Last week I wrote a post on my other blog about push presents. As usual it got some comments from people who think the idea is stupid, unnecessary, worldly… Basically the people who are jealous they didn’t get one. …Kidding!!

So first let me just get this out of the way… OBVIOUSLY the kid is the gift. My husband isn’t some slave that I’m demanding buy me something for every single occasion under the sun. I know it’s not necessary. But you know what?… Neither was the scoop of ice cream I had at 1am, but it was still pretty darn nice.

I’m only going to give birth once (or twice, maybe three times), and I think a nice gift to comemorate the occasion is sweet, and if it’s something like jewelry I’d think of the day I had my little girl every time I see it.

That said, I don’t like jewelry, and although that’s the traditional gift for a “push present” I don’t wear any normally, and I don’t know if it’s something I’d like as much.

But the more I think about the idea, and how it’s completely optional and fun, the more I think that I REALLY want one. Not only that… I’m thinking depending on how I deliver, will determine how big the gift is.

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