A Prayer for My Daughter as She Starts Kindergarten

Five little dresses are hanging from the bedpost in my daughter’s room. I didn’t put them there. That’s part of the charm. My 5-year-old daughter hung them there, lined them up one by one in preparation for her first week of school–which, mind you, is still a month away.

A prayer for my daughter as she starts Kindergarten.

Her little display is quite the opposite of how I’m feeling about the subject of her as she starts Kindergarten. I’m not organized, unprepared and frankly really scared about the fact that my little girl is starting elementary school.

For months I toyed with the idea of homeschooling. I had all but officially decided to do it. I spoke to several homeschool families who make it work well for them, and felt that Lil’ J, being a young kindergartner could do really well at home too. But as the summer drug on, and my plans to be the educational mom I dreamt I’d be failed miserably, I decided to go along with my husband, who encouraged me to register her for public school.

A prayer for my daughter as she starts Kindergarten.

We live in an area where the schools are great, so I’m not worried about that as much as the fact that my little girl who I’ve had at home with me for a couple years now will be off into the world, starting elementary school… FULL-TIME school. I mean this is it folks. Full-day kindergarten today and before I know it she’ll be graduating from high school.

I can’t lie, I’m scared. So scared. I worry I haven’t prepared her enough. Mentally or emotionally. What if she gets picked on? What if she makes another child feel bad? What if I let her watch too many surprise egg videos on YouTube and she’s totally behind the ball?

What if she doesn’t like school? I loved it from day one. All my parents had to do to keep me in line was threaten a day off from school. Back to School shopping, the new clothes and backpacks was one of my favorite holidays—I’m talking up there with Christmas.

A prayer for my daughter as she starts Kindergarten.

But there are some thing I’m excited for. New traditions. First day of school photos. Pictures of her getting on the school bus for the first time, hearing about new friendships. All of the memories I loved every time a new school year ramped up again.

Now I’m on another side of things, buying items for my daughter’s first year of elementary school, and hoping she falls in love with learning like I have.

Soon summer breaks will actually mean something and back to school will signify more than just the end of a hot summer.

Back to School now means I’m picking up shopping lists, adjusting our schedules, and preparing for a new type of calendar year ahead. As scared as I am, the retail therapy is real.

Instead of new yoga pants and camera equipment (though those sound awesome right now too), I’m scoping out new lunch boxes, clothes and shoes with my daughter.

I’ve hardly made a dent in the frightening shopping list they schools hand out. The days of fun personal items are long gone here. So we skipped hunting for plain number 2 pencils and blue spiral notebooks we’ve been looking at new dresses and deciding what kind of backpack she wants.

A prayer for my daughter as she starts Kindergarten.

Being so busy with work and traveling these last couple weeks, I ordered her four new dresses on sale from Sears.com/backtoshchool. I let her pick out the ones she wanted, selected “store pickup,” and sent my husband on a mission to go get it. It was a nice compromise. He didn’t have to sit through hours of browsing and debate at the store, and we were able to get them right away. They woulda brought it out to the car for him but he didn’t believe me.

“Man, all they did was scan my phone and hand me my stuff,” my husband said, amazed that it was really as simple as I told him it would be. I think he worried he’d have to listen to our daughter deciding on “options” for over an hour.

She proudly brought her dresses home, gave me a fashion show and proceeded to hang them up on her bed, where she says they’ll stay until her first week of school.

A prayer for my daughter as she starts Kindergarten.

I’m so proud of my little girl and how far she’s come. I pray as she begins this new chapter that she’ll be brave and stand up for herself.

That she’ll stand up for others who aren’t able to stand up for themselves.

I pray that she’ll continue to see the good in everyone, and that any negativity around her won’t darken her spirit.

That she’ll be confident and love herself.

That she’ll learn to love learning, and continue to devour new information.

I pray that she’ll remember how much I love her, and know that I just want her to be happy.

In just a few more weeks we’ll pull down her dresses and start a new phase. We don’t know what’s ahead. But I have a feeling it’s going to be great.

What are your hopes for your children this school year?

Leave a comment letting me know, and let me know what you’d love from Sears in your back-to-school shopping haul. One random commenter will win a $50 gift card to Sears. Giveaway ends July 31st. 

This story is sponsored by Sears. You can your back to school shopping less stressful by using their Shop Your Way services like Reserve-It (where you can reserve your items online to try on in the store), and Vehicle Pickup. Find out more at Sears.com/backtoschool. All opinions expressed in my story are my own. 

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  1. My little one will be in her second year of moms day out but to her we call it school and I pray she continues to learn to make friends and share and make memories. Life and school is not easy at any age but I want her to be excited about each year as it starts; it’s time to learn and grow and challenge yourself…
    I hope for my new fun shoes and clothes from Sears to start her educational year off right this year!!!

  2. I don’t know if we can ever completely prepare for kids for school, but I think Lil’ J is going to love it. I think you’ve done a great job of raising her to be respectful and considerate of others and instilling self-confidence. This school year Moo will be attending a new school without some of her friends due to rezoning in our district and my hope is that she doesn’t have any issues making new friends. Also, I’m hoping we won’t have another run-in with the Mean Girls this year.

  3. This had me in tears as I’m dealing with the SAME emotions as my daughter enters Kindergarten. She’s proclaimed she wants DRESSES for every day of school too!

  4. What a lovely post:). I’m sure she will be fine. You, on the other hand, will most likely need a girlfriend date immediately after putting Lil’ J on the bus;). Good luck and enjoy the ride!

  5. Like you, my youngest is entering Kindergarten and I am terrified, yet She is ecstatic about school. I’ve been counting down the days with dread in my heart and she is marking days off the calendar with excitement. Thank you for this post, it shows me o am not alone in my feelings! I’ll pray for you and your sweet girl on the first day of school as well:)

  6. Love how prepared she is for school! My oldest starts preschool this year, and I think she’s totally ready. I’m mostly ready, but only because it’s only once a week! Little brother and I will have to come up with something fun to do while it’s just us. <3

    And if I won a Sear's gift card, I would probably buy something for our yard. We're landscaping our new house this year. 🙂

  7. We do homeschool. And this year my hope is that my 7-yr-old 2nd grader will learn all the benefits to doing school at home instead of in a school setting. Which also means I hope that I can find the activities for her and either find a sitter for my younger two (2 and 3 years old) or that my younger two will be … bearable. And that my 5-yr-old Kindergartener will not melt down at the time away from home. (He’s such an introverted homebody, which is a complete 180 from my social butterfly 7 yr old.)

  8. My oldest starts kindergarten this year, too, and, man, I’m terrified. He is such an intelligent, active, and energetic little boy that I’m afraid school will crush his spirit. But he’s excited and ready for the challenge and all the teachers and staff that I’ve met so far are amazing. So I’m hoping for a good year.

    With a Gift card from Sears, I would get new clothes and shoes because he goes through both as if they were water. He’s growing way too fast for me.

  9. Can’t believe she’s headed off to school already! I’m sure she’ll do well. I have no kids to send off to school but I do love back to school shopping. I need some new tops

  10. I started following your blog when I was halfway through my first pregnancy. You were a little ahead of me (my daughter was born in September) so it gave me a good idea of what to expect. I can’t believe it’s been five years already!

    I loved school growing up and I hope my daughter is the same way. She enjoys it now, but the programs she’s been in have been more enrichment-based than academic. Because of her birthday, she’ll be heading into transitional kindergarten this year rather than kindergarten. I’m probably more excited than she is. I get to take her shopping for school for the first time! She’ll make new friends! Her brother will be at the same school and on the same schedule! I’ll have the house to myself in the mornings (well, except for the baby)!

  11. Totally in the same boat! 🙁 🙂 My sentiments exactly in this article. I just want my LO to have the best experience, but this time it will not be in my hands as she ventures out into the big world. I feel like she’s going to college ha. I’d totally get some school shoes with the Sears giftcard!

  12. Heh I used to be like you loved going to school even if I was burning in fever. I’m hoping is genetic for both of our sakes. My son also loves the kinder eggs videos but is not even 3 yet so I still have a few more years to worry about ‘ruining’ him.
    Hang in there I’m sure she will do fine and if she doesn’t she has an awesome mama that will help her cope and deal with it. *hugs*

  13. My hopes are the same as yours as this is my daughter’s first year in school as well. I’m so nervous because this is it…all day Kindergarten! I would love to buy my daughter new clothes and shoes from Sears for my back-to-school shopping haul! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  14. Shawn starts on Monday. He is super excited. He met his teacher last night, and I just hope that he continues to be a gentleman and is an example and leader in his class.

  15. I am so scared too even though my daughter just starts preschool! I hope she loves her teacher, the other kids and learning…

  16. I don’t want to be entered into the drawing but since I have a little one on the way this post really blasted me to the future! I can’t even imagine how excited and nervous I’ll be when we find out the gender that alone how nervous and excited I’d be for the first day of school. As always thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to read the first day of school post 🙂

  17. I’d love for my son to get a great teacher. His Kindergarten teacher didn’t know what to do with his energy, and it dragged us down all year. His first grade teacher was amazing and he thrived. I told her I wanted to clone her for this year, but she’ll be putting in a good word for us for teacher selection! If we won the gift card it would be for clothes for my rapidly growing second grader!

    (Oh, and the dresses are adorable but I just wanted to mention that you might want to buy a pair of little shorts to wear under the dresses, because dresses might not be ideal for gym days. I don’t have a girl, but I do know they emphasize being prepared for gym days with sneakers and stuff. Dresses might not always be the best choice, particularly if she’s going to be on the monkey bars or something! Just might want to have a backup plan there!)

  18. Like you, I am also sending my oldest daughter to full-time kindergarten next month. It’s so hard to believe she’s already this old! I just hope that she enjoys school as much as I did as a kid, has a wonderful year, and is able to make some life-long friends.

  19. My son begins kindergarten too this fall. I’ve been mentally preparing for it, since last year when he was in Pre-k. As a teacher, my hope is that he transitions seamelessly. I hope he makes really good friends both girls and boys. I met some of my best friends in kindergarten and still remain best of friends 25 years later( two of whom are my sons godparents). I hope he develops a love of learning, he’s currently interested in astronomy . I hope he uses his manners all the time. I hope he is respectful and friendly to everyone he comes in contact with. I pray that this foundation for learning and this new experience will be an excellent one for him, it’s only the beginning.

  20. My little girl (my oldest) is starting kindergarten this year as well and it has me scared out of my mind. Also since the public schools in my area are not that great she is going to a charter school. I got the list for the uniform and I’m not even joking I don’t know how my girl is going to handle it she can’t even wear colored nail polish. Those dresses look adorable and I know my daughter will get used the uniform but it sure makes back to school shopping a lot less fun when you can only buy certain clothes and shoes.

  21. I want Dede to be liberated.

    Since she’s been 18 months, I’ve always worked in the office or close vicinity at whatever school she’s been in. I’ve known most of the mundane details of her day-to-day activities. Now we have reached Kindergarten and I’m staying behind.

    This is where the rubber meets the road. Don’t get me wrong, there has been no coddling. She is very much an independent little wo-man who don’t need no mom. But there is also something very much different when you’re by yourself for the first time and aware of it.

    I want her to find herself and who she is apart from me, then be free to be that. I want her to stay curious and form opinions and find power and trust herself.

    I also hope she doesn’t bring home cooties.

  22. I LOVE this blog post!! My son will start pre-school this year and I worry about how he will treat other kids and if he’ll be ahead or “behind.” Mind you he’ll 2 so it’s not the same but I think every mother has some kind of fears when her child goes off to any kind of school. Thank you for sharing!!

  23. Aww.. you’ll do just fine. You both will. Valentina started all day school at 3 and I thought I was going to just lose it. Instead she walked in and started playing right away. I had to beg for a kiss and hug!!! Lil’ J seems like she’s so outgoing she’ll fit right in and find a bff on her first day!

  24. I remember us being pregnant at the same time! My oldest starts Kindergarten in 2.5 weeks. I’m so nervous. But my prayer for him is to that his teacher will see past his rambunctiousness to his potential and that he’ll gain wonderful memories that will last a lifetime, just like I still have about my first year of school! Good luck to you and Lil J as you go on this journey together! 🙂

  25. My son would love their selection of boys minecraft shirts! I would get a couple of them, along with some cute plaid shorts.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  26. i hope my son will love going to school to learn and to play well with other kids.

    He could really use a new backpack and lunch bag. I love the Lands End collection from Sears.

  27. My little guy starts pre-k this year. We’re Army and his post school is literally right down the road but I’m sure going to miss him all day.

    With the Sears card he’d get new shoes. He goes threw them so fast!

  28. My little one is about to start preschool and I am nervous as well. I just want to make the best choice for her and I desire for her to thrive. Praying for God’s guidance as we make big decisions concerning her schooling.

  29. i I am havih the same anxiety issues about school. My kiddo is going in to pre-k. Ile i don’t know that we will always be okay with them growing up on us its part of life. They have to experience these things in order to grow up. Theyhry will make new friends but we will always be their “best friend”. Prayers and hugs and lots of love your way

  30. my 10 yr old foster daughter is starting a new school in our district and my hope is that she has a teacher that sees her potential, friends that encourage her to be herself and is able to focus on being a kid and having a good 5th grade year, despite everything going on in her life right now.

  31. After they are fulltime school the years go by so fast and we live for the weekends. I teach elementary and my daughter is going into 3rd. I just always pray she makes good friends and is polite

  32. I hope that my boys will be happy and successful in school this year. We decided to send our 4 year old to Pre-K this year and it’s 5 days a weeks and basically full days. It makes me nervous, but I work from home and juggling both has been stressful because he is a handful. My husband and mom assure me that he can handle the full days at this age while my older son wouldn’t have at this young age. I know he’ll be okay, but I’m still nervous.

  33. I’m going through something similar. All along, I planned on my daughter staying in daycare and not going to the free preschool program in my area. I just recently left my job and we scored a spot in the full day pre school. It’s a huge cost savings and I’m sure she’ll love prek but I just don’t think I’m ready. I was okay with her going into kindergarten next year but now that things are happening a year early I’m so nervous! I love that she’s with her baby sister at daycare but if she goes to pre-K, I have to admit that my baby is growing up.

  34. I’m hoping that my daughter will be able to get into the PreK program at school. She’s going to be turning 5 later in the year so she can’t go to K until next year. I can’t afford private preschool so this program would help her so much.

  35. It won’t be much different for us as she starts kinder since she was in public Pre-k last year and her kinder room will be in the same hall. But that doesn’t make it easier it’s still a sign that she’s getting older and that makes this momma sad. She wears uniforms so that sorta takes the fun out of back to school shopping 🙁 but I’d still use the gift card to get some cute weekend and Friday clothes (Friday is free dress for a $1). My wish for her is that she learns a lot, makes lots of friends, stays kind and has fun!

  36. I registered my two younger daughters last January (after several years of homeschooling) and my oldest will start 5th grade this year. I hope they will all make new friends, learn and enjoy the experience. It’s bittersweet.

  37. Awww Lil J is going to Kindergarten!!! Trust me it will be onne of the most emotional days thus far. I remember when Kailyn (9) went to Kindergarten, now I am preparing for Gia (4) to begin Pre-K at “big girl school” with her sister. Like Lil J all she wants to wear is dresses and this will be her first year where she does not have to wear a uniform, so she is EXCITED so that’s what I need in my Sears haul dresses, dresses, and more dresses! Now with #3 on his way (due in December) I don’t have to hold on too tight to my babies growing up I am about to start all over again!

  38. I have a 3 year old starting pre-school this year. We just had a baby 2 weeks ago so he is still transitioning into big brotherhood and I pray the transition into preschool is easy on all of us!

  39. My daughter is headed to her 1st year of preschool this year. She is so beyond excited and can not wait to get there. Me….I am less thrilled. She is really and truly my best friend and I will be so sad to not have her home with me all day. But if I was able to let her older brother go, surely I can let her go too. And then in 4 years, I get to do it once more with their baby brother.
    As for Sears….we LOVE Sears!! My daughter goes ape over their dresses!

  40. I’m so nervous for my kids to start school! I have a 4yo son and a 1yo daughter. My son will be starting pre k this year and I hope he will love every minute. I hope he will continue to be the out going,personable, loving, friendly big boy he is as well as enthusiastically absorb all the information taught.

  41. My twins started full-day school this week. Somehow I got through the day without crying. They are my youngest, so I have no one at home now! My hope is that my youngest makes it through the whole year without needing another surgery or ICU stay. I hope she has a year of just being a kid.

  42. That is a lovely prayer you have for your daughter. My son, who has special needs, will start kindergarten next year, and one of my prayers is that there are lots of parents like you (and kids like yours) who are kind to him even though he’s different. I hope kindergarten is great for Lil J!

    Re: the gift card – would love to buy some boys sneakers for my son!

  43. My oldest has happily sailed through kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade. Moving on to 3rd I hope it continues to be great for her. My next one just made it through kindergarten and is moving on to 1st. He made so many friends and had a great year, but hated getting up in the mornings and said he didn’t want to go. I hope he finds some excitement in going this year!

  44. My son is starting pre-school in September and I am terrified most days but excited some days. My son is somewhat shy especially with new people so I worry about how he will adjust. It just feels like we are heading into a new world. He’s my only child right now so the whole experience of doing homework with him, class trips, parent teacher conferences, etc will be a new for us. I just hope he has a great school year.

  45. My prayer is like most moms. I pray that they’re safe, learn a lot, and have some fun.

    We’re Christians. Each morning in addition to the above we always pray that we live a life that pleases God and draw others to him.

    If He could throw in awesome teachers as we’ve had in the past that would be wonderful

  46. My daughter starts Kindergarten this Fall, and I am beyond emotional about it! She is growing up so quickly, and I don’t know if I am ready for her to start school. She is so excited about it! One of the things she is supposed to bring to school is a box of tissues, and I think that I will have to buy 2 boxes! One for her…and one for me!

  47. My little guy will be early enrolling for kindergarten next year — and I’m already dreading those last few weeks leading up to his first day of big kid school! For now, he’s in preschool and is loving it. My hope is that his passion for learning continues. And, annoying as it is to be bombarded with 2 million “whys” every single day, I hope that his curiosity about the world around him never fades.

  48. I don’t have children in school yet but we are getting foster kids this year. I know that it will be a big transition for them to move to a new school. I pray that they will be able to grow and succeed in their new environment. May God bless your daughter as she starts out on a new adventure! I would love to be able to buy some new clothes for the foster kids to have for their first day of school.

  49. My son is starting preschool in 33 days and I’m nervous about him enjoying it as well. He’s 3, so we were going to hold off until Pre-K at 4, but to be completely honest we need some time apart. I’ve stayed home with him since he was born and I’m also a full time grad student while working from home. I’ve been trying to write my dissertation for over a year now and not making any headway, so between feeling burnt out being his everything and wanting to finish this goal my husband and I agreed on a part-time co-operative preschool. He goes three mornings a week and I have to attend a class once or twice a month to help as volunteer. It seems like a good compromise right now, but we shall see.

  50. I don’t remember being especially anxious when my kids started kindergarten. I remember the excitement of the day and getting ready for it, but not a feeling of sadness that they were moving on to this next step. I hope your daughter has a wonderful kindergarten year and it sets her up to enjoy school in the future.

  51. My daughter is starting Kindergarten here in a few weeks too and I have been dealing with the same feelings! I’m so scared for her but also very excited. She is so excited for school I love it. I hope and wish the best for all of them. My daughter is a total princess so she only wears dresses, I found her a few that she is saving “just for school”. ☺️

  52. I love this! Your writing is beautiful! Your family is beautiful! And the incredible gift you’re giving them through your writing is amazing! What an amazing gift!

  53. I love that she still loves dresses. My soon to be kindergartener despises dresses and braids in her hair. One of her school friends told her braids are for babies and that dresses are ugly. So she listened to her and has boycotted them for the past 4 months. DRIVES ME INSANE! I’ve tried to tell her the whole “you can wear what you want blah blah blah” but it doesn’t work.

  54. I’m so nervous about Addison starting her first year of “real” school. Mainly she is mad she has to wear a uniform and that it is not pink! She was excited to pick out all of her stuff and new backpack!

  55. My son starts 3rd grade tomorrow & I really do hope he continues to love school & loves making new friends & setting a good example for his friends. School can get tougher as they get older, but I try to teach my son that constant learning is a part of life & being kind to everyone is a must!

  56. I have one starting kindergarten and one starting 2nd grade, and boy am I nervous for them since they are both starting at a new school. I pray they are on their best behavior and that the transition isn’t too difficult on them. most of all I hope they demonstra’re empathy and show compassion to others, as well as not get roped into peer pressure. If we were to win the gift card I would use it towards uniforms for my girls. I’m sure your daughter will do great and good luck mama!

  57. My hope is that they continue to enjoy school and do well because they want to not because I am making them. What I would love from Sears is some great jeans and nice long sleeve boy shirts for my scholars

  58. This school year, I’m looking forward to my two year old starting teeball and preschool. My son was recently diagnosed as high functioning autistic. He’s mostly nonverbal. So, I’m also looking forward to him beginning ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapy and speech therapy. I cannot wait to finally be able to have a conversation with my sweet boy! 🙂

  59. You sound just like all of my thoughts last year! My daughter’s going to 1st grade this fall, and my son will be starting middle school-I’m so not ready! I waited until the bus pulled off to cry, and probably will do the same this year, but it’s so reassuring once they come home all smiles and are eager to go back the next day. You’ll be just fine Mom!

  60. My prayer for my Benjamin and Emma is that they will continue to love to learn new things. I pray that they will continue to find joy in reading and excitement as math makes more and more sense. I pray that they will find friends who will laugh at their silly jokes and run and chase at tecess. I pray that my kids will make good choices and respect their teachers and that they will be kind to their peers. I pray that their ADHD symptoms of fidgiting, tapping their feet, and not being able to stay in their seats will be understood as not being meant to be distractful. I pray for teacher that she will look past these symptoms and see children that are do excited about life and learning and just wasnt to be accrued fir who they are. I pray for me that my heart may feel peace that they will be fine without me for a few hours a day. I did home preschool with them and so we have never been depart and my heart is hurting. I pray for all mothers and children that all nay be well!!

  61. My daughter is going into the second grade…school starts in 20 days (3 weeks from today)! I can hardly believe how fast it’s all gone by! 🙁 I hope that my daughter continues to flourish and learn new things. I’m constantly in awe with all that she already knows.

  62. My oldest just finished her first year in Kindergarten. I was very nervous for various reasons, but she did great, even with an out of state move towards the end of the year.
    Your daughter is a cutie, and I am sure she will do great in Kindergarten.

  63. I loved school too and am dreading the day my little one heads off to kindergarten. I’m sure your darling girl will do great!

  64. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post about your daughter starting kindergarten. I too was once very nervous when my children started kindergarten and wondered if they were going to cry for me! However, she’ll be fine like my children. They didn’t cry but simply enjoyed the experience. Time goes by so fast because now they are adults. It seemed like yesterday I would stress about getting them ready for the first day of school. Now, I have that fear about my granddaughter entering preschool!

  65. My daughter is moving up a preschool class this year. That means field trips and adventures she hasn’t had yet.

    I’ve felt guilty the past 3.5 years as I work 3 jobs and go to school half-time/full-time. Single mommyhood is not easy (and I use the “pick up in store” feature anywhere I can)!

    I look at it this way though. My hard work now = a better future and I happily take time off from work for her school teaparties, and Mommy and me luncheons. Our weekends together are amazing adventures. She’s learning a ton at school. And I get to experience her “teaching” me what she’s learned on the car ride home.

    Sears back to school is amazing. I need to get my daughter a backpack this year. I’ll need to size then out for her.

  66. I remember when each of my kids started school. So bittersweet. Kindergarten is my favorite and I’m sort of sad I can’t experience that again.

    My girls love back to school shopping and are looking forward to new clothes and shoes. A Sears GC would certainly help! Have a great school year. 🙂

  67. I completely understand you! My oldest kid started kinder last year. I gets easier as the school year goes by.
    This year I hope my daughter keeps learning more. She loves school a lot!!

  68. We’ve got another year of pre-school before Kindergarten, so I’m gonna soak that in a little bit before I accept the fact that my oldest is growing up. He loves anything to do with school or learning or listening to his teachers, so I really hope he keeps up that attitude… and doesn’t become the class clown. Because I could see that happening too. When he gets together with his friends… oh, man. Chaos ensues.

  69. Bittersweet milestone for sure. My oldest went to all day kindy, and I still remember going back to the car and crying when I dropped him off on that first day. Watching them walk away is tough stuff.

  70. My son starts public school this year he will be going into 1st grade. I’m so nervous. Him? So excited! My hopes for him is that he grows and develops more confidence in his school work, makes friends that he will have through out the course of his school year and more importantly continues with his love of learning.

  71. It’s funny because I’ve been thinking of this post for days now. It’s just crazy how fast they’re growing.

  72. I really hope that my kids still love school. I hope my son graduates from speech. He’s been receiving help for his speech since he was three. It would just be really nice if I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. He’s 7 and had made a lot of progress. I hope my daughter doesn’t get bored with the curriculum and pays attention. She knows how to do a lot of the work but she gets bored. Good luck to little J. I know she will have a blast!!!

  73. My youngest starts college next month. Needless to say, the same anxieties that all feel is also felt by me. It doesn’t matter the level, the next step is hardest on the parents. Kids….they’re ready!

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