A Tribute to My Cankles: Wordless Wednesday

Watch at your own risk…

I am impressed you got them in shoes….. mine were never that bad and I lived in flip flops….. and it was winter in Ohio. lol.

MsBabyPlan says:

OMG!, I am scared, LOL!

Funny/scary video. I am sure it was uncomfortable to have your cankles… but in exchange you have lovely Lil J :)! Always look at the bright side ;)!

Mama Novus says:

Hahaha – good LORD, Mama. Truly a wonder.

Ro says:

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn lol

Ok Im done.

ok no Im not


ok now Im done.

I had to laugh – I’ve had cankles during two of my three pregnancies! The first time they blamed it on pre-eclampsia, but the third time, well, they were just cankles. 🙂 Mine looked exactly like yours – practically the size of footballs – how uncomfortable!

Chantel says:

I can’t believe you got them into shoes. I have to squeeze mine into tennis shoes, and it hurt to walk..So bad.

I cannot believe that you actually made a 2 minute, 31 second long video to your cankles. Even worse…I can’t believe that I just watched the whole thing. lol
Glad your ankles have returned.

Jennifer says:

With my second pregnancy I had to wear crocs. And not like the flip flops, like the ones you wear to weed your garden. They were the only things I could get on my feet.

melifaif says:

I am so glad I wasn’t the only one!!! LOL. Flip flops for me…they would keep that indention for hours after I kicked em off. LOL. The price we pay….

wow, thank God I never got cankles while pregnant. holy crap.

Sarah says:

Those are terrible! I hope they have gone down!

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YUMMama says:

LOL. I’ve been lucky to have any cankles so far, but I’m sure once the weather starts warming up that will be a different story.

Lena Hope says:

WOW! I am very impressed you managed to squeeze them into shoes for work every day let alone socks too !!!!!!

Verena says:

Wow, poor you! I had kind of these, too. Not during my pregnancy, but after my pregnancy. It was awful…
Have a happy WW.


You are so funny. I love how you did not overlook any part of pregnancy and make it all so funny to read. I always talk to Matt (my SO) about everything that will happen to my body when I get pregnant, and he just can not believe it. I made him watch this and he could not stop saying how uncomfortable that has to be. I can not imagine!


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Quiana says:

I had cankles for all of 2 weeks at the very end of my pregnancy and couldn’t have imagined suffering any longer. I was in so much pain. What do your ankles/feet normally look like?

Becca says:

Ah-may-zing. Those are unlike anything I’ve seen before. Please save that for Lil J so she can know what you went through for her to be in this world.

Mrs. K says:

Golly! Was that for real. I’m scared. So is that what I have to look forward to one day? Those totally don’t look like they could be yours. LOL!

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