A couple sneak peeks of a family photo tradition

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Thank you all so much for the encouraging and sweet comments on my last post! Here’s a couple sneak peeks the photographer’s shared of my hair… I mean, pictures of me with my kids.

While in Utah, we took extended family photos with Jordan Huntington, and we each got some shots with our individual families, then the next morning I did a candid shoot with Rebecca Loren.

mommy and son

I absolutely love everything I’ve seen so far. I have over 200 proofs with Rebecca that I’m desperately trying to narrow down to my 25 favorites, and I only have this one tiny tease of our photos with Jordan. I’m completely stoked that we’ll have our photos done well before Christmas though, including even our tiniest new family member.

Our flight back from Utah was pretty painless, and I’ll do it all again next week when I fly to Atlanta for Blogalicious. More on that later! I’m currently up to my elbows with freelance work, but I’m seeing an end in sight! Looking forward to scraping the non-necessary, non-fun duties off my plate, and focusing on the things I love. Which includes, at the top of my list, these two.

me and my kiddos

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