5 Home Workout Tips to Get Your Kids More Active

Home workout tips

We’re pretty fortunate as we’ve always been a pretty active family. My husband especially has always been an active person and both of us enjoyed sports as kids. He has better workout habits than I do and it’s been an important value that has always been part of his life and we’re trying to pass on to our kids.

Over the years, we’ve discovered fine tuned some ways to get all three of our children more active and looking forward to getting outside and being active. From family bike rides to watching yoga classes on Youtube, we’ve found the possibilities are endless.

But statistics tell me that not everyone is fortunate to have these habits ingrained since a young age. That’s why I wanted to write this blog to focus on all the ways you can get your kids moving. 

Maybe your family are sporting gurus and are just looking for new ideas to sink your teeth into. Or maybe you’re exercise novices – in need of some inspiration.

Whatever your situation, here are five home workout tips you can use to get your kids more active and enjoy exercising as a family. Get healthy!

1) Lead By Example

The simplest way to get your kids active is by getting them involved in the regular workouts you do. Lead by example. For example, while my husband does his normal workout, he gives the kids little tasks to do. So if he’s got to do 20 squats, the kids can do five. If you’re struggling to find time to get your kids exercising, why not combine your workouts with theirs?

That isn’t to say you should cut back on your own training plan to accommodate your new exercise partners. Make it fun, make it a challenge. Maybe the amount of jumping jacks you do should be the same as your kids’ age. And if your kids finish their challenges before you, we’ve found that they’re great motivators. 

2) Keep It Fun

The key is having fun! Kids aren’t motivated by weight loss or building muscle so for them exercising is all about the dopamine rush they get from burning off all their energy. We try not to structure workouts and scare our kids with numbers and plans, instead we make things feel spontaneous – even if they aren’t. Need an obstacle course? Let the kids take the lead and design it. Let them be the ones that draw a route with chalk on the driveway, or put the cones and markers down in the backyard.

And never forget the value of a line like, “I bet you can’t do five laps in five minutes.” My kids are always wanting to rise up to a challenge like that.

3) Try Yoga!

If you’re looking to try another one of my favorite home workout tips, nothing’s better for flexibility and installing a sense of calm than yoga. This is ideal for slightly older kids as you’ll need a longer attention span to follow along. We started doing family yoga sessions as Jayda wanted to work on her stretches ahead of her cheer competitions. But I feel it’s benefiting us all and we’ve found lot’s of fun, free resources on YouTube. I’d recommend Cosmic Kids yoga – I know Ty will enjoy the safari themed session when we try it next.


4) YouTube Cardio Workouts

My kids love following along to cardio workouts on YouTube. It serves as the perfect way to get the heart rate up and be active. It’s funny, if I try and lead a workout my kids will never follow along for the full duration. But a stranger on the television screen as chief fitness instructor and they’re hanging on their every word!

In fact, my family has got so involved over the holidays that we’ve even been following along to themed workouts. Check out this Elf Christmas workout that we did over December. All you need is a computer and some space in your living room and you’re off. Go to YouTube and search “kids cardio workout” – the most popular results are usually the best. 

5) Family Bike Rides

I love encouraging my family to go outdoors. I even signed off my 2021 goals blog explaining how I wanted to cultivate and grow our mini tradition of going on regular walks and bike rides. We’re still doing it and are loving getting our regular dose of fresh air as a family over lockdown. By implementing a structure – like a big family bike ride every Saturday morning – you can ensure your team is getting the regular outdoor activities and exercise they need to stay healthy.

And along the way you can add challenges. It’s amazing how inspired kids can be when you get their competitive juices flowing. 

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Let me know which home workout tips you’ll try out and if you’ve got your own family exercising tips and tricks, share them with me. I’d love to try them out!

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