5 Weird Ways I’m Nesting for My 3rd Baby

A couple of weeks ago I made a to-do list with things I need to accomplish before this baby girl arrives. There were about 30 items. Ranging from getting my hair braided (for easier maintenance with a newborn). To eye exams, and dentist appointments for both of the kids (two days before my due date). Planning and putting on my daughter’s 8th birthday party (next Saturday). Buying a car seat. And a dozen other little projects.

To be honest, my thought process is if I’m really busy with work and to-dos I won’t be agonizing as much each day wondering when labor might happen. It was my strategy with my son too, and I flew 5 days past my due date, still showing up to work each day without making it a big deal.

Now that we’re finally down to the wire I have the urge to get things in order around the house. Nesting I guess you can call it. And some of my strategies are a little unconventional. I partnered with Zevo to share some of these habits in 5 unique ways I’m nesting for my 3rd baby.

How did you nest before your baby arrived?

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K. Elizabeth says:

I need to stock up some of these Zevo products because the bugs and flies are out in droves this year it seems. Nesting for me meant going into full-on cleaning mood. I wanted everything as spotless as possible.

Hi Jennifer!

I just found your blog and I´m really happy I did. I will have a more ingoing look after leaving a comment, but I just wanted to say hi. 🙂 Judging from your menu I Think we might have a few things in common. Good luck with that nesting, love, Linda.

Cara says:

I know we share the same dislike for bugs, so Im totally going to invest in Zevo! Cute video!

Jade D'sa says:

I’m glad I came across your blog! It’s GOLD for mommies to be!

AmY chong says:

I hate bugs specially cockroach. Thanks for sharing the valuable information.

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