50 of the best Disney Channel Original Movies Perfect For Family Movie Night

With over 100 Disney Channel Original Movies and counting, finding the best DCOM was quite the challenge. But, hey, someone had to do it!

Whether you and the kids are in the mood for a modern musical masterpiece like High School Musical or a family favorite like Descendants, watching these movies is a fun throwback to the stories that shaped many of us!

When it comes to the best Disney Channel Original Movies, everyone’s got their go-tos, and here are mine (over 50 of them!)

1) Under Wraps (1997 and 2001)

2) Brink!

3) Halloweentown

Halloweentown is a lighthearted, fun, nostalgic (and a little cheesy) movie for all ages. If you’re looking for a fun, laid-back, and great movie to watch with your family during the spooky season, this movie is for you!

Disney Channel Original Movies Halloweentown

4) Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

A 90s classic set in a world without the internet or social media, Zenon has a slightly complex but well-developed plot that is sure to capture the kids’ attention! If you’re craving some lighthearted fun and adventure, choose Zenon for your next movie family night! 

Disney Channel Original Movies Zenon

5) The Thirteenth Year

6) Smart House

7) Johnny Tsunami 

8) Up, Up and Away

9) The Color of Friendship

Color of Friendship

10) Alley Cats Strike

11) Zenon: The Zequel

12) Motocrossed


13) The Luck of the Irish

14) Jett Jackson: The Movie

15) The Poof Point

After the scientific endeavor of two parents leads to disaster, their kids are left to find a way to save their parents before it’s too late! The Poof Point is comical, silly, quintessentially Disney, and is perfect for young kids!

Disney Channel Original Movies Poof Point

16) Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge

17) Cadet Kelly

Kelly enters the George Washington Military Academy and soon realizes that fitting in may not be as easy as she first thought. As the clumsiest and most clueless cadet on the squad, she is soon forced to prove her worth. If you have any kids under the age of 13, they will love Cadet Kelly!

Disney Channel Original Movies Cadet Kelly

18) Get a Clue

19) Gotta Kick It Up!

20) A Ring of Endless Light

21) The Scream Team

The Scream Team

22) The Even Stevens Movie

23) Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off

24) The Cheetah Girls

Four teen girls join a Manhattan high school for the performing arts and form a group named the Cheetah Girls. As they try to become the first freshmen to win the talent show in the school’s history, the girls run into problems as each of the four is pulled in a different direction! This is a great sing-along choice for older kids and teens!

Disney Channel Original Movies Cheetah Girls

25) Full-Court Miracle

26) Stuck in the Suburbs

27) Pixel Perfect

Pixel Perfect

28) Zenon: Z3

29) Halloweentown High

30) Now You See It

31) The Proud Family Movie

32) Twitches

When two twins who were separated at birth reunite on their 21st birthday, they discover that they are, in fact, witches. Twitches is a classic Halloween adventure film with lots of humor, charm, and magic. It’s definitely one that the kids will love!

Disney Channel Original Movies Twitches

33) Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior

Wendy Wu’s perfect teenage life is flipped upside down forever when Chinese monk, Shen, shares with her that she is a reincarnated Yin warrior. She is faced with tough decisions and challenges to fulfill her purpose to defeat the ancient evil warrior Yin Lo. It’s packed with action, humor, and gripping scenes! Both you and the kids will love it!

Wendy Wu

34) The Cheetah Girls 2 

35) Return to Halloweentown

36) Jump In!

37) High School Musical

Two high school students, Troy and Gabriella, who are poles apart, secretly decide to audition for their school’s musical and end up challenging the status quo with their talent and unique bond. HSM is packed full of catchy songs and hilarious scenes. It really is one of my favorite movies to watch with the kids! 

High School Musical

38) High School Musical 2

39) Twitches Too

40) Cheetah Girls One World

41) Camp Rock

When Mitchie Torres gets the chance of a lifetime to attend the famous musical camp, Camp Rock, she is delighted, but she soon finds herself faced with some challenging situations. If you are after a movie filled with sing-along songs, some home-hitting lessons, and a few of the best original Disney characters, this is it.

Camp Rock

42) Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

43) Lemonade Mouth 

44) Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure

45) Let it Shine

46) Teen Beach Movie

Teen Beach Movie

47) Zapped

48) Adventures in Babysitting

49) The Swap

50) Descendants

After the kids of popular and troublesome villains receive a once-in-a-lifetime chance to attend a prestigious school, they are forced to decide between following in their parents’ evil footsteps or breaking free and becoming who they want to be. 


51) Descendants 2

52) Descendants 3

53) Z-O-M-B-I-E-S

54) Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2

55) Upside-Down Magic

56) Spin

And that’s a wrap! 50+ movie ideas for a Disney Channel Original Movies family movie night may seem like a lot, but guess what? My ideas don’t end here! Check out my Movie Night Journal for more lists and ideas to make your next family movie night just that little extra special.

Did I miss any of your favorite Disney Channel Original Movies? Let me know in the comments below!


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