5 apps to easily record and track your child’s milestones

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Decades ago our grandparents and parents only had journals and photo albums to keep track of our funny quotes, and photos. My mom has some things and notes from our childhood saved, but most everything is scattered around and wouldn’t be easy to find pinpoint.

These days we can keep track of so much at our fingertips. I have a folder on my phone of my favorite apps to keep track of my kids’ milestones, and our favorite memories.

Here are 5 of my favorite apps to track milestones that you should totally check out!



My daughter says some of the funniest things, and if I don’t jot them down, I’ll likely forget them by the time my husband gets home from work. Then I’m kicking myself trying to remember that hilarious thing she said.


This app lets you keep track of the awesome things your kids say, and displays them in a cute text message-looking theme. The app is free, but I paid for an add-on for an extra profile so I could also add quotes from my son, even though Big T isn’t talking much yet.

Quote my kid app review  Quote my kids app review

I love how it automatically tells you how many years and months your child is at the time of the quote, and you can add photos and narration to the conversation.

The more you get in the habit of grabbing your phone and adding the quotes right then and there, the more fun it is to look back and enjoy.


 Quote My Kid app review: The Best Apps to Easily Record and Track Your Child's Milestones  Quote My Kid app review: The Best Apps to Easily Record and Track Your Child's Milestones
You’ve probably seen photos tagged with this watermark on Facebook and Instagram. I finally gave in and downloaded it after seeing them over and over again in my feed.

It’s an app that shows you your photos and updates from this same day in years past. You can connect it to your social accounts and allow it to access photos and videos from your phone and it pools info from those accounts and shows you where you were on this day years ago. This isn’t an app for record keeping as much as a time machine-like journal of all of your highlights. If you’ve shared it before, chances are it’s something you’d like to remember.

I don’t check it daily, but it’s fun now and then to peek in and use to take a walk down memory lane.


The Best Apps to Easily Record and Track Your Child's Milestones  OneDay App review

A lot of people ask me how to I edit my home videos. I’ve been doing video work for over a decade, but if you want to make movies in minutes, this app will do it. It helps you edit short clips from your phone together with some words to tell a story. It’s seriously perfect.

There are different themes for the videos, and prompts to record the answers to. You can also add your own text to the videos for $.99. Once you’re done adding all of the pieces to your video you just click the create my story button and it edits it all together with music and transitions, making it a beautiful seamless video with minimal effort.

oneday app review

Personally, I prefer to record videos on my cameras and edit them on my computers but I love this app for quick little videos to remember some of the day to day, or how my kids look and sounded at this age. Especially for things that I wouldn’t record otherwise. Like random tongue twisters and other little moments we can record when we’re bored.


As much as I love sharing my kid’s accomplishments with anyone who will listen, I know it gets old. So though sometimes it SEEMS like I’m sharing every little art creation or dress-up session with my daughter, I’m really holding back. I love this app because I can upload pictures of their art, and little tiny milestones that only I, dad (and maybe grandma) want to remember.

Keepy App review

You can add video or audio commentary to each memory you upload too, so sometimes I have my daughter record her explanation of what she made to go with the photo, which is super cute.

The updates automatically backup to Dropbox too, which I appreciate. I’m hoping they eventually add a desktop/web element to it like Blinkbuggy (another app I like… Oh, there’s too many!) or a way to print these entries into a book once a year.

The Best Apps to Easily Record and Track Your Child's Milestones  IMG_4914

The one (BIG) downside to Keepy is that you can only upload 15 memories a month before needing a monthly subscription fee for more. So far I haven’t hit that limit, so it seems ok. But when they’re older and doing more awesome things on a more frequent basis, I may need to consider upgrading.

You can also invite family members to check out what you post, and backup all of your uploads to dropbox, and save to share with your kids at a later date.


Between three iPads, three iPhones, DSLRs and two Macs, we have photos and videos all over the place, and this keeps them all synced.

Lyve app review

I can view photos I saved on my computer from my phone using my Lyve App. And if you aren’t all on the same operating system, this is a great way to keep it all synced. I love that it automatically sends photos from my phone to my computer so I don’t have to connect it to upload.

lyve app review  lyve app review Lyve app review

Like TimeHop, it also shows memories from each day. But instead of pulling from my social updates it shows all the photos and videos I’ve taken from that day that are saved on my computer, phone, or other devices.

lyve app review  lyve app review

I like that my daughter can take photos on our old iPhone, then I can view them later on mine, and we can connect the app to our TV and watch a slideshow of them together.

The app is free to use.

If you have a Lyve Home device too, your photos and videos will automatically be backed-up to that device which is great in case you lose your phone or if you want to delete photos off your phone and free up some precious storage space. I have tens of thousands of videos and pictures stored on my Lyve Home and have hardly made a dent in the storage.


And today I’m giving another one of these bad boys away! It’s a $299 value.

lyve home reveiw

If you want to enter the the giveaway, just do the following:

1. Download the Lyve app for your phone or tablet (iOS or Android)

2. Find a picture that brings back good memories.

3. Share your feelings about it in the comments below!

If you want you can also share your photo on social media with the hashtag #MemoryLane and let me know so I can comment on it! Just leave a link to your share in your comment.

Do you have a favorite memory-keeping app I didn’t mention today? Let me know!


Note: Lyve will verify that the winner has created a Lyve account. Giveaway ends 11:59pm EST May 22, 2015. Open to US residents 18+. Winner will be notified via email and have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen.

**Winner Alert: Random.org #1: cindysn who said “I love lyve!!! I am looking back on his newborn pics and I just cant believe that he was that tiny.”**

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  1. This app is awesome! It immediately brought up a picture of my daughter around 9 months old. I remember whe was blowing raspberries and was laughing one of those hilarious belly laughs. So sweet. I’m excited to download this on my laptops at home!

    1. I just realized I was so wrapped up in the Lyve app that I forgot to mention it by name in my comment! 🙂

  2. i am loving how lyve sorts the pictures for you! And I am also realizing that my Haddie is a little bossy pants and we enjoy documenting it! Haha!

  3. I was able to download it on my Kindle Fire, but sadly cannot on my phone since it is Windows. 🙁 That is where most of my pictures are. I do have a few on my Fire though and it was awesome to look back and see how much my kids have grown! This is an amazing app. I would love to have it on my phone too…I think I might just have to get a new one!

  4. I love Lyve! I’m looking at a picture of my son helping me make homemade pizza in the kitchen. I love that he always wants to help me and loves to cook with me! It makes for lots of fun memories! 🙂

  5. I still have a picture of my daughter’s birth from 2012 in my phone! it’s her first photo, and I still remember the day and moments vividly.

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    My name is Dee and I am keepy’s community manager. I wanted to personally thank you for mentioning Keepy and to address your questions as best I can.
    Keepy does allow you to log in to your private gallery online via your desktop. Is that the “desktop/web element” you were talking about?
    As for the book, Keepy can help you with that as well… Firstly, I am happy to say we are currently working on photo book integration directly from the app so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, you can create a book out of your keepies in one of 2 ways:
    1. Link your Keepy account to Dropbox in the Keepy “Settings” tab, and from Dropbox load your Keepies to your preferred book printing provider.
    2. Use our Shutterfly and Zazzle integrations to print individual keepies on products.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any further questions or idea regarding Keppy. We value our users opinion and would love to hear it.

    Dee Platt

  7. Jennifer as always thanks for a great post! I LOVE Lyve and it would make my year to win this fabulous memory keeping device. It’s so super cool! One of the photos it pulled up was of my oldest son now 10 mowing the lawn the other day. I had snap his picture as I realized the sad truth…babies grow up way too quickly. It really does seem like just yesterday he was 18 months and pushing his Fisher Price bubble lawn mower and now he’s big enough to handle the real thing. I’m proud and sad:))

  8. Downloaded this awesome app on my desktop & also my phone under my yahoo email. A photo with a great memory was a family trip to Frankenmuth here in Michigan. We stayed at the Bavarian inn, and rode on the riverboat. It was the first time in a long time that the entire family had been together to create some memories. lil_lady_dz at yahoo dot com

  9. Downloaded the Lyve app on my phone and am loving the trip down memory lane – photos of my son as a baby. Need to download it on my laptop too!

  10. I can’t seem to find the quote one… Harlow is getting to the perfect age for something like that. Is it only an iPhone thing? Or do you have a link?

  11. downloaded Lyve. I really like the way it organizes pictures by date. I found a picture of my daughter wearing her favorite hat and hamming it up. It made me smile.

  12. Downloaded the app using pokergrl8 at gmail.com. I think the app is awesome because you can see the date pics were taken 🙂

  13. Oh Lyve, where have you been all my kids’ lives?!? LOL I have so so many pictures and this is the perfect solution! Looking back through my pictures, I see our pictures from Disney World, and it makes me want to go back!

  14. Wonderful app. A picture of my niece, when she was in nursery school, brings back good memories.

  15. Lyve looks great! A picture of my sister and I when we were roomies in college, it’s been years since but those were some of my favorite years.

  16. So far I really like Lyve, especially the timeline. It brings back some great memories and a smile to my face. I forgot about a picture of my grandmother I had on my phone

  17. what a great product, I am hrrible about keeping track of things. I always think i will remember to add it to the baby book, but I never do!

  18. I love this app! I took a picture recently where my two youngest 2 and 4 year old boys went to Target with me. Normally that spells disaster. This day though, they were the most well behaved children that I could ever ask for! They sat in the two seat cart and looked so adorable!
    Thank you for this helpful tip

  19. This is a pretty neat app. I was looking through a few pics from way back in 2011. I saw one of me loving on our furbaby dog, Toby. That was around the time we first got him. Brings back lots of memories. We fell in love with the little guy right away and he has brought us nothing but joy since.

  20. LOVE this app!!! Brought up a lot of memories from this past March- I know not long ago- but I went on two fantastic trips and had fun reliving those memories of meeting celebrities in LA and North Carolina! Thanks so much for sharing! Can’t wait to see more memories

  21. This is what I have been looking for. I have been documenting my meals to hold me more accountable and those showed each day now I can easily go back.

  22. What an awesome app! I am so glad you wrote this post, because I am LOVING Lyve! I found a picture of my son when we were at a specialist to get help for his severe reflux! He was 4 months old and I hadn’t slept more than an hour here and there in weeks! My son’s first 7 months were a major challenge and his reflux was horrible. He is now 15 months and that now seems like a distant memory. I love that I downloaded the app because it reminded me that there is always calm at the end of a storm. I am now looking at my super smart little toddler playing in the floor. Thanks again!

  23. I love Lyve! I have so many moments captured in photographs. I downloaded the app and the photographs that are so very special at this time are with the children and family. Our twins are five and were on a Children’s Snow Sking team this past winter.The photograph I’m referencing follows. Our St. Bernard, Snowplow, is on the Ski Patrol and was with the boys in this photograph on the bunny hill helping them. The bond between a child and his dog cannot adequately be described in words and only the children and their pal Snowplow seem to know. He is their great protector and always encouraging them. Photographs seem to capture those moments best.

  24. Oh my! Lyve just flashed pictures of my mom and dad from 2 years ago and it really touched my heart. Its amazing how quickly we forget the wonderful moments with this busy life and I thank Lyve for really helping me stay in the moment everyday.

  25. I downloaded the Lyve app on my iPad and found my first picture as a new mom. I don’t often like seeing pictures of myself but I love the way I am glowing in this picture with love and adoration for the little life I helped make.

  26. I am looking at pictures of my daughter. She has grown so much every year and its nice to see the progression!

  27. what a cool app! Would love to have this as a backup system. I downloaded lyve and it displayed a pic of my mom on my wedding. Love the layout!

  28. My favorite photo on my Lyve app is of my two children and myself on my graduation day two weeks ago. I have been a stay at home mom since my daughter was born 14 years ago my son is 8. I went back to school to get my degree in nursing. It was very hard but I did it with their help and understanding ! Now just need to take my boards! A wonderful app to save and organize memories !

  29. My favorite photo is one I took on Easter of my kids looking at each other. My Meese is 4 and Peeka is now 6 months. The lyve app is really cool. I hope I win one.

  30. I took all the pictures in my group of friends since I was about 15: I’d begged and begged for a digital camera, and I finally got one for Christmas that year. I’ve got pictures from pep rallies, trivia bowl competition, mathletes, marching band– everything. I’m glad to have those memories and would love to be able to secure them all in one place, as opposed to distribution that includes 2 laptops, a chromebook, a desktop PC, a cell phone, and an external hard drive. 🙂

  31. I have been admiring this photo miracle ever since you first blogged about it!!! I downloaded the app and love the memories of our son’s first photo shoot. Oh this would be amazing for my photo taking addiction! Lol

  32. i just downloaded Lyve on my phone and I am in love!! It brought up a picture of my youngest son right after he was born, just over 2 years ago. Talk about feeling all the feels!! He’s my last baby and I still tear up seeing that first picture of his tiny little bruised face. Crazy little boy. I can’t wait to get this set up on my other devices!

  33. The LYVE app is SPECTACULAR!! I can’t wait to create a “mix”! My family is going to thoroughly enjoy this treat! It was so fun to have ALL the photos in a timeline that are vivid and easily in view! Thanks for this generous LYVE home giveaway. :c)

  34. i can’t wait to use more of this app. So many memories! I’m glad to know of more ways to store my data as I just had a hard drive fall off the bed and crashed and burned. Took $1100 to retrieve it, but thankfully all 72,000 pictures of my kids were saved!! Thanks for the giveaway!! ❤️

  35. Not sure if I’ve missed the deadline or not. But still going to post. I also enjoy the app One Day & Project Life. My favorite photo that’s been uploaded/synced via Lyve was the one I captured of my daughter a few weeks ago. She has grown into such a lovely little girl!

    Thanks for sharing and for offering this giveaway!

  36. I love LYVE. I am also a Timehop fan. Being able to backup my pictures is priceless. Seeing my then 5 year old’s first day of kindergarten was almost too much! She is now 10!

  37. I love this! I’ve never heard of this and it’s way better than transferring and plugging in to get my photos saved onto a drive. We just celebrated one of my children’s birthday and I love looking through the pictures I took. Such great memories!
    Thanks for sharing about this really cool product!

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