5 Things My Determined Child Likes to do in the Car

Today’s blog post is sponsored by Chicco. All opinions are my own. 

I joke about Lee Lee being my wild child (she is) but the thing is, she keeps our lives exciting. She’s so determined and often stubborn, and she remembers conversations no one realizes she was listening to. Right now she goes to nature school a few days a week. And Jayda and Ty are involved in their own sports activities. We aren’t on the go as much as we were a couple of years ago, but things are definitely picking up again. So that means Lee Lee and her wild and determined personality are along for the ride with her new Chicco OneFit™ ClearTex ® All-in-One Car Seat, which ensures she is safe in the back seat. 

Here are 5 things my determined child likes to do in the car. 

1. She insists on buckling her seatbelt

My other kids went through this phase where they wanted to do things by themselves including buckling their own seat belt but Lee Lee takes this to another level. If you buckle that chest clip without asking her first, prepare for a meltdown. The Chicco OneFit™ ClearTex ® All-in-One Car Seat not only has premium LATCH connectors that make it easy to install, but the chest clip is easy for her to connect on her own before I check it (she’s ok with that).  Additionally, the chest clip clicks in two positions, narrow and wide, so it can better fit Lee Lee as she grows. 

2. Demands Snacks

Before she gets into her car seat she likes to rummage through the consoles to see if there is anything hidden she might like. And don’t even try to pick her up from preschool without some snacks on hand. Since she was young she’s liked to hold out her hand in anticipation for a treat. And if any crumbs or liquids get on her OneFit™ ClearTex ®, the fabrics are machine washable for easy cleaning – a mom’s dream. 

3. Not Sharing Her Snacks

Want a bite of her cracker? Nope, sorry. Want to set your cup in one of her slim designed and space-saving CupFolders™? Think again. And don’t expect her to be ok with you setting her own cup in there either. She can do it herself. When she isn’t using the cupholders, they tuck into the carseat nicely to add for some extra space. Especially if you’re looking to fit three car seats side by side. 

4. Control the radio

Lee Lee is ok waiting her turn to choose a movie for Family Movie Night but when it comes to choosing music to play in the car she wants to pick every song. Thankfully she has decent taste in music so it’s not like we’re listening to Baby Shark on repeat. But it’s still nice to get a turn to choose the music now and then.

And another perk we love about her Chicco OneFit ClearTex® ? When my husband and I have to switch cars the Chicco OneFit™ ClearTex® has a LockSure® steel reinforced seatbelt lock-off system for easy installation. The back of the seat pad lifts off, so you can see clearly what you are doing: no more sticking my arm all the way through the hack of the car seat trying to buckle it in! There is also a QR Code on the side of the seat that you can scan to access instructions on how to install, use and clean the car seat. With installation out of the way so quickly, she can get back to bossing us around with the radio in no time.

5. Taking off her shoes

It doesn’t seem to matter what the weather situation is, whether she’s wearing boots, church shoes or sneakers, she loves to take her shoes off in the car. Perhaps her Chicco OneFit ClearTex® car seat makes her feel so cozy that she just can’t help but feel the need to kick off her shoes and relax for the ride. With the OneFit ClearTex®, the RideRight™ bubble levels work in tandem with the 9-position ReclineSure™ leveling system that makes adjusting it in each of our cars a piece of cake and comfortable for our little diva. The bad part is trying to find, and re-dress her in her shoes once we get to where we’re going. 

The good part is she loves her car seat, or her “chair” as she calls it. And the 10-position easy-adjust headrest system raises with the harness as she grows  (so no need to re-thread them). And it features a Forward-Facing Harness for children 25-65 lbs. and up to 54″ tall, along with a Booster mode for children 40-100 lbs. and up to 57″ tall. So Lee Lee will get to ride in this for a long time. This wasn’t around when she was a newborn but the OneFit™ ClearTex ® is also designed for Rear-Facing Harnesses for children 5-40 lbs. and up to 43in tall. And to top it off, the ClearTex® fabrics meet federal car safety flammability standards without the need of added fire retardant chemical treatments and is GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low chemical emissions, contributing to healthier air quality are children.

Do you have a determined child? How do they like to ride in the car? 

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