A Brutally Honest Look Back at 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

You are being directed to this blog post because once again, our Christmas cards aren’t going to make it in time.

Don’t fear, I’ll break it all down for you here in this swift little brutally honest letter.

2015 provided a lot of exciting achievements for us. Lil’ J performed in her first dance recital and mom survived, earning another half-dozen grey hairs in the process.

This dance season our sole goal has been to make it to practice on time and with all of Lil’ J’s shoes in hand. One week we even arrived before class started! Lil’ J learned a new vocabulary word that day as she asked what “early” meant.

We are so proud because she was awarded with perfect attendance for Kindergarten!… Just before we sailed off on a 7 night cruise, crushing her streak and adding six red marks to her record. We can’t wait to do it again next year.

In other news, our son has finally got over his fear of the toilet. He’s mastered going pee but he’s terrified to poop in the potty. He’d much rather pretend he doesn’t have to go then run away to grunt in the corner.

Daddy continues to collect items for his garage gym and logs many hours working out. About half as many hours as workout video-watching on youtube. Meanwhile my gym card is collecting dust in the back of my wallet and I’m three seasons in on Gilmore Girls.

One low moment this year was when our housekeeper quit. I think our place was just too much work for her. We’re asking Santa for a new one. If you know anyone who is up for the very big challenge please let us know!

Other than that, things are great!

Interracial Family

Our son broke out of his strict diet of plain pasta pretzels and pasta… Basically anything that begins with P when he developed a liking of apples and bananas. I’m hoping we’ll be able to continue on through the alphabet with carrots next.

I hope your year was as wonderfully imperfect as ours was. Sometimes it’s nice to be a little unfiltered.

With Love,

The Borgets

Plum holiday card

Here’s our #ParentingUnfiltered holiday card from us to you. With some of the highlights of our year. I’ll have a “real” (more filtered) version going out sometime after the New Year but you know how I like to keep it real here on the blog.

Make your own #ParentingUnfiltered card at 2015Unfiltered.com. I recommend printing it out and keeping it in your journal next to your real holiday card as a reminder of some of the funniest highlights of your year.

A big thanks to Plum Organics for sponsoring this story and creating a fun way for parents to laugh about their crazy year and share how we’re really all in this together. All opinions are my own.

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  1. LOVE the part about your sole goal for this dance season was to make it to practice on time with all of the shoes! I swear I had the same goal for both soccer and Tball this year!!! Cheers to high standards!!

  2. Hilarious idea! I think this would be fun to create, but would have to only be sent to a select few of our “funny” friends who would understand and think it funny. MIL would NOT think this appropriate!

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