A Pregnant Birthday and Helping Haiti

It wasn’t a birthday of glitz and parties, but it was my kind of day… Well, besides the 10 hour shift at work.

I wrote about some of the things I did a couple of days ago so I won’t bore you with all of the details. But a few of my highlights were:
-Feeling Spawnie move throughout the day. I felt like I wasn’t alone when I was out and about at work. I even caught myself talking to him/her a little bit.
-My birthday dinner. I wanted TGI Fridays and I got a yummy virgin strawberry daiquiri.
-Lighting the fireplace, and snuggling
-Watching Snoop beg for a little bit of cake (no he didn’t get any)
-Begging my husband to get 24 candles cause I hadn’t got to blow out candles in years!
-Enjoying my last birthday as a “future mama” but SO looking forward to the next big birthday in our family… THE birthday of Spawnie!
The day after my birthday I got my birthday wish, I WON the grand prize for the Holly Jolly Belly Photo Contest by Bellybar and AVENT, so THANK YOU so much for voting for me!! I’m so excited and glad that my constant begging for votes paid off, and hopefully I didn’t annoy you to much. A breast pump is another thing I can cross off my list! And hopefully it’ll work well for us!
My birthday had me thinking A LOT about how I am SO BLESSED. I have SO MUCH to be grateful for, and blessings really have just been pouring in lately. I’m so grateful for that. Seeing the tragedy in Haiti really had me thinking how I should NEVER complain. There’s so much poverty in that country to begin with, then the earthquake disaster on top of that has just done so much damage! The story I did on my birthday was about efforts here in my part of town. There’s also a few efforts online I wanted to let you know about.

“Pctures of children crying in the streets of Haiti haunt television screens. Reports of a death toll over 100,000 leave many feeling helpless. At Kolcraft we are rolling up our company sleeves and reaching out to Haitian children in need and we want you to help!”

They’re having a Facebook auction for baby products for great prices! All of the money raised in the auction is going to the KIDS Relief fund for the children of Haiti. It’s a win-win, a great way to get a deal, AND help Haiti! I’m bidding on a bassinet right now.

OpenSky is influencer and relationship driven commerce. At OpenSky we’ve decided to donate 100% of our profits from now through Sunday to help the Haitian people. Together, we can make a significant difference. You have worked incredibly hard to build a loyal following; now you can use that influence to give to those in desperate need of our help.”

Check out The OpenSky Project. For more information.

Also, my blog designer Danielle, The Desgin Girl is raffling off a free design and other things in exchange for donations.

I Just wanted to let you know about these opportunities in case you were looking for ways to help. Of course there’s tons of other ways you can donate in your community or by giving to Red Cross as well.

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and following me! 🙂 I appreciate it so much! I am now a new follower of your blog! Congrats on your baby to be! That is so exciting! Dogs are great, aren’t they?
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Congratulions on winning – yaaaay!!! Your photo was so cute! I’m so glad you had a great birthday!

    Thanks for posting those diferent ways we can help out!

  3. Happy Birthday, Baby Making Machine. If you were able to not feed cake to that sad-looking face, you’ll be a great mom. Congrats on turning the baby-making machine on. Enjoy every minute of pregnancy and thank you for helping me reach my 2010 goals.

  4. aww, i remember those days of wanting to get pregnant, taking countless prego tests, working while prego and finally laying in bed with my 5 month old son while i catch up on blogs. i found you at MBC and will check up on you now!! cute blog design too! you can check out my new mom adventures at http://firstime-mom.blogspot.com.


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