50 Weeks Pregnant

I’ll never forget how I felt looking in the mirror at myself for the first time after having my baby.

“Spawnie” was gone. And in her place I was given a chunky, round, very noisy and squirmy stranger.

I felt like I had lost a part if me. Or like a loved one had died. I had grown so close to the baby inside of me and this baby in her place just wasn’t the same.

It took me a little while to overcome these emotions. I loved my child but missed my pregnant belly. Missed the kicks from within my tummy. Missed the tiny hiccups and watching her try to break loose.

I was falling in love with my daughter on the outside but still longed for the baby inside. In this transition I found the best of both worlds in baby-wearing.

I remember the first time I noticed someone wearing a baby. I was at church and the woman had what looked like her four-year-old sharing a shirt with her.

It looked uncomfortable and I couldn’t help but stare.

As I noticed more and more people carrying their babies around in hands-free devices I became more curious. They really look quite brilliant! Before having my daughter I got my hands on every type of carrier I could find. I know me and I’m a trial and error kind of person. I also like variety.

Wraps were one of the most intriguing ones to me. The tiny babies always looked the most cozy in those. But they looked the most complicated. One long piece of fabric and I was supposed to figure out how to get it on me and get my baby safely in it.

Slings looked the easiest. Just stick the baby in and you’re done. Because of this, I decided to try my sling first. After Lil’ J was born I stuck her in and we fell in love. Since she didn’t like me to put her down, it was the first time I was able to open my computer and get some things done.

A few days later I got brave enough to try my Sugar Sweet Baby wrap.

I watched a few YouTube videos showing me how to put a wrap on and how to put my baby in it. After watching a few demonstrations I got it down. I tried it a couple of times to get the hang of it and it was really a piece of cake.

When I looked at us in the mirror I noticed I had my baby belly back. Only now my baby was on the outside.


She was cozy in the not-too-stretchy bamboo fabric. And I wasn’t overheating. Even in the Texas heat. The best part was I had my hands free to move around the house, and when I did she fell right asleep.

I’ve worn this thing on all 7 of our flights, and on all but the last she slept through the whole trip! (the last one she wanted to smile and talk to the flight attendants).

baby wearing

During a family reunion I was able to eat while she slept. At BlogHer in New York City she was able to meet people and explore the world from my point of view. And on numerous trips to the grocery store, she gets to escape from her carseat (which she can’t stand) and stay close to me as we shop.

A friend asked me what my most practical baby item was and with almost no hesitation I was able to say my Sugar Sweet Baby wrap. I was freaking out about not having a stroller the first month of her life but I honestly didn’t need one. Now it’s my new go-to item for baby showers.

I’m turning into a big softy… I love having her close to me, more so for me and my comfort than hers. All I have to do is lean over a little and I’m able to kiss her forehead and smell her hair. and she loves it too. I’d say 98% of the time she goes to sleep within minutes of me wrapping her up on me. She’s close to my heart and can smell mommy too.


So now I’m on the other side of the fence. I’M the one getting the sometimes-crazy looks (four different strangers asked me if i was carrying a doll–yea, cause I’m that weird) when I’m at the store with her wrapped around me. But most of the time in getting compliments on the idea and how pretty it is.

Now it’s so easy to put on I can do it in the dark. Sometimes I put it on before leaving the house and just stick her in it when we get to our destination. Here we are at the nature park.

happy wrap baby

I sure do miss being pregnant, even though I have my baby now. But until I’m pregnant again I at least get a glimpse of the joy I felt every time I put Little Spawnie in her wrap.

Everyone who comments on this post will be entered to win a Sugar Sweet Baby wrap of their choice. Leave an extra comment if you follow @SugarSweetBaby on Twitter, on Facebook or subscribe to their newsletter via SugarSweetBaby.com.

I noticed a few commenters asking how easy it really is so I recorded this quick video to show you. Lil’ J is normally all gussied up but we just finished having some nakey time so don’t mind her in her diaper!

You have until 11:59 pm on September 17th to enter. I’ll draw a winner using Random.org. Good luck!
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DesignerSam says:

I love that idea! Is it hard to wrap?

Great photos Jen. I never had a wrap – they always looked so complicated! Loved my ring slings…. but seeing your photos makes me wonder what if. 😉
Thank you for sharing the benefits of babywearing! So important for mom AND baby.

Joyful Abode says:

i want one, if it’s cool in the heat! My sleepy wrap is super-hot .

I’m following them on Twitter!

Joyful Abode says:

also, i follow them on twitter.

Kelly says:

What precious pictures! I love babywearing!! 🙂

I liked her on Facebook!

Elana says:

So neat! I’d love to try this with the new one coming!!

I subscribed to the newsletter, too!!

Elana says:

I follow @SugarSweetBaby on Twitter

Elana says:

I follow them on Facebook

~Y says:

I love baby-wearing mamas! Definitely enter me in this contest!


~Y says:

I’m a fan of Sugar Sweet Baby on FB!

Maya says:

i love how that wrap looks!!! i loved babywearing with M. and just used a sling and an ergo…excited to try out wraps with smudge!

marfmom at gmail dot com

Maya says:

i also follow sugarsweetbaby on twitter (@marfmom)

marfmom at gmail dot com

Nacia says:

I’m 26 weeks pregnant and have been looking for the perfect wrap for my little boy when he gets here. I would love to win a Sugar Sweet Baby wrap. Good luck with Spawnie!

~Y says:

I follow @SugarSweetBaby on Twitter.

I want a wrap this time around. I was looking into the Moby wrap, but maybe this is better? I always missed the babies inside, too.

Nadine says:

That’s precious! I’m hoping to try the baby wearing myself once my little man gets here. I’ve heard only good things about it 🙂 Plus it doesn’t hurt having two hands available along with a content baby! I can also totally understand how you “missed the belly” I’m afraid I’ll be missing it too!

Cindy says:

I could so use a new baby wrap. My Moby has weathered 3 babies. Time to retire it.

I also follow @sweetsugarbaby on Twitter.

Cindy says:

Following SugarSweetBaby on Twitter @getalonghome

And I follow @sweetsugarbaby on Facebook. Can you tell I’d like one of these?

What a well written story! I have really enjoyed reading about your journey with Little J! She is so precious and she really loves that wrap!!

jennifercausby at hotmail dot com

She is just so cute!!! Congrats!!!

Allison says:

It’s such a great idea! Is it hard to wrap around your body? Were you nervous it wouldn’t hold at first?

Danielle says:

I would love to win this! Especially with a new baby on the way!

Our Family says:

Oh! I’d LOVE to win!

I loved and miss being pregnant too! I can’t want until we get pregnant with #2. This looks like a really nice wrap.

follow sugar sweet baby on twitter

Georges says:

I’ve never had a wrap, but have been intrigued with them for quite some time now. I love your pink one! It would be great to have one….hope I win!!

I’ve always wanted one of these wraps!

fb fan of sugar sweet baby
Nancy P.

Michelle says:

Love this! Your baby looks so cozy! (shellgourley@hotmail.com)

I also LIKE them on FB! Jennifer Mercurio


Emmy says:

Oh I have a sling but ever since hearing about those babies that died I am a bit scared to use it, this would be perfect.

Elaine says:

That is awesome! Look how happy she looks!

Brittanie says:

I’ve wanted one of these for SO long! Looking at them for our new little baby to come. Pick me!

Sonya says:

My baby is due in 3 weeks and I’ve told hubby and myself that I’m just not the baby wearing kind.. my ex MIL bought me some kind of wrap 9 years ago with my first daughter and I could never figure it out, it always seemed like I was gonna break her if I let go (of course I was also only 17 myself at the time) Lil J looks so comfy in your sugar sweet baby wrap! Maybe I should try to be the baby wearing kind afterall

I’d love to win one 🙂


PsychoTwin says:

How long can you wear a baby? That is, at what age or weight does it become impractical?

Aw…your girlie is super sweet & adorable. 🙂

I’m not a mama, but I know I want to do some babywearing in the future. If I won this particular giveaway, I’d probably gift it…I know lots of people with babies on the way!

Stephanie says:

how fun for both of you! she looks so adorable and comfy – amazing to hear it’s not too hot! i’d LOVE to have one for the future little ones =)

Chantel says:

I would love a wrap. Unfortunately, not for me since my little guy is probably too big now and I don’t see weight limits. But, I just found out that I am going to be an aunt again, and I think my SIL would just love this. She’ll have a very active toddler to chase, and this would probably help her.

Sarah says:

Aww I love it and your wrap is the same fabric I used to make a nursing cover! I would love to win one!

Hill Mama says:

Oh I would love a new wrap! The one I have is too hot in the heat. Thanks!

Chantel says:

I follow Sugar Sweet Baby on Twitter @Chantel_Rocks.

Karen says:

I’m due with my first baby in December, and I’m trying to get my hands on as many wraps/slings as possible so I can try them all. I’d love to win this contest!

Karen says:

I follow Sugar Sweet Baby on Twitter!

Karen says:

I also follow them on Facebook. 🙂

Jenna says:

I’d love this! I enjoy wearing Carson in the Baby Bjorn but it’s not very comfortable. J looks darling in it!

Jenna says:

Oh, and I follow @SugarSweetBaby.

Zandi says:

Following on twitter 🙂 @zanditaylor

Christa says:

I love wraps, they’re seriously my favorite!

Arya says:

I am going to get me one of these! I know I will want to have my little one (once she gets here) close to my heart at all times and this way I can get everything done.

Thank you for sharing!!

Kellie says:

My son is due this NYE’s and this would be perfect to wrap him in! Love it 🙂

Kellie says:

Also following sugarsweetbaby my twit name is @mrssnyder23

You have inspired me to try a wrap now! You made it look easy!

HLA says:

That is so wonderful!!! And such a convience!

Kellie says:

I’m also following sugarsweetbaby @mrssnyder23

HLA says:

I also follow on Facebook!!!

GWhizKid says:

What beautiful pictures! I would love to try this wrap with my little one, it looks so cozy and sweet! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Sandra says:

I’m done all the baby stuff but I just had to come by and say how sweet those pictures of you and your beautiful baby are.

April says:

I am a single mom of a 10 week old baby that really just wants to be held.. ALL THE TIME! That looks great! And so comfy.. going to check them out right now! Thanks for the blog!

Becca says:

i thought the exact same thing, that slings looked much easier. i’m glad to know the wraps are manageable too. thanks for the demo and info.

allisa says:

Oh, you and little miss J look so sweet together! I CAN NOT believe how big she’s getting. And if it’s possible even more beautiful!

I’ve been waiting for this give-away ever since you had her! Yay! I don’t know if the wrap will look as great on me as it looks on you, but I would LOVE to try and win. Too bad I don’t have a Twitter account, but I’ll for sure go and hit the “like” button on facebook! Keep up the good work mama!

allisa says:

I liked sugar sweet baby on facebook! Take a look at that follow through! Lol.

Paulene says:

I can understand the feeling of missing the belly. In no way do I mean I miss pregnancy, I am in no rush to do that again, but instead I miss him so close. Sometimes I let him nap on me just so I can keep him close and feel him breath. It is over whelming how much we love them so fast. So fast that we first miss them when they are gone from our belly’s yet in our arms. Love baby wearing my little one is still small, only 8lbs and he is a month and a half, lol. I love wearing him if just to give my arms a rest. Love your post as usual, thank you for sharing.

Paulene says:

I follow them on facebook

Paulene says:

I follow them on twitter

Lyndsey says:

I would love to have one of these wraps to wrap up my squishy! TY for offering this to all of your fans!

Lyndsey says:

I am a fan of Sugar Sweet Baby Wraps on Facebook

Krystal says:

I love this, thanks for posting about it! I am expecting my first, and have been looking for a good carrier.

Emily says:

I have about every gadget for my baby girl (due any day!), but I don’t have a wrap. I’d love to win this give-away.

Emily says:

I’m following Sugar Sweet on Facebook.

Andrea says:

I am due in one week and can’t wait to wear my baby!

Ashley T says:

I’d love to win one! I was planning on buying on anyway but winning one is better!

Ashley T says:

I also follow sugar sweet baby on twitter!


Tess says:

I’ve been looking for something to carry my next baby in! These wraps are super cute.

Melissa says:

I’m due in February with my third and I have a sling I love but really want to try a wrap!

Melissa says:

I follow on Twitter @PBinmyHair

Melissa says:

I also liked them on Facebook

We had a Moby when P was small and absolutely adored it. Between that and the fleece pouch, we had her strapped to us more often than not. Being an October baby, it was so nice having her against us out in the cold — it kept us from worrying about her temp and whether she was bundled up enough. I recommend babywearing to everyone I know. I’d love to have a wrap like this to share with any of my many pregnant friends.

LOVE this idea!! She is adorable and the wrap is so convinient! I always thought those wraps looked soooo confusing, thanks for adding the video! It is so simple looking now! Beautiful!

PVDela says:

I’m pregnant with my third and having never worn my babies before I can’t wait to use such a darling and easy wrap with this little one.

I love my Sugar Sweet Baby wrap! Baby E is so much happier being close to me all day. She’s a happy baby anyway but there’s still a noticeable difference on days where she gets worn a lot. I think every new mom should have one of these! (Or two or three or four…)

Also, I found this contest through Sugar Sweet Baby’s feed on Facebook. 🙂

Joanna says:

I’ve got a little boy on the way, and I’m looking forward to wearing him as much as possible. I’ll be going back to work, and it seems like such a great way to bond and connect at the end of the day.

Joanna says:

I follow @SugarSweetBaby on twitter as @keepingfeet

Heather says:

Great story…I am anxious to check out the rest of your blog! I am 26 weeks pregnant and have been trying to decide what kind of carrier is going to be best and Ive heard so many good things about this one!

MaryC85 says:

Your baby looks so snuggly in the wrap!

Heather says:

Ohhh…and I follow them on facebook!

MaryC85 says:

I am also following Sugarsweetbaby on FB

Mary Michal says:

Oh, that wrap is so awesome! I love the idea to wear your baby in the grocery store, etc instead of carrying around the big, bulky car seat.

I wanted to try a wrap with my last baby but thought it looked far too complicated, just watched your video and don’t know what I was worrying about, you made it look soooo easy!! Thanks for the info!

I am pregnant with #2, and I am totally longing for a cute wrap like this to use to keep my hands free for chasing around my two-year-old. I agree with the other comments…I don’t think i could look as cute as you with it, but it sure would be nice!

Liako says:

I absolutely love those wraps! I live in Germany and even though we have a car sometimes it’s just easier to go places with public transport – that would make it so much simpler! You look great in your Sugar Sweet Baby Wrap – I need one of those!

Liako says:

I absolutely love those wraps. I live in Germany and even though we have a car sometimes it is just easier to go some places by public transport – these wraps would make it so much simpler!

Goldibug says:

Ever since I’ve seen these I’ve wanted one! I tried out the sling thing and it was always a pain for us. A wrap would have been so much nicer!

Goldibug says:

I follow Sugar Sweet Baby on FB! LOVE looking at all her new stuff 🙂

Kristina says:

So, I read your post, and watched the video before realizing that there was a giveaway attached… even before I noticed the giveaway, I was thinking: OOH – I want one of those wraps for when I have a little one in December!!!

And then I noticed the giveaway, and about died. It would be so nice to win!

Your video was awesome 🙂 Easy to understand, and I love how you got all gooey when you said “then you get your baby”… I can tell you’re really happy 🙂

Jenn says:

I’d love to win one!
jennifer_atchison at hotmail dot com

Jenn says:

FB fan of Sugar Sweet Baby.
jennifer_atchison at hotmail dot com

MommyMonkey says:

This is so beautiful! Would love to win one! Love your blog. 🙂
sully_debbie11 at msn dot com

stumbull says:

I have always wondered about those wraps. I use the bjorn but I always thought a wrap would be better!

Mama Bennie says:

I too love babywearing…it is amazing.

Mama Bennie says:

O yea, and I follow @SugarSweetBaby on twitter.

Gena says:

You did great!! Loved the video!! Myles is getting all excited seeing Lil J on screen! LOL

Mammatalk says:

Your photos are stunning!! You and baby look gorgeous. Don’t count me in the giveaway, though. Past the wrap stage…

LOVE the post! Beautiful 🙂

I follow @SugarSweetBaby

Meagan says:

I would really love to try this wrap! Thank you for posting the video it really helped to see someone else putting it on.

Wraps have always scared me and I thought people were crazy. This one seems so strong and comfortable I would love to try one when baby boy arrives in December!

rdg says:

The wraps always kind of intimidated, but intrigued me… I’ll have to look into this one when the time comes.

When women who just had babies see my pregnant belly they tell me how jealous they are lol and how they miss their belly! I hope my baby likes wraps…little J looks so cozy in yours! I registered for the moby wrap so we’ll see what we get!

Carrie says:

Thank you! Always love a good baby item review!

Jessica says:

I love the wrap. I definitely need to get one of these for my next baby…due in March!


Jamie says:

I’ve wished I had one of these when my baby wants to be held and I need to get things done!

~M says:

I would love to win this wrap!

michloves80s at gmail dot com

rainbowlens says:

I can’t wait to use one of these!

YUMMama says:

Looks like Lil J really enjoys her wrap!! I like that it has a cute design panel on it too.

Sarah Garner says:

LOVE it! I can’t wait to use one myself. I have never understood why more people don’t use them? They just make so much sense.

Michelle says:

This wrap looks fabulous and easy to use. I’ve used others but not this one.

P.S. On my computer the aduio on your You Tube video was very, very quiet, I couldn’t really hear (but I got the point by watching).

comichelle51 at hotmail dot com

I’ve done the sling (unsuccessfully) and the Baby Bjorn (awesome), but would love to try a wrap with #3 on the way!

Sarah says:

I’d like to post for a chance to win this wrap 🙂
But also I would like to know about the safety concerns of these… I remember earlier in the year when numerous baby slings were recalled due to suffocation risks. Is there a suffucation worry with these things?

You surely made it look easy. Thanks for sharing. I’d love to wear one of Sugar Sweet Baby’s wraps.

Mrs. R says:

Enter me in!! Wraps are the best. Other cultures have been doing this forever and I am glad more mothers are doing this. I will definitely use my wrap more than a stroller.

Melinda says:

I absolutely love my wrap and I used it all the time when my daughter was tiny. Now that she is bigger I love my ring sling because she can just hang out on my hip!

Heather says:

I will definitely be “wearing” my baby. We just had our first ultrasound today, so I’m riding on that high 🙂 20 weeks along and I already can’t wait to meet this little one!

heatherandscott030709 at gmail dot com

Heather says:

Signed up for their newsletter!

heatherandscott030709 at gmail dot com

Heather says:

Follow them on facebook! heatherscholten

heatherandscott030709 at gmail dot com

I always thought these things were kinda weird, but seeing how comfortable you are and Lil J is and how easy it is to get it situated, I’m definitely interested!

I love it, I can’t wait to get one.

I’d love a chance to win this wrap! Thank you!

Amy Lynn says:

I am having my second baby in February and I would LOVE one of these!!! I didnt have a wrap or sling with my first and I just cannot wait to baby wear with this one! Thanks for the great review on it!!

Rixa says:

I love keeping babies close to me, especially those first few months when they’re so sleepy and snuggly. I use a ring sling mostly at first, then I move on to my Ergo. I’ve also used pouches a little bit and tried a wrap once or twice.

My favorite thing? Being able to kiss their head any time you want, like you mentioned.

I love the fabric of your wrap. So stylish!

Rixa says:

ps–the recalled sling (which wasn’t really a sling at all, more of a big duffel bag with a shoulder strap) was one specific brand and not any of the ones that you’d use for baby wearing.

What a beautiful baby wrap! it looks very secure. not like those slings.

They are so practical for everyday use!

OMG! Lil J is soooooooooo cacute… I love these pics and really wanna try a sugar sweet wrap, baby wearing is the best…

I follow @sugarsweetbaby on twitter.

I like sugar sweet baby on facebook.

I suscribed to sugar sweet baby newsletter

I’m really excited about the wrap from Sugar Sweet Baby! Even if I don’t win one through this contest, I’m going to buy one for this new baby! I’ve always been weary of the wraps, but I really have to try one. I see women in the grocery store with them all the time, and it looks so much easier and logical than carting around a heavy car seat. Thanks for the info! I love all the fabric choices!

I’m following @SugarSweetBaby on Twitter

I’m friends on Facebook with Sugar Sweet Baby and I’m signed up for their newsletter. Thanks!

Laura says:

This wrap is so cute! I can’t wait to babywear

Great post. I plan on baby wearing but am unsure which carriers to get. I have a Boba Carrier but was thinking of getting a wrap and/or sling as well. Think I’m leaning towards the wrap now.

naturemanipulated AT hotmail DOT com

Betsy says:

Cant wait to use one with my baby comes in January!

Bella says:

Amazing! Looks so snuggly!

alli says:

That looks really neat!

My sister-in-law has always worn one and I am really excited to try one with my new baby on the way. Winning one would be great.

Janie says:

Adorable! This would be for my sister-in-law….I’m going to be an aunt in October! Love your blog!

Jennifer says:

Wow it looks awesome. I’d love to win one to carry my little man. It ends just before my birthday too. 🙂

Differjean at Verizon.net

Jennifer says:

I subscribed to the newsletter.

Differjean at VeriZON.net

Jessica says:

I absolutely LOVE the idea of wearing my little one in a wrap, and wish I could afford one lol! Here’s to hoping the randomizer works in my favor!

I love the pics of lil j in the wrap. I want one so bad! hehe. I miss my preggo belly too, and this way probably our last babe. So bittersweet, but they’re so much fun to watch grow up.

And yay for Jess winning!! Congrats girl!

love the pics of lil j in the wrap. she loves snuggling her mama! I want one of these wraps so bad; just cant afford it yet, so hoping i win!

congrats to Jess on winning the pics too!

I’m following @SugarSweetBaby on Twitter (@mamacampbell)

I’m friends on Facebook with Sugar Sweet Baby (Andrea Dippner Campbell)

I suscribed to sugar sweet baby newsletter
andrea.dippner at gmail.com

That is so cute! I want to win one!

I’m following them on twitter now @balancedmoms

-M- says:

What a great idea! One of my friends has a wrap like this on her top 5 list of things for new moms to have. I would love one. 🙂

Nichole says:

I really love my Moby, but would LOVE the chance to try out a bamboo fabric wrap like the Sugar Sweet!

Nichole says:

I really love my Moby, but would also LOVE to try a bamboo-fabric Sugar Sweet!

Leslie says:

Oh my goodness! I would totally use one of those! I had a baby backpack that I used with my other two, but I always wished I had something more flexible, adjustable, and all-around cuter! I need to look into getting one of those!

very cute, and looks easy to use

following on facebook too

Benay says:

i’d love to win this wrap! haven’t tried baby wearing with our new little guy, but definitely want to start soon!

Becky says:

I love this – and great video!

rosemary says:

Hi just found your blog today and loving it already. I think the wrap is a wonderful idea.

Crazy Daisy says:

Just made my husband watch this… we are both in awe! Amazing product!!!

Crazy Daisy says:

we also are a twitter follower @ foreverdaisies

stOOpidgErL says:

I would love to try a wrap like that. We never got much into babywearing. I have a ring sling but I’m not comfortable wearing it. The wrap looks a lot more comfortable.

Brittany says:

I want a wrap like that so bad! It would be great to use on my little girl coming in January!


Brittany says:

I have been looking for a wrap for my baby girl that is coming in January! I just didn’t know which one to get. This one looks awesome! I would love it!

Brittany says:

I am following on Facebook too!


Lindsey says:

This is such a sweet post! I love these wraps and am determined to have one for my baby due in January. This looks like it will be the perfect thing to keep my baby close and allow me to go about my usual duties (with a 2-year-old, too!).

Lindsey says:

Following them on Twitter! @kindred_spirit

Lindsey says:

Following them on Facebook! (Lindsey F)

Felicity says:

I have a new bubs and would LOVE one of these!!!

Rachael says:

I have been searching for the perfect carrier! I love that it’s bamboo so much better than the one I was considering, I have never heard of this one before.

I would like to enter the contest, I’m 36 pregnant and know I’m going to miss having him inside me.

Rachael says:

Oh, I also now follow on twitter. Thanks so much for posting this… I am putting it on my Christmas list.

AndreaLeigh says:

you make it look so easy! i have a ring sling but am curious about the wrap styles.

Summer says:

I’ve become pretty intrigued with baby wraps lately, too! Would love to win!

Amy says:

I would love to get one of these wraps for the orphans we take in. What a great way to bond!

I imagine the ones who asked if you were carrying a doll were referring to your youthfulness–they probably thought you were a high school student carrying a doll for one of those school projects.

Emily says:

Our first baby is due in November and I’d love one!

LookingUp says:

This is great information! I’ve been struggling with finding the perfect carrier. Like you, I like to try a bunch of things out! I’ve been borrowing carriers from my buddies who already have babies, all in my quest to find The One. I hadn’t heard about this kind of wrap, and your video makes it look so easy! Thanks for sharing!

FSD says:

I, too, mourned my pregnancy something fierce after I had my daughter. I cried often for about two weeks. It was so strange and unexpected. I LOVED baby wearing! Although we can still do it now, I’m not sure if my daughter would enjoy it as she loves walking independently. I had a Moby wrap and a Baby Bjorn.

We have another little one on the way, so I’m looking forward to baby wearing again, although I’ll start it much sooner this time. I’m also ready for any post-baby sadness.

Lil J is so stinkin’ cute!

I’m a first time visitor (saw you on Twitter and thought I’d stop by.) You have a beautiful blog! I can relate so much to your sadness at the loss of your belly. I didn’t understand why I felt that way, but it was a really strong emotion I didn’t expect. I figured the best thing to do was to let myself feel it, so I did…and I cried for weeks. Now, 10 months later, I have to admit I wish I had a little less of a belly! Until next time, that is…hopefully soon! I would love to win a wrap for baby #2!

We have a lot in common…I wish you lived in my town (or worked in my office!)

Romney says:

That wrap is ADORABLE!!!! I would love to enter this contest, I’m expecting in January. I also follow you on twitter! Thanks for sharing the video too!

Catherine says:

I get to test tomorrow — we’ll see if I need a baby wrap in about 9 months or if it’ll be a few more. Thanks for sharing!

I would love a wrap! They are so cute!

Chelle says:

That is so amazing. I will be working on trying to conceive next year after I lose a good amount of weight and get in better health and recently finding and reading you blog has giving me so much info that is already helping me in future choices. This wrap looks amazing compared to the slings that I always worry about after hearing about some infant deaths due to them. Thanks for the video showing how easy it is to get on and congrats on your beautiful bundle of joy.

Saran says:

Thanks for posting the tutorial video, and your pics are great! Lil J is absolutely adorable!!! I’d love to have one of those wraps. Thanks!

Brie H says:

I hope to have a wrap to try out with our 2nd baby due in Nov – I was too scared with the 1st one and by the time I got one he was too big for me.

Brie H says:

I follow sugar sweet baby on twitter

Brie H says:

I follow sugar sweet baby on facebook

Brie H says:

I subscribe to their newsletter

Toni says:

I would love one!

Sarah says:

I’d love this wrap for our 2nd baby, due October 22. Especially since my 19 months old is very busy 🙂

Abby says:

I would love one of these wraps for my baby that is due in 8 weeks!!

I love baby wraps, and I loved hearing your experience. I would love to win!

OMG!!! I love the wraps. I hope I win!!!

I would love to win one of these wraps — great video demo!

Alisha L. says:

Thanks for another amazing giveaway.


Alisha L. says:

Following Sugar Sweet Baby on Twitter @Xizelle


Jessica says:

Love the wrap! We are on the ttc journey now as well and would love to have one of these!

Jessica says:

I follow Sugar Sweet on Twitter

I’d love to try a wrap! Although I am partial to my Baby Bjorn…. We have number 2 (a boy!) coming in Dec or Jan!!!

shellbelle1229 at yahoo dot com

I now follow Sugar Sweet Baby on Twitter (shellbelle1229). Thanks!

shellbelle1229 at yahoo dot com

coolbreeze says:

I’m intrigued, that’s for sure! I use a baby bjorn type of carrier and it looks so uncomfortable for my little one since she’s still so small. Count me in on the drawing, thanks!

Yuki says:

I think your title of 50 weeks pregnant is really funny but when I think about a little baby wrap cosily on his mother tummy with a hint of pregnant belly I think it’s the most adorable thing on earth!

You are the fist person I hear them say that they don’t own a stroller. I would really love that but I am scared, scared that my back will not like that because I have back problems.

Anyway thank you for your wonderful post and this giveaway


Yuki says:

I follow them on twitter @yuki_kokoro

Yuki says:

I subscribed to their newsletter

Jaime says:

i loved my homemade wrap when my son was younger, now i mostly use my ergo because he is almost 19 months. i would love to have a better wrap for when i have my next baby though!

Jaime says:

i follow on twitter @thelightsgodown

Jaime says:

i “like” them on facebook

Suz says:

She looks so cute & you look so comfortable carrying her in that wrap. I’d love one!

Thanks for posting the video on how to put on the wrap. I got my Sugar Sweet Baby wrap in the mail yesterday and when I tried to put it on, it was way too loose. But I watched your video this morning and put it on along with you, and it worked out so much better! Of course, it will be easier when this belly isn’t in the way 🙂

Thanks so much!

Mrs. K says:

Not pregnant yet, but would love to have one. Looks so comfy and easy to carry baby with. I like that your hands are free so you can do other things while keeping your baby close. Also thanks for the video 🙂

Christina K says:

This video is so helpful! Thx!

Saran says:

This looks like a great carrier! Thanks for creating and sharing that video!

That wrap looks awesome. I want one.

Maybelline says:

JEN! Can I just say I love you and how your mind functions! Member that one day you and I had a heart to heart in your car about how I wanted to consider journalism…doing and being good at something I am passionate about…writing. Well baby girl I still havent done so but I must admit I find solace in the fact that I have a friend who so eloquently describes the things that I can only muster up in my mind. I am 39 weeks and myyyy goodness am I ever so ready. It is currently 3:38 am and I cant sleep a wink cause I am catching up on reading your posts! Way to do you ma! I seriously wish I wouldve documented my pregnancy better. Wishful thinking and maybe Ill actually act on that in the future also 😉

Anywho dying to pick your brain! topics of particular interest: breast pumps and pediatricians and vaccines.

Sign me up for this contest girl! I am all about these. i have heard only the best about them!

PSS. Lil J esta SUPER PRECIOOOOOSA!!! Felicidades carinho. Thanks so much for being such a phenomenal woman Jen! sending love and light in your direction bella!

mo mcd says:

This wrap looks so comfy for baby! Big Mac loves to be carried around. I should get one of these! He’s too big for the cloth mei tie and the snuggli isn’t very comfortable for either of us while we chase Crazy Pants. 🙂

I love her wraps so much!

& thanks for doing the video, I thought this wrap looked pretty hard to put on but now I want one more cuz it’s so easy to wear!

I follow SSB wrap on Twitter!

I’m a SSBwrap fan on FB

& I also get the SSBwrap newsletter!

Stephanie says:

Wow, I love that. Would love to win.

Stephanie says:

I subscribed to their newsletter.

Stephanie says:

I subscribed to their newsletter.

Birth Routes says:

Aw, love babywearing!

Birth Routes says:

Aw, I love babywearing!!

Birth Routes says:

I follow SSB on twitter

Birth Routes says:

I follow SSB on facebook

Sandy says:

That wrap would make my life a whole lot easier!

Mrs. D says:

so cute! I didn’t thinkit would be so easy to wrap, but once I watched your video, I realized how amazingly simple it is! I hope I get one!

Annie1 says:

I love wearing baby close to me! These baby wraps look lovely and comfy!


nancyrobster at gmail dot com
in canada

Annie1 says:

follow SugarBaby on Twitter (greeeneyedwhwom) and facebook (Anne Taylor or annectaylor1)

nancyrobster at gmail dot com

Jessica says:

This looks super comfortable. Thanks for the giveaway!
jjak2003 at gmail dot com

I have a new baby on the way (hopefully in the next month or two!) from Ethiopia! I would LOVE one of these wraps – they are extra wonderful for adopted babies because of the extra bonding they promote. I’m crossing all fingers and toes that I win! 🙂

jennifereladd at yahoo dot com

I follow SugarSweetBaby on Twitter.

jennifereladd at yahoo dot com

I like SugarSweetBaby on Facebook.

jennifereladd at yahoo dot com

I subscribe to their newsletter.

jennifereladd at yahoo dot com

WOW! I’ve never had a wrap because they looked complicated but you made that look so easy that I know I MUST have one when we have baby #2. I love the idea of being hands free and having the baby close to me.

dropcqueen at yahoo dot com

I would LOVE to have one of these! How beautiful!
Thanks for the chance to win!


Signed up for the SSB newsletter.

mogrill says:

I love that it stays cool! I am always hot.
Thanks for the chance.

anamlgrl says:

These are awesome wraps!! Thanks for the chance to win one!!

anamlgrl says:

I follow Sweet Sugar Baby on tiwtter!

anamlgrl says:

I “like” Sweet Sugar Baby on Facebook!
Lauren F.

anamlgrl says:

I subscribe to Sweet Sugar Baby via email!

I have been looking at wraps for the next time around. These look awesome & they’re the ones I’m most interested in trying!

I follow @SugarSweetBaby on Twitter!


I like them on FaceBook!

I get the Sugar Sweet Baby newsletter!

Kaitlyn says:

I would LOVE to win!!!!! DF lost his job right before I got pregnant (I’m 18 wks today) and is having a hard time getting back on his feet. I heard about these wraps through the owner on babycenter and I fell in love. I’ve been trying to put money aside for one butt with my other kids’ birthday and all the holidays coming up, I’m not sure I can afford it right now

Kaitlyn says:

I’m a fan on facebook!!

Kaitlyn says:

I’m a subscriber to the newsletter

Kaitlyn says:

I follow them on twitter also!!!!!

I really want to win!!!! 🙂

Kaitlyn says:

Not sure if I was rises to give you my email address mommystrong7@gmail.com 🙂 thanks!

Kaitlyn says:

Not sure if I was supposed to give you my email address mommystrong7@gmail.com 🙂 thanks!

Robyn says:

I absolutely love the flowery wrap! And she is just sooo cute!

Kelli says:

I use a Moby wrap but would love to try this one too!

Kelli says:

I like them on facebook!

Kelli says:

I subscribe to the newsletter also!

itsme says:

i love how pretty these are as well as practical! I love baby wearing. I have been wanting one of these wraps

I have borrowed my best friend’s sugar sweet baby wrap and I love it! I need one of my own now! Hope I win!

I subscribe to sugar sweet baby’s newsletter!

SchnabbyCass says:

Wow, I love the idea of this wrap. The baby looks so cozy and you are able to have your hands free. What a great idea.

I’d love to try a wrap with my 2 month old baby girl. I think it would be much easier to get things done around the house.

Patricia says:

I saw these at a baby expo and I am hoping I get one as a shower gift! I can’t wait to see if I get one!

jineen says:

it doesn’t look super hard…… i’m due in april and would love to give something like this a try! (p.s. i am mesmorized by the pics of your daughter and when i dont have time to read the whole post i skim thru to see any new pics!)

Sara says:

I had one of these with my last baby and really liked it, but I ordered it too small. It only fit me/baby for about the first month. I ended up giving it to my sis-in-law and am now pregnant again. I LOVED the convenience! Can’t wait to have the next one – and actually use it this time!

I subscribed to their newsletter!

I would love one of these wraps! They look so easy to put on, and so comfy for Baby.

Katie says:

I would love this wrap! What a beautiful little one.

Kristy says:

Looks really easy to use! I’d LOVE to have one!

Qtpies7 says:

The one thing I was so sad about as my youngest got older and older was that I wasn’t going to get to wear my baby anymore. I kept my wraps and slings, thinking I’d pass them to my children as they become parents.
But, surprise! We are having another baby! I am thrilled to get to wear another baby! I’d love to try another wrap, and one as gorgeous as this one.

socmama says:

I’ve been wanting to try a different kind of carrier with my next baby (due any day!). I’d love to try this one! It looks great!

Liz says:

What an awesome product! It looks so convenient and SUPER cozy! With a little one on the way, this would be ideal. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!


TopHat says:

I love wraps! So easy to keep my son asleep. He sleeps longer in that than on the bed.

Quiana says:

Great video and it’s always fun to see Lil J! She looks so used to it =)

Quiana says:

I follow Sugar Sweet on Twitter!

Quiana says:

I like Sugar Sweet on Facebook!

jrdnc88 says:

That is really cool. I’d really like to win this for my best friend who unexpectedly is having another baby 9yrs after her last one. 🙂 This will help her out a lot and also allow her some quality bonding with the baby. I love your blog nad finding new things I can tell her about or get for her.

jrdnc88 says:

Follow on fb. jrdnc88

jrdnc88 says:

fan on fb.
becky watts davis

jrdnc88 says:

subscribed to their newsletter.
bdavisnc at gmail dot com

Leilani says:

This looks super cute…I’m looking forward to trying out several different carriers, hopefully including this one!

Leilani says:

I follow sugar sweet baby on twitter (@ katiram)

Subway Mom says:

I really enjoyed wearing both my babies. Used one of those kangaroo carriers with both. But added a sling to the mix with my son and it was fabulous. I loved that I could nurse him while I was walking. It was TOTAL liberation!! 🙂

Emily says:

I’ve been looking for a wrap, this one looks perfect!

Vanessa says:

I think these carries are an intimate and safe way to carry a baby. Thank you for demonstrating how easy it is to put on because I must admit, they looked a little intimidating at first glance. Congrats to you and your husband on the beautiful bundle of joy you’ve created!

p.s. I’m following on twitter and facebook! I sooo want one of these for myself!

Jodi says:

What an adorable wrap, and thanks for the video tutorial.


Love the wrap. I need one badly. Thanks for the opportunity. thehelpfulhousewife@inbox.com

Spears says:

would love to win!

Madeline says:

Love that cute wrap! Having baby so close really makes a mama smile.

It looks comfortable for both the Mother and the baby.


JD says:

thanks for the demo!

Looks like a great wrap.
sarah.robot at gmail dot com

taxchyk says:

Anything well made that becomes a go to gift for showers is something I really want too!

~Y says:

This is such an awesome wrap – I’d LOVE to win it!


~Y says:

I follow Sugar Sweet Baby on FB

~Y says:

I also follow @SugarSweetBaby on Twitter!

Nicole D. says:

These look so much more comfortable than baby carriers. I would love to have one!

Lyudmila says:

Good design!
lusizova at gmail.com

Julia says:

i’m expecting my first baby and what you describe brought me to tears! i would love one for my baby.
11newmom at gmail

Julia says:

follow sugarsweet on twitter 9ziggy
11newmom at gmail

Julia says:

signed up for sugar sweet’s email
11newmom at gmail

Amber says:

I love this wrap! I’d never heard of them until your post. I have a little boy due December 11, and this would be great to snuggle with him during the cold Alaska winters.

The Fam says:

Thanks for the video – much needed!

shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

Felicia K. says:

She looks really cozy in that wrap!

Felicia K. says:

I follow them on Twitter as @pbandjmama

Felicia K. says:

I like you on FB as Felicia King.

Heather M says:

I would love to win one! My cousin is due in March and I think this would be a PERFECT Baby shower gift!

hmahan_0529 @ yahoo dot com

Tylerpants says:

I loved babywearing with my son & hope to do so with baby #2 as well, it’s a great way to bond! tylerpants(at)gmail.com

Kristina says:

I subscribed to their newsletter!

Kristina says:

I’m a fan of Sugar Sweet baby on facebook too!

Sara says:

Funny that you say 50 weeks pregnant. i think that is really why these are so popular – you feel so close and bonded when wearing them!
seraphou at aol dot com

I follow on facebook also.

Mama B says:

I want a SSB wrap So bad! I loved yours at BlogHer and I neeeeed one! haha.

Mama B says:

I follow them on twitter (@mamabmy)

Mama B says:

Im a FB fan as well 🙂

Kim says:

I would love to have one of those for our next baby! (due in jan)
kimhigueria at gmail dot com

Kim says:

following sugarsweetbaby on twitter @kimhigueria
kimhigueria at gmail dot com

Kim says:

I like Sugar Sweet baby on FB
kimhigueria at gmail dot com

gnwg says:

I would love to win this! I love the pictures!!
ziggyga athotmaildot com

gnwg says:

I follow sweetbaby on twittern gnwg

ziggyga athotmaildot com

gnwg says:

I follow on facebook
ziggyga athotmaildot com

gnwg says:

I subscribe to emails
ziggyga athotmaildot com

kelley c says:

I wish those were popular when I had my babies, looks so easy!


I just adore baby wearing and have worn all three of my daughters! It is the easiest, most time saving thing you can do. Like your little one my baby always passes out shortly after being put into our wrap.

I follow them on twitter (@SAHMofDQ)

Follow them on facebook (Karine Capobianco Traverse)

Subscribe to their newsletter (ktraverse82@gmail.com)

trixx says:

A Sugar Sweet Baby wrap would be wonderful for my sister’s who’s expecting a baby soon!

Beth says:

Following on twitter @bethwillis01


Beth says:

Like on Facebook- Beth Willis


Erin says:

I love baby wraps!

lace says:

I’ve never tried a wrap. These look amazing to carry newborns. So snuggly

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