A Newborn Photoshoot So Cute It’ll Make Your Ovaries Ache

Eight years ago we did a newborn photoshoot with Lil’ J and she mostly wasn’t having it. Little Lee Lee also, wasn’t really feeling like posing for photos when she was a week old. It must be a thing with my daughters. I think it’s because they don’t like to be set down. Our first try Lee Lee was awake almost the entire time. Giving us the stink eye in all her photos.

But still, I was really excited to get some done, and Lindsay was just as persistent and super patient with my little one and she managed to get some absolutely gorgeous photographs of my stubborn little chunker.

The only person less excited for pictures is my husband, but he cooperated for a few, even after Lee Lee peed on him in the middle of it all.

These are truly works of art and I can’t wait to blow these up and show them off in our new home.

I hope you enjoy these half as much as I do, and if you’re in the market for family or newborn photography in the Austin area, be sure to check out Lindsay Mac.


So, how’s your baby fever?



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LaShawn says:

How are you just twisting up all my emotions first thing in the morning with these photos!! She is so sweet!!! I love all of them.

Jennifer says:

Hahaha, LaShawn, I bet you got to seeing all sorts of sweet fresh babies when they first came out. Thank you! And thanks for always being my personal on-call nurse! lol

Latonya says:

Beautiful photos! Babies are so bendable! Lol! 🙂

Jennifer says:

Haha, they are so rubbery when they first come out!

Clarissa says:

These pictures are the sweetest. I have to say it’s the first time in a long time that I thought oh I want another one. Your family is absolutely adorable friend.

Jennifer says:

Ya know, I thought this would be so nuts, but it’s been really fun. I’d recommend it! haha. And thank you! You always have such nice things to say <3

Beautiful pics! 🙂


LaToya says:

Beautiful photos & little miss Lee Lee is just to stinking cute!

Jennifer says:

Thank you so much LaToya! We are so happy with how these turned out!

Kim says:

I am flirting with menopause over here, but these pictures are making me want a baby!!?

Jennifer says:

Hahaha Kim, you are hilarious. Just go for it! 😉

Ovaries aching – CHECK! Seriously though, your family is so precious. I’m so thankful you share your lives with the world!

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