7 Years down, an eternity to go

7 years ago I married my best friend. Today, he’s still my best friend, my comedian, my counselor, and my baby daddy.

I can’t wait to have another 10 babies with him.

Although he doesn’t read my blog (a good thing, or he may die of a heart attack) I’d like to wish him a Happy Anniversary.

I love you babe!

THE mom says:

Happy anniversary! Here’s to forever!!!

Faith says:

happy anniversary! cheers to many, many more happy and loving years together!

Maria says:

Happy Anniversary!!

Jenna says:

Congratulations! Love that first picture. Way to stay comfy!

We’re coming up on 6 … wow, where has the time gone?

emily says:

Happy anniversary!!

jennie w. says:

Happy Anniversary! And good luck with the whole 10-kids thing!

Elizabeth says:

Happy Anniversary. Also, my daughter is looking for a long or 3/4 sleeve wedding dress. Where did you find yours? The style is perfect — and of course you look beautiful.

aww congratulations! Love the pictures! You both look great!

Quiana says:

Love the pics! Congrats =)

Tori says:

Happy Anniversary Jennifer and hubby! 🙂 You two are such a cute couple!

Sharon says:

Happy Anniversary!!! I wish you a googleplex more!

Natalie says:

Happy Anni girl!

toi says:

Happy anniversary 🙂

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations!!! Love the wedding dress!

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