A Texas “snow” day

A couple weeks ago we had a “snow day” and school was canceled here the right before expected freezing temperatures would be rolling in. I think it ended up being in the 50s the next day.

Anyway, we made the most of it. It’s rare I capture a cute picture with the both of them together. They were having so much fun when I got this adorable moment.

Read the details and see more of this cuteness over on my new Tampico is Color photo blog.

A beautiful and colorful lifestyle blog featuring an interracial family with stunning biracial children. Inspiring parents to document life's little moments  and make beautiful memories with their beautiful babies.

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Andrea says:

Love it! I’d leave a picture of some of the blanket forts my grandson and I have done, but I’m uncertain how to share. Great memory makers for sure! 🙂

Do you have a blog or FB link to it? You can leave it in the comments if you want! I’d love to see! We need some more practice if you ask me. haha!

Monica says:

As a native Michigander, I scoff (good-naturedly, of course) at this post.

Talk to me when it is -10 with windchills in the -20’s and your dog literally disappears under 3 feet of snow when she goes out to potty. lol. 🙂

I’m SO glad winter is basically on its way out! It is in the 40’s with no snow, now! People are walking around in short sleeves and shorts! Only in MI.

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