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20 Movie Night Ideas to Make Your Next One Extra Special! + Printable Movie Checklists

If you’re even a little bit familiar with my family and me, then you know how much we love family movie nights! It has become a much anticipated weekly tradition in the Borget household that always consists of laughter, discussion, and, of course, fresh popcorn.

With it being a longstanding tradition at this point, I have had so much fun sharing our family movie night with all of you on Instagram and getting to see your traditions as well. And that is why I created the Movie Night Journal! I love helping families come together over a movie and popcorn and use the Movie Night Journal as a fun way to keep track of the many movies you want to watch along with some fun activities to liven up the night.

Self reflection about individuality. Learning to be my best self and inspiring others to do the same.

Life Update

Let’s skip that part of this blog post where I tell you the last year and a half has been weird and hard. It’s been weird and hard for most of the world, and we aren’t excluded. When it comes to my professional life, I can feel things shifting. I spent more than a decade keeping this space here on my blog, my sacred ground for sharing pregnancy, job, and day to day life updates as well as many of my most personal thoughts. But social media has evolved. My kids have grown a lot, and dreams change. 

So random… I got sucked into the LulaRich documentary last week and couldn’t peel my eyes away from watching some of the inner workings of the company and experiences of some of the women. A phrase that really hit me was the idea of the “Boss Babe” or “Boss Mom.” I remember when that was a personal desire of mine. Craving the business suit, busy schedule and fancy car. Feeling important and valued.  

But let me tell you what, my desire to appear successful–at least by society’s standards– has all but diminished. I left the “9-5” world of news reporting and spent the next 6 years trying to prove to myself that I still had it. Now I’ve become ok with inventing my own definition of success, and knowing that it doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s.

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