Finally two–Or is it three weeks later, I’m getting the last of my BlogHer recap up.

This year was entirely different than last year. I had one blogging conference under my sleeve, I had another year of blogging behind me and… Oh yea, I had an adorable baby with me.

I was pretty indecicive and anxious about bringing her but in many ways, having her made this year more exciting than the first.

I’m not into all the parties, and the exclusive ones I wasn’t invited to just made me feel bad. So having her didn’t make me feel like I was missing things. Granted, I hear traveling with a newborn is way different and much easier than traveling with a toddler, so next year, sadly my travel buddy won’t be with me if I decide to grace the streets of San Diego.

Having her made starting conversations a piece of cake. Everyone wanted to meet and hold her, and a lot of people recognized me more easily since she was with me.

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