Ron's gone wrong parent review is it appropriate for kids?

‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ Review: What Parents Need To Know

Maybe you’ve been counting down to see Ron’s Gone Wrong since you saw the trailer and those McDonald’s toys mysteriously came and went a few months back. Or maybe you’d never heard of it before and are intrigued by the little robot that looks like the offspring of Baymax and Eve. Either way, Ron’s Gone Wrong is now playing in theaters (only), and my kids and I agree, this not-quite Disney movie is great for families.

That’s right. Disney has been promoting the film on social media since they acquired 20th Century Fox. But that’s mostly where it stops. There’s no Disney castle at the start, and though it’s a family movie, you can tell that noticeable Disney spark just isn’t in it (though there are plenty of little Marvel and Star Wars easter eggs are). But don’t let that stop you from giving it a watch. Here’s our spoiler-free review of Ron’s Gone Wrong. Make sure you read to the end to see what my kids thought. 

Ron’s Gone Wrong Review

Animated movies are my jam. So I was pretty excited for this from the get go. I went back and forth on which kids to bring to the movie and ultimately decided to take my two big kids (11 and 8) and leave the 3-year-old at home with her dad. Now I can say she probably would have enjoyed the movie, but there were a few slow parts, or scenes that were deeper and even my 8-year-old had questions about. The subject matter was more geared towards tweens, as the main character is in middle school. Lots of the conflict surrounds a social media-type space that had both me and my 11-year-old chuckling. And with a runtime of an hour and 46 minutes, it woulda been tricky to manage Lee Lee and my thoughts. That said, I’m sure she’ll enjoy it when it’s streaming at home later.

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