of the aisle – pending on how crowded the place is. Now I would never do that with a child in it.
    A few weeks ago my husband and I were in Walmart. He insisted on pushing the cart, but then proceeds to walk away from it with my purse sitting in it! You would have thought I was going in for a touchdown the way I was running for that cart! LOL

  24. I’ve had a few experiences where people accidentally took my cart so I take it with me. By the way- my man likes to walk away from me, the kid and the cart while shopping as well. I know your pain!

  25. My husband does exactly the same thing! I tell him all the time he doesn’t have proper grocery store etiquette. He leaves it with my purse in it, although I’ve learned pretty much to keep the purse with me. I think he leaves the cart in the way of other people, he says he doesn’t…it’s an ongoing thing between us 🙂

  26. I totally abandon it. I used to freak out about that, but really, why would someone else take it? I’d agree with your hubby!

    That being said, I NEVER leave the cart if my purse is in it, so when I’m shopping with the hubby, I have to leave my purse in the car or on my shoulder, b/c he doesn’t even notice it!

  27. I keep the cart with me. Unless I’m shopping with hubby who, while I’m away picking up something, will also leave the cart to which I yell “my purse is in there!!!”. He says, “no one would know until you screamed it in the store” smh…men! (btw, it’s a tiny purse and I normally hide it under my groceries LOL)

  28. HAHA… This is so funny! He has a point in that I don’t think someone would take all the stuff and pay for it, but I’m not as laid back and in NYC you can’t leave your cart and walk away… because some shady person just might take it. LOL.

  29. He’s right about the customers not taking the cart. However, he’s wrong about the store employees not taking the cart and putting the food away.

  30. My issue is that employees will take it and put items away if they think the cart was left and I always worry if I grabbed the last of an item on the shelf that someone who was looking for it will see it in my cart and take it. That would get me so upset knowing I had it and now someone took it. So I keep the cart with me so people don’t have the chance to do that. LOL!

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