A peek at what I’m working on…

It’s the week of Christmas. My grandma just came in to town from Vegas ad we’re sewing up a storm.

I’m still making Christmas dresses. And Lil’ J has 7 more days to make it as fashionable as possible. This is what I am finishing up right now…

The rest of the month I’ll pretty much be sewing and taking pictures. … And working but who cares about that?

I have a heap of 365 Love Letters to show you. … You didn’t think I quit did you? No, I just haven’t had a lot of time to blog an additional day and upload those.

The remainder of the year I’ll basically be flooding you with the rest of those and taking a break from regular blogging. Doing one or the other will give me more time to spend with my family. Plus, I think the letters represent the Christmas spirit of love and joy better than anything else I could say.

So here’s right where I left off…


I think you are a superwoman, I don’t know how you manage to do all that you seem to do!

I just wondered if you ever feel sad that Lil J only wears her dresses just once after all your hard work?!

Summer says:

I can’t wait to see it on her! Way to go mama!

I hope she goes to BYU! 🙂

tracie says:

Such a cute picture! Do you think because you were a broadcast journalism major and took those classes that you have a good sense of how to frame a shot? I think I would be a good photographer because of that and your photos give me inspiration. Now I just have to master the f-stop.

Keya says:

You are such an awesome mommy, dang I wish you were mine growing up, lol.

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