7 Mom Hacks to Get You Through the Toddler Years Like a RockStar

I’m not going to pretend like I know all of the little tricks in parenting. But I do know 7 secrets. Yes, these are 7 mom hacks that could blow your mind. I thought I’d share some of my wisdom for the mamas just beginning their journey. Do you know all of these or have any more to add? Here we go:

How to photograph your newborn

1. Fold onesies DOWN for blowouts: When I was in the hospital with Lil’ J I realized they were using long-sleeved onesies as tops and bottoms. So handy! The neckline is so stretchy that you can pull them all the way down over their shoulders when they have a blowout. This makes for less mess in an already yucky situation.


2. Don’t get rid of swaddling blankets: I can’t tell you how in handy these things have come through the years. They start as swaddling blankets, nursing covers and burp cloths. Then they turn into picnic blankets, fort-making reinforcements, and superhero capes. They’re also great on the seat of your car to help protect from the car seats.


3. Making your own playdoh is seriously so easy: No need to run out to get more. You probably have what it takes to make it at home. Flour, water, salt and cooking oil is all it takes. Food coloring if you’d like to spice it up.

birthday party ballpit

4. Outdoor kiddie pools can be year-round fun: Cool down outside in the summer inflatable pool and have fun inside. We filled up Big T’s pool with ball pit balls and the kids loved having it inside.

healthy toddler snack

5. Make a snack drawer: Adding this tiny addition to our pantry has made my kids far more bearable when they’re hungry. I just ask them to take a look at the snack cubby and see what they want to eat. I just have a tupperware container full of mom-approved snacks.

22 princess dresses on a lower closer rack

6. Install a second closet rod for more space (for dress-up clothes!): Kids are so small. Put more of the closet space to use by adding a rack or getting a stand for seasonal clothing, or in our case–Dress-up clothes.


7. Baby power and diaper cream is great for more than just babies: I don’t know how often I used baby powder on my actual baby. Not very often. But I’ve used it on sweater hot summers on more than one occasion. It’s also great to bring to the beach. Pour it on your kids and it’ll soak up the extra moisture in the sand, then it’s easy to knock the sand off their bodies.

Diaper rash is a pain in the butt (pun intended). Not only is Desitin great for treating your baby’s diaper rash, hang on to it because it comes in handy as a great antiperspirant when you’re in a pinch. Just rub it in real good. Seriously, I have a nervous sweat problem and this helps, who knew?

Visit their website for more information on helpful tips to cure diaper rash.

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How many of these mom hacks were you aware of? Have any more to share?

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  1. Some mom hacks I know of buckets for vomit instead of trying to make it to toilet, safety pinning socks so they come out of wash together, separate toothpaste for kids as to not spread germs when they are sick

    1. As far as washing baby socks and small items go, I use a lingerie bag. I found a 4 compartment one by woolite… so there’s a compartment for socks and tights, one for beanies, one for bibs, and one for Wash cloths all in one bag. Throw them in the bag as they get dirty so when it’s Wash time they’re ready to go! They all get clean and never get lost… and no risk of safety pins coming loose or pricking you in the finger.

  2. I love the snack bin! Ever since I put that in our house life has been much easier!
    I color code the kids towels. This way, when towels are left on the floor I know who to talk to.

  3. Fabric softener plus water in a spray bottle will help take out kinks in dolls hair.

    Use a clean free sheet to wipe away any toothpaste messes on the bathroom sink.

    Save a few baby food jars to store your kids baby teeth when they start to lose them.

    When the kiddies have a cold put Vicks vapor rub on their feet and put socks on them to keep them from touching it.

    That’s about all I know ?
    Safety pinning socks is a very good idea thank you Sherrie I’m going to use that from now on lol

  4. I totally plan to remember the onesie one when #2 is born next month. It would have saved my son from needing a lot of extra baths. 😉

  5. The baby powder one is one I forgot when we went to the beach. Doh!

    Love the onesie tip… learned it too late to use with my babies.

  6. I only learned about the onesie tip near the end of the blowout stage with #2…bummer! Oh, and I used baby powder only when #2 had nasty diaper rash and I needed to put medicated cream/ointment on twice a day, and Desitin would just sort of slide off afterward. I learned that I could use Desitin (and ONLY Desitin!) during most changes, and baby powder after medication, just to soak up the moisture but leave the medicine intact. Once in a while I still use it after a bath if I think that area’s still a little damp when I put a diaper back on. As for mom hacks…hmmm…I can say that I swear by Bumpkins bibs and silicone stick on placemats as must-haves for table feeding. I know I have moments where I feel brilliant, but can’t think of anything right now! Just over the weekend I did repurpose an old crate from college as an extra bookshelf for the books in my son’s room that are too tall for his regular bookshelf. That felt pretty brilliant 🙂

  7. I use a little baby powder in my hair when it starts to get oily. Especially on those days that baby is fussy and doesn’t wanna nap which equals no shower for me. :-/

  8. My best mom hack is to have a basket at the bottom of the stairs where you dump all the stuff that needs to go up the stairs. (A BIG basket.)

  9. When my kids eat ice pops, I like to use a cupcake liner to catch the drips. Just insert the ice pop stick through the liner and clean up is much easier.

  10. You can often help keep your floors clean longer by washing the bottoms of the kids’ feet keep a washcloth handy or if they are old enough to do it themselves

  11. We love our swaddles. DS is 5 and still sleeps with his “giraffe Blankie. ”

    With twins on the way any hacks are much appreciated.

  12. When my babies were little, I washed their socks in lingerie bags. And I always wash each child’s clothes separately. Makes it easier to put their stuff away.

  13. Snacks and waters in the car all the time! Even if its just a few minute trip, you don’t know when hungry littles are going to want something and its so much easier and cheaper to have stuff on hand!

  14. One of my favorites is to use a pool noodle as a bed bumper! Just put on the edge under the fitted sheet! Saves us when we are sleeping at relatives!

  15. My son was falling down all the time, so I made his slippers slip proof by putting glue on the bottom of his shoes with a glue gun. And one that I really love is using a big old Lab coat I found at the thrift store to keep babies spit up and other messes off of my clothes! Now when I go to work, I just take off the dirty lab coat and i am ready to go!

  16. I love to use a shoe organizer/cubby to store cleaning supplies! I also like to use baby jars to store salt and pepper.

  17. My kids are bigger now, but I’d say always make sure your bag is stocked with things to distract and appease toddlers when they’re en route with you.

  18. My favorite Mom Hack is to make sure the kids are plenty of snacks and juices for long car rides. Also carry a child’s favorite toy with you.

  19. I like making my own wet wipes using coconut oil, Another one is using old coffee cans for needed items, toys, sewing thread, craft supplies, baby cloth diapers or what ever you want to use …
    happy to connect

    1. Amen to that! Cuz lord knows they’re building up. I use them for crayons, for my candy stash, for hair accessories, and even for feed the frog (turkey, lion, etc.) type activities. I’m always thinking of ways to reuse the ever growing supply of coffee cans. 🙂

  20. For school age kids on Sunday have them pick out their clothes for the week including socks and shoes. It makes getting them out the door in the mornings easier and they won’t miss the bus looking for a lost shoe

  21. It’s been a long time since our kids were little! But we always kept healthy snacks and toys in the car, even for short trips. We also always tried to make learning fun. E.g., make learning the alphabet and small words a game, giving out small rewards upon completion of a task.

  22. After birthing three children, I have learned MANY different life lessons. I have also found that certain tricks and tips do and do not work. Although I think that the best thing I can ever do for my children is to raise them as God Fearing People.

  23. One of my favorite mom hacks is using a permanent marker to keep track of dosages given on medication bottles.

  24. My best mom hack is keeping a chart on the fridge for bottle feeding, medicine and diaper changes. it helps to keep track when you have mommy brain!

  25. I used to use a laundry basket for toys hen we traveled to Grandma’s house. I put it next to my son in the car so he could reach in and grab a toy (he bored easily). It was quick and easy clean-up in the car, easy transport and easy at Grandma’s house for the same reason.

  26. I always used an extra diaper bag one to leave in the car packed with diapers wipes toys all the things baby would need all I would have to do is grab baby & bottles also helped if I ever forgot the loaded bag when going on long trips.

  27. i like using a fitted sheet up side down on the floor to keep toys somewhat contained. to clean up, just grab the corners of the sheet and done!

  28. Sticking to a schedule is a must with a little one or little ones. Try and keep same time for bath, bed, eating, etc. It will make things smoother in the long run.

  29. I honestly use baby wipes for everything from cleaning to wiping up dirty faces and hands! A mommy friend of mine uses baby powder on her hair to makes it look less oily on the non-wash days!

  30. I like to hang an over-the-door shoe holder/organizer in your laundry room to keep cleaning supplies at eye level and out of kids reach.

  31. Make “Monster Spray” to ward off monsters when they go to sleep. (Air freshener with a clever label)

  32. boogie wipes are not just for boogies! i like that they come in small packages and i keep on in my purse for noses and anything else that needs wiping!

  33. Always take a photo when you’re at an event or theme park or somewhere with a lot of people so just in case you have a current photo and a way to remeber what outfit they’re wearing. It’s just a good piece of mind trick!

  34. I do not have many of them at this point since I just became a mom on September 27;) Right now, it is sleep when the baby is sleeping;)

  35. Always keep a bag ready with diapers, wipes and very important, activities to keep the little ones occupied. Also always keep a small blanket with you in case the little ones get tired, you can always spread out the blanket so they can sleep on it.

  36. There are way too many that I have learned from reading blogs and stuff! I always coupon and use sales that’s been the most helpful and also making a meal plan and freezing meals.

  37. Always carry a change of clothing, extra diapers, wipes, etc. You may not think you’ll need them, but when you don’t have it with you, that’s when you’ll need it!

  38. I’m a great grandma now, but I remember doing a lot of driving when the little ones were fussy. For some reason the drive would lull them to sleep.
    Well before the days of videos to keep them happy on long trips we always picked up a few new inexpensive toys before starting the drive. And lots of stops along the way to burn off excess energy.

  39. I use a mesh intimates laundry bags to wash baby socks in so I don’t loose any. Grating veggies into muffins is a great way to get toddlers to finish their vegetables. I bought a bunch of those small plastic balls and when my youngest outgrew the pack n play we turned it into a ball pit.

  40. Breastfeeding for a healthy baby and restoring the stomach after childbirth. It is so convenient in the middle of the night when baby wakes up. I don’t have to get up and make a bottle.

  41. Burp cloths and swaddling blankets are still useful around my house. I am so glad to have kept them. We are now using them for our cats’ bed. And when we rescued our kittens, the blankets were used to keep them warm.

  42. I use drugstore antifungal (clotrimazole cream) with a layer of Max strength Desitin for diaper rash that has red dots/pimples because the red dots means it’s a yeast/fungal infection.

  43. Wow, so many great ideas and hacks!!!
    Put a self adhesive hook on the back of high chair to hang bibs so you aren’t searching for one at dinner time!
    For teething babies fill an ice tray with water, formula, or milk pop some pacifiers in…let them freeze and you have a paci pop!

    Thank you for the chance!

  44. I love the snack bin idea! And I learned that onesies pull down for a blowout a few hours too late. I never saw a onesie for my first few children, but I know they were around for my last few. Whether or not I knew you could pull them down I don’t remember. Some months ago, while watching my grandbaby, he had a major blowout. I did my very best at rolling the onesie up without spreading the mess. I actually did pretty well. When my daughter came back, she showed me that they go down, too. I think they should print that on the label! Lol

  45. I like a variation on the snack cubby–a refrigerator bin. Great not just for snacks, but for school lunches as well. I even use the idea to make Hubz’ lunches easier to pack on a rushed morning.

  46. Have quick and easy meals on hand for chaotic nights. You can either make things in batches and store favorite meals in the freezer that you just heat up, opt for Stouffer’s meals that take little effort on busy nights, or make sure you prepare a lot of food the night before a busy day so life is a little easier.

  47. Put an few extra changes of clothes in ziplock bags with all the air out of them, inside your diaper bag. I used to even carry an extra shirt for myself. They don’t take up much room if all the air is out. Second mommy tip for older kiddos. Keep your kids cups in a lower cabinet or drawer for your littles to get their own cup. It gives them a sense of being independent and helpful.

  48. My kids are older (15, 17, 19, and 22) but here’s one thing I’ve learned over the years…ALWAYS keep a supply of posterboards, styrofoam balls, hot glue (and other crafty supplies) on hand. Inevitably, a kid is going to suddenly remember at 8:00 pm that a project is due the next morning.

  49. My best secret is to NOT have kids…sorry, but it’s true. I don’t need mom hacks. I love kids, and I love giving them back. LOL

  50. I do not have any hacks. The best advice I have ever been given and I try to follow is to “take wonder in your children while they are young”. Seeing the world through your child’s eyes is a blessing

  51. I give my kids wet wipes to play with in the backseat of the car and they clean the car while I drive…lol.

  52. i I alwats kept a hair dryer near where I changed diapers. making sure bottoms adry is 90 percent of keeping away diaper rash and its so quick

  53. We use color coded storage baskets to organize. Each one is for a designated room in the house. Twice a day we do “basket runs” to return items where they go and keep our living space clutter free!

  54. I like making my own wet wipes using coconut oil, Another one is using old coffee cans for needed items, toys, sewing thread, craft supplies, baby cloth diapers or what ever you want to use …

  55. When you are in a store with a child, give them something to hold in their hand , whether it be a new toy, a list, or a game to keep them occupied while you shop.

  56. Bring extra clothes along for kids especially when they are under 5. You never know when they’ll throw up or fall into the toilet when learning how to use it without putting the seat down.

  57. I didn’t know most of these live the snack cubby idea and who knew Desitin can double for deodorant. Some grocery bakeries will give kids a cookie, may not be the healthiest but if they’re hungry, it can be a help.

  58. One Mom hack that my Mom used to use for me is buying me a pad of paper and a pen for road trips. Just putting imagination to page would keep me occupied for hours. 😀

    God bless,

  59. Coconut oil!!! It works wonders on diaper rashes, dry skin, knotty hair, really chapped Winter lips.. I always have to have some raw organic coconut oil in the house. I spring for the good stuff because a little goes a long way!

  60. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too. Get proper rest, sleep, and me time. A happy parent makes for a happy baby.

  61. My favorite hack is to hang bibs on the back of your highchair. I just figured this one out and it makes my life easier.

  62. One of my favorite hacks (of late) is that I made little snack baggies of various snacks so that when we are on the go or the kids get home from school, they can pick out a snack and it is portion sized. They can also pick out their own snacks for their lunch boxes if they would like.


  63. Thanks for sharing your tips!
    I especially liked “Don’t get rid of swaddling blankets”. Not only for reasonable consumption, but also for great ideas. Another one – is to use old blankets for quilting, It would be a nice handmade gift for your kid when he/she will grow up.

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