A year and a half already?

Dear Sweet Daughter,

The past couple months have flown by like you can’t imagine. You are a year and a half now. How has a whole six months already flown by since your birthday? I don’t understand it.

Leg warmers: Happy Crawlers, Shoes: Monkey Toes

The biggest change I’ve seen in you when I look at your past photos is your hair. You can see it’s growing and growing as you get older. It’s so adorable too and I can’t bare to cut it… Ever!

You are just learning so fast. You’ll repeat almost anything we say to you, or at least try to. On your own you’ll ask up “please” and say “thank you” you’ll also say hi and bye… Milk, water, cracker, juice, banana, our names, baby, and other random little things you pick up here and there.

Speaking of babies, you LOVE them. You love your baby dolls, and when we pass one at the store you say “baby” and point. You love the babies at your school and your teachers say you’re so kind and gentle–even protective– of them. This makes me think you are going to be a fabulous big sister. Just like your mommy was of course *wink wink*.

You know almost all of your body parts and point to them when we call them out. Your favorite is belly button. When daddy would call out “toes” you’d point to your nose, so he taught you the difference within minutes and he was totally blown away at your new trick. I tell him all the time you are so smart.

For your year and a half birthday you and I went downtown to Hey Cupcake. We shared a giant strawberry cupcake, but I gave you first dibs.

I’m hoping over the next month to experiment with your hair styles more. We’ve already been experimenting with homemade clothes and that’s been so much fun. You are seriously like my little life-sized doll and I love it. You’re a dream come true.

Seriously, I don’t know how I got so lucky, and every day I love you more and more! I pick you up and give you hugs and never want to let go. When I ask for a hug you squeeze tightly around my next, and you’ll kiss me quickly on my cheek. It feels great knowing you love me back, and seeing you show it. I know you think we are the two coolest people on earth and we appreciate that.

This year is going to be a year of many changes for us. We’ll be moving and you’ll be starting a new school. Your daddy and I will have new schedules, and we’ll have to make you up in a brand new room (hopefully with a bigger closet). It’ll be a lot to take in for all of us, but together, we’ll make it through.

I thank God every day for blessing us with you. You’re so fantastic it’s hard to believe you’re real. That probably would sound silly to a lot of people but I have a feeling a lot of moms know what I’m talking about. Thank you for brightening my world.




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Sol baby is turning 2 tomorrow…

Suze says:

She is soo darn cute…

YUMMommy says:

Aww..they grow so fast! Happy 1 & a half J!

Wendy* says:

Jenn, you’re such an amazing mom. Lil J seems like such a happy little girl–she really is happy a special childhood. Keep up the good work! Happy Year and a Half to making your family Plus One!

Aw, so sweet! I LOVE the cupcake idea and will totally be using that idea for my littlle ones 18-month birthday! 🙂

Also, those leg warmers are super adorable and I would be thrilled to win a pair!

Kim @ Little Rays of Sunshine

Camjay says:

Cute post and those leg warmers are adorable….keep posting mama…I love following your “journey” 😉

Veronika says:

I am glad I am not the only one who celebrates half birthdays as well! haha
Looks like such a fun day out for you two girls, how special and fun!
Happy 1 & a half years, Lil J!

Sandy says:

Awe…Jenn, so special. Good luck on your move. Alot of us LOVE going with you on your journey. What an amazing Mommy you are! That’s a fab idea about the cupcakes.

Jacquie says:

This is a great blog. I have enjoyed reading your posts and the pictures of your cutie pie. Keep up the good work.

Rachelaf says:

I love reading about your life as a mom and seeing all of the crazy cute clothes and hair accessories you find and make! My daughter is 7 months old, and I started reading your blog when I was pregnant. You’re such an inspiration!

kld416 says:

I love reading about your little girl! You truly are an amazing mom!

How precious! She’s a beautiful baby and your relationship with her has blessed all our lives! Thanks for lovin’ her so much and for sharing that with us! It’s very tender to see.

We’ve posted this entry on our new FB page and hope you’ll join us there. Facebook.com/MormonMomsWhoBlog.

We also have a new google+ site where you’re being read about at this very hour. Google+ ‘Mormon Moms’.

Thanks for all you do and for blessing so many others’. Good luck in the move!

Heidi G.

Jen J. says:

She’s sooo cute! I love her long curly hair. 🙂 I’m mixed too, so I can relate to her curliness!


Erin says:

Jenn I just love reading your posts! I think it is because I can relate so much lol! The months just seem to fly by…I don’t know how our kids grow so fast! I think the biggest thing that has changed about K is her hair too! So neat. Let’s get together sooner than later 🙂

Mrs. Beal says:

What a cutie she is! I love reading your posts, you have such love for her!

allisa says:

I totally know what you mean with the whole “you’re too wonderful to be real” sentiment! My journal entries are just full of those mushy lines now that I have Molly b! Lol.

Aimee Sue says:

My little one turns 2 tomorrow and it seriously seems like we just brought her home! I love your blog. It has inspired me in so many ways!

Shannon says:

She’s grown so much since her birthday and is becoming a little girl – so lovely! I am in awe of how fast our little ones change.

LiciaLee says:

Hard to believe! Mine is 17 months now, it feels like just yesterday I was pregnant.

sfoofie says:

I hope I win! I love your blog 🙂

LOVE these pics..her crazy awesome (ever growing) hair..and the cupcake 😉

Brandi Elam says:

They grow way too fast, don’t they? She is as gorgeous as ever. You definitely know how to make pretty babies!

I can relate to you in wondering where the time has gone. My baby girl recently turned 18 months too!

They grow up so fast! My little one is 20 months and I can’t believe it is time for me to plan her 2 year birthday 🙁

Quiana says:

Happy 18 month bday Lil J! Catching up on posts after vacation and it’s been fun to read through the 365 pics I missed. Happy New Year to you and your family!

B&U+2 says:

I can’t believe she’s 18 months! It’s kind of bittersweet watching them grow, on one hand you want to see them learn and accomplish new things but at the same time you want to hold on to their sweet baby selves for as long as you can.

A year and half? I remember you just doing her one year birthday post! WOW…how time flies!

Sarah says:

She’s such a doll! I can only hope to be as lucky with my first child!

Heidi says:

Times does go by fast doesn’t it!! My LO is already a year and a half too!! (Oh and my fav leg warmers are the Fashion Forward Hearts ones!)

melifaif says:

Oh how I would love to do her hair!! Is that strange? lol…fantastic. Adorable. Loveable. Now I want a cupcake. ha!!!

Saran says:

Jenn said: “You’re so fantastic it’s hard to believe you’re real.”

OMG, I know EXACTLY what you mean! My little one is 5 months old now, and there’s nothing better than when I come home and she sees me and gives me this big gummy smile. That feeling makes my heart so full!

Little J is absolutely gorgeous! She is always dressed so cute, and those leg warmers are adorable!

She is getting so big and is so Beautiful! I couldn’t cut that hair either!

Mariana says:

Lovely post.

She is sooo cute.
Happy year and a half birthday!

She is sooooo adorable. Wow tie flies. Cherish every moment

This is such a beautiful letter to your daughter. I completely understand how you feel. Sometimes I sit and stare at my daughter and become overwhelmed with thanksgiving to God for such an amazing gift.

This comment has been removed by the author.

First comment on your lovely site, and I couldn’t resist because “Hey, Cupcake” is my favorite spot in Austin!(we’re in CA but visit TX frequently). Such the perfect spot for a girly photo shoot!

Great blog 🙂

-Devon Riesenberg

This time is flying by. I can’t believe it.

MrsDjRass says:

This post is so beautiful. I can feel your love and excitement for your little girl. I hope I get to experience that same feeling some day.

Side note: I hope that cupcake was as tasty as it looks in the pictures.

THE mom says:

I totally eat my cupcakes from Hey Cupcake almost in exactly the same way she does LOL

Oh, thanks so much for posting this! I found a wonderful recipe for Green Tea Cupcakes. You should really check it out, it was easy. Super tasty!

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