‘Encanto’ Review – A Sweet but Simple Story – is Disney Losing its Magic?

Looking for a spoiler-free Entanto review to help you decide if the family movie is worth seeing in theaters?

Ok, perhaps my title is a tiny bit dramatic. I couldn’t resist the pun but hear me out. Where Disney usually has a CLEAR winner in the Best Animated Picture category this year I think Sony is giving them a run for their money. I do think Raya and the Last Dragon was very good but was missing a great soundtrack. Disney’s 60th animated picture, Encanto has some fun music but not enough umph to the story. Both Vivo and Mitchells vs Machines stack up better than both Luca and Encanto for me and it isn’t because I was expecting it to be the next Moana

Right from the get go we were introduced to a whole lot of characters. The big beautiful family bounds past and we’re trying to keep who is who straight. Once that shakes out, it’s nice to see we finally have a character (perhaps she’s even next in the Disney Princess lineup?) with short curly hair and glasses and, wait for it… TWO PARENTS! 

There’s a lot to love about Encanto. The beautiful animation and colorful characters had my 3-year-old captivated through the whole movie and my jaguar-loving son with a jungle themed room saw himself in Antonio. But when the movie wrapped up and the credits started to roll my 11-year-old Disney-loving critic and myself looked at each other and shrugged. That was it? Here’s our spoiler- free review.

Teaching gratitude to kids (Plus Free Gratitude Printable!)

Years ago, as my eldest daughter Jayda and I rode home in the car, I asked her, “What are you grateful for?”. She was just three years old at the time, which showed as she innocently responded, “What’s grateful for?”

I had always taught her to practice good manners and give thanks in prayer, but up until that moment, I had never realized that I hadn’t introduced the idea of gratitude before.So how do you teach gratitude?

Is ghostbusters afterlife too scary for kids

Is Ghostbusters Afterlife Scary for Kids? A Movie Review

So Hollywood is giving us another millennial (or perhaps Xenial this time) comeback movie as tribute. But is Ghostbusters Afterlife a blessing or a curse? Well for me, personally a good resurrection has some elements I enjoyed in my childhood but lots of new elements that make it feel new and fresh. Most of all I want to be able to enjoy it with my kids. Ghostbusters Afterlife has all of this and more. My biggest worry was that the movie would be too scary for my 8 and 11 year-old who haven’t really seen anything very scary, especially not in theaters. But I was pleasantly surprised with their reaction. Read on for our spoiler-free review of Ghostbusters Afterlife. 

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