A Look at Our Best Family Halloween Costumes


It’s officially fall which means all things pumpkin, Halloween and more. As soon as the season changes (even though it’s still 90 degrees), I get into full fall fun planning mode. I start with Halloween because matching costumes are my jam. It never fails that I want to buy a couple family Halloween costume sets because there are so many good themes to choose from which means I have to give myself a deadline or pay rush shipping fees.

Every year my family and friends ask what family Halloween costumes we plan on wearing to all the festivities. Every year I share them here too but usually after the big day. Not this year. I spent some time strolling down memory lane of some of our previous family halloween costumes and making a list of some themes we are considering for this year. 

Before kids, my husband and I enjoyed dressing up in themed Halloween costumes. There was the year we did the sexy referee and the basketball player. Good times before kids or maybe that’s how we got here? LOL. As a family of 3, the first few years were all about Little J also known as The Princess Years. But if you know us then you know there is always a Princess dress nearby. 

And then we were a family of 4. The first Halloween with her brother, Little J decided she wanted to be a girl lion. I was perfectly happy with that. As you can see, there was a lion but it was not Little J. Let’s just say toddlers will flip the script when you take them to shop for costumes.

Things just kept getting better and better. 

Flintstones Family Halloween Costume

Best family Halloween costume Ideas Flintstones family.

There was a fun DIY Flintstones year. So so good. You can go the DIY route but if that’s not your thing, go ahead and buy your Flintstones costumes.

Peter Pan Family Halloween Costume

Peter Pan was a fun one, although I left myself for last and had to improvise. This was hubby’s pick. I’ll admit, I loved it after all was said and done. 

family dressed up in best family costume idea as Peter Pan

Zootopia Family Halloween Costume

was Lil J’s pick and I secretly think it’s my favorite one yet. There was also a lot of DIY action for this one with our Zootopia costumes.

DIY Family Zootopia Costume

And here were are as a family of 5. What better family Halloween costumes could there be when like us they have 3 kids. So The Incredibles it was.

Incredibles Family Halloween Costume

Best family costume ideas. Incredibles family costumes

Original? No. Fun? Absolutely. Plus my hubby who is notorious for taking off his costume right after photos kept his Incredible Dad on shirt for Trunk or Treat. If you happen to be a family of 5 these Incredibles costumes are what you want.

This year we have a walking and dancing toddler joining us so this should be interesting. Here are some of our favorite themes we are considering and ones we think are perfect for any family. 

Best Family Costume Ideas

Fruits and Vegetables

Harry Potter 

Addams Family

Baby Shark


But since we love all things Disney and are gearing up for Disney Plus, we might just make it another Disney family costume year. Stay tuned!

Fun family Halloween costume ideas

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  1. We’ve never done family costumes, and I feel like a winner if I can just get my kids into costumes that don’t cost an arm and a leg! I had a mom and a grandma who could do anything when I was a kid, so I never had to go with store-bought, but it’s tough now because that’s the more the standard–and if it is homemade, it better be awesome! Or at least that’s how it feels. For myself, I normally don’t dress up unless I get inspired–like the year I ended up with a silver briefcase and was a Deal or No Deal model, or the year I snagged an amazing yellow dress from my grandma’s basement and was Chiquita Banana. But my work does themes (kids can come and parade through the building to trick-or-treat) so there’s some pressure to participate. Last year we did a garden theme and I luckily found awesome butterfly wings at the last minute. This year our suite is doing video games and our group is doing Mario Kart. I’ve never played it, though I did play Super Mario back in the day so I know a lot of the characters and possible decorations. I have no idea what I’m going to be, but I need to figure it out soon!

    1. Hahaha! Amy I FEEL YOU! These costumes are outrageous these days. And that is so awesome that your costumes were homemade. Oh my gosh DEAL OR NO DEAL MODEL! That is genius. I think a Super Mario theme would be pretty cute too! I’d totally go for that if I were you! I can’t wait to hear what you decide!

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