5 things I’m obsessing over lately

I mentioned a couple posts back how having family around changes so much. What I failed to mention is how much it keeps me busy, entertained, and away from my blog. It’s good and bad. Good cause I’m having IRL (in real life) fun, but bad cause… Well, I love this space for documenting my life and thoughts and I don’t want to disappear off the map. If I die tomorrow I want my kids to know I died obsessing over these things in my last few weeks of life.

Please excuse my lack of photos. If I wait until I choose the perfect ones I won’t publish this until next week and I could be dead by then.

1. The gym. Since my sister moved here and one of my BFFs rejoined the Y we’ve been taking classes together and getting my workout on. This is going to sound cray but I’d like to lose 20 pounds and 2 pants sizes in 7 months. It’s the same size I was pre-pregnancy with both kids so it’s gotta be possible, I’m just not convinced I can lose it all while I’m still nursing.

2. 5 Love Languages. I’m 75% done with the book and I can’t help but ask every married person I come into contact with if they’ve read it. Regardless of their answer I ask them which love language they speak and analyze their relationship. I had requested a digital copy of this book from my library months ago and was 18th in line on the hold list. Once my turn came up I missed the 3-day checkout period and was bumped back to 13th in line.

Finally I got the book this week and I’ve been immersed in the message. It makes so much sense to me and I really think it’s going to be a nice “reboot” for my marriage, which is almost 10 underway. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, or want to share your love language, please, indulge me.

3. Breaking Bad. My husband and I started watching this together about a month ago and we’re hooked. I know, we’re like seven years behind or something, but it’s nice to watch a show that isn’t going to make us sit and wait through holiday and summer breaks to see what happens next.

4. Hip Hop Dance Lessons. One night, some friends and I were talking about how much we love to dance and how we wished we were good. I looked up classes at a local dance studio (the same one Lil’ J is taking lessons at) and we decided to take one together. We just started and are all pretty hilarious-looking right now, but we have dreams of being mistaken as Beyonce’s backup dancers by the time we’re done.

I just ordered knee pads for some of the floorwork we are learning, so it’s about to get real.

5. The Difficulty of Raising Two Kids. This isn’t necessarily a good thing, but it’s something I’m obsessing over… Ever since my son started walking I feel like things geared up and got 10xs harder. He’s busy busy, all over the place. He’s SO CUTE, which makes it easier to handle, but chasing him around plus entertaining my now four-year-old with endless questions leaves me pooped by the end of the day. Luckily for me, they are worth obsessing over, and the other stuff I have going on seems to keep me happily balanced.

What are you obsessing over lately?

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  1. My obsessions also includes a book right now. I’m reading Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah, and I love it completely. I’ve been suggesting it to everyone I know.

    The very presence of this blog is a testament to your love for your children. Enjoy time with them, just as your family does with you. Their memories are even more golden than an account of them! 🙂

    Also, my primary love language is Quality Time followed closely by Words of Affirmation. What are yours?

    1. Ok I’m not sure I can pronounce that book. But I’m about to look it up to see what all the fuss is about 😉

      Time with them is so fun. And exhausting lately. The space here is definitely more for me than them. Sorta like therapy I guess. Or word vomit space.

      I’m also Quality Time! Far more than the others. I wonder if that’s a big one for women.

  2. I have read the book. It’s awesome! My love language is quality time. Ever since my Dad passed away I have realized how precious spending time together is. My husband is words. So I try really hard to boost him up and encourage him with what I say.

  3. Love the share!!! I find myself obsessing about my decision to venture into blogging. Am I user friendly? Are people coming back for another visit? Am I providing variety and will I be able to stay true to my brand while being open to options and change?
    Always great to receive your emails 🙂 xo

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  6. I’m not married but I forced my boyfriend to take the LL profile quiz…turns out I’m very high Acts of Service and he’s very high Personal Touch. Definitely enlightened us on how we take certain things!

  7. I’m obsessed with the 5 Love Languages as well! I’ve had it for a long time (like a year!) and heard about it years before during pre-marital counseling. My husband and I have known each other 15 years and just celebrated our 5 year anniversary, and I’m now trying to get him to read it. It’s a must-read IMO! Oh and my language is Acts of Service.

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