5 Things I Always Keep in My Car

So I’m not exactly the best at emergency preparedness. We have some food storage that we rotate, and I’m trying to stockpile on water. I could definitely do a lot better. A few things you’ll always find on hand with me though is my phone my camera and something to write on.

When it comes to my car I am sure to keep a special kind of emergency stash there too. Besides crumbs and my kids’ junk, there are five things you can almost always find in my car.

If you need help choosing a new car hopefully these four tips can get you going.

1. Lipstick: This can be dangerous in Texas with the heat. Usually I try to keep something liquidy that doesn’t melt like a lip stain, or even just a gloss or chapstick. I rarely wear makeup these days but when I want a quick pickmeup to look like I at least attempted to get ready, the lipstick helps.

2. A trash bag: Every other week we say “no more eating in the car” then 5 minutes later we cave. I find when I keep a trash bag in the car I’m much more likely to do a quick sweep and clean while getting out. Then just toss the bag in the trash and done!

3. Gum: I don’t know why but it seems like the one place I’m always craving or needing a piece of gum is when I’m in the car. It helps keeps me awake when I’m sleepy.

4. Deodorant: You never know when I may need to add another layer. I nervous sweat a lot so I always try to keep a stick of deodorant in my center console. Dove® Invisible Advanced Care Antiperspirant products are tough on sweat, not on skin, and care for underarm skin with the brand’s signature 1/4 moisturizers. They also do it without leaving yellow stains or white marks.

5. Wipies: We may be out of the baby stage but I don’t know if you ever really grow out of the need for wipies. Sticky hands, spills, wiping mouths, runny noses. Wipies are a lifesaver when you need them.

What is something you always keep on your or in your car?

Dove and Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant and Deodorant: These products are tough on sweat, but sensitive on skin, and offer the brand’s signature 1/4 moisturizers. Special coupon: Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF WITH CARD AXE®, Dove® or Degree® Dry Spray Antiperspirant products.

Disclosure: I love sharing some of the little tidbits and random facts about my life here on my blog, which is why I teamed up with Mirum Shopper for this story.

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  1. I have a second home in my car lol. I am often on the road and got tired of having to buy things that I already have, example deodorant and tooth brushes. I have a bag packed in my trunk of extra clothes, shoes, and things I might need if I decide to drive to another state on a whim.

  2. headphones and a tweezer!!
    It is true, I look in that mirror and need a tweezer!
    Headphones because there are times I can walk while my kids are in activities and I love music .
    Great list

  3. I keep a change of clothes for my daughter in a box with some other just in case items like a mini first aid kit, stain remover wipes, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and moisturizer. I have a small potty in my trunk with clorox wipes and a towel in a reusable bag. I keep wipes and kleenex in the front seat. I keep wisps (mini toothbrush) and flossers in the center console for when I need to freshen my mouth.

  4. I keep an overnight bag in my car for emergencies. It is always smart to be prepared. In my purse I always keep some makeup and hair ties.

  5. There also a lot more things you may have in a car. But while traveling with kids all of them should be well packed and kept out of reach of children. Also, the car must be in good working condition.
    One of the main things is cellular phone with a spare battery!!!

  6. We keep paper towels and a trash bag. Plus there’s always some random swim gear but that’s just circumstances because swim bags often fall over

  7. I have a mini toiletry bag of tweezers, nail file, clippers, contact solution and eye drops, extra contacts. Also, lip balm, gum, tissues, wipes, paper towels, hand sanitizer, flash light, bug spray and sunscreen. As we have many sporting events during those times we always have blankets, umbrellas, bleacher seats and folding chairs along with a bag of outdoor items to entertain my youngest (jump rope, ball, small toys to share with some new friends at the ball fields and non melting snacks)

  8. I keep a portable toilet for my little one. There’s nothing worse than being on the road and all the bathroom options are gross!

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