Margot Robbie as barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken ride in a Barbie car. Is Barbie kid friendly? This Barbie movie parent guide should help you decide.

What Parents Need to Know About the New ‘Barbie’ Movie 2023

I took my 13-year-old with me to see the new Barbie 2023 movie with me, not sure what to expect. PG-13 ratings could mean a lot of things. It could be one swear word away from an R-rating, and sometimes they have some sexual content that I’m just not too keen on my youngest ones watching, especially when I’m not prepared. I’m not going to give anything away, because going into it I really didn’t know what the story was about, and I think that’s fun. I didn’t watch any of the trailers all the way through and even though I feel like we’ve been totally bombarded with Barbie promos, I somehow managed to go in pretty blind.

Margot Robbie as Barbie stands on a beach in a bathing suit with a cloud covered sun behind her movie 2023 parent guide
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I’m going to try to help you do the same and keep to the basics, but give you information so you have an idea of the Barbie movie age rating 2023. This will also help me publish this faster as I wasn’t able to attend an advance screening for the movie so I bought tickets for the first show so I could write this Barbie movie parent guide ASAP.

The colorful images of Barbie sliding across our Roku TV and Alexa devices have even my 5-year-old daughter familiar with the film and excited to see this movie. Parents need to know that Barbie has some mild language including the d word, one bleeped out f-word, a sequence showing lots of beer drinking, a woman getting slapped on the behind, and getting lots of cat calls from men. There’s also some references to genitals specifically saying “vagina” and “penis.” Some silly violence and fighting where no one is injured. The movie surprisingly has some serious themes touching on feminism the patriarchy, stereotypes and gender roles. While this might be enjoyable for some of the more mature audience members, it could definitely go over the heads of the younger Barbie fans.

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