5 Things that change when your family moves to town

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I probably mentioned this a little bit ago but I love the shocked look on people’s faces when I tell them… My family moved to town! Yes, MY town. Like, they’re less than two miles from my house. My mom and two of my sisters are now basically my neighbors.

Since I had my son in April and my mom came to visit she’d been teasing me with the idea of moving to Texas. I’d been campaigning to get family to move near me for years with no success. “It’s too hot!” they say or “We have so much family in Utah.”

For a little while I thought I was close to getting my sister-in-law to move here, yet a job offer in Denver took them back west. I was crushed. But not ready to give up.

My mom said she’s consider moving after my sister Lauren graduated from high school. She sold her house several months ago and stayed with friends while they decided if they should rent another house in Georgia or relocate to Texas. Luckily my mom has a job that allows her to work from home, so location isn’t an issue.

The night after my sister’s graduation they packed up their things and sent me a text message saying they were on their way.

I haven’t lived this close to my family since I was a kid and it’s been quite a change.

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Here are five things that have been difference since my family moved to town.

1. More company. When my husband works nights it can get lonely around dinner and after the kids go to bed. Most nights he’s at work my sister or mom will come over and watch a show with me after helping me put the kids to bed. Having an extra adult to talk to is so nice. Lil’ J is also OBSESSED with her aunt Kimmie.

2. Extra TV commentators. Aside from Breaking Bad and Suits, my husband and I don’t watch many shows together. It’s nice having other ladies around who can enjoy a good chick show (ie: Bachelorette) or lame show (ie: Rising Star).

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3. Gym buddies. Getting to the gym isn’t easy. Now that my sister is here, we motivate each other to hit the early-morning classes. My mom has even started joining us. We’ve been going almost every day and I can’t wait to see some results.

4. A new auto-hangout spot. You don’t really need an invite to go over to your moms house. When we are tired of our own place we can just drive two miles down the road to my mom’s.

5. Emergency babysitters. Date nights, girls nights, game nights. I don’t have to turn down as many things because of my husband’s crazy schedule. I’m even starting an adult hip hop class with friends this week.

Overall we are having a good time. I hope they’re enjoying it as much and decide to dig their roots in a little deeper. I’m getting spoiled and I don’t want to go back. With young kids, a job, and a spouse with a unusual schedule, having family close can make a world of a difference, and I’m so thankful.


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  1. It’s wonderful that your family moved close. I hope that one day mine will do the same. We moved to NC for my husbands job when our first (and only) daughter was 8months. It’s tough living somewhere, where you don’t really know anyone, and have no family around especially when you have small children. And yes my husband has a crazy schedule as well. Once your family sees that they enjoy seeing you, and the little ones just as much as you all enjoy them, they will stay. After all there is nothing like family 🙂

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  3. Nothing like having your village close by to help or just be there. Hopefully they get used to that Texas weather enough to stay. Enjoy it!

  4. It can be nice unless you are the one who is always doing the emergency babysitting and having other kids randomly dropped off at your house when you are already struggling with your own.

  5. I’m in the same boat, and loving it! My husband and I moved away from our home state fourteen years ago, and have since had four sons. Last summer my mom moved to be closer to us (and is literally two minutes away), and now my brother and his family are moving here too. Just last night my sister’s son texted me that he’s looking for a job here – which means that if he and his wife and their daughter move here, then my sister and brother-in-law will inevitably follow suit. I LOVE IT! It’s been so nice to finally have family to hang out with and rely on in times of need, and the boys are so lucky to have so many people around that love them the way we do. It’s awesome. 🙂

  6. That’s great that you’re so close to your family that it didn’t drive you crazy when they moved closer, haha. Glad things are going so well 🙂

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