4 Ways to Strengthen Your Passions While Being a Good Parent


Seven years ago I became a mother. A lot of things changed when I added that title to my repertoire. The responsibilities I once felt most important seemed much less significant as I cared for this tiny being.

The lines in my identity became so blurred. I was falling out of love with the life I’d always wanted as a journalist as I fell more and more in love with motherhood. But with that I wondered if I was losing a part of myself.

It took months, if not years to realize that I can have both my passions as a woman and a mother. And that I deserve things like oh… Time to myself. I deserve time to continue to develop into the person I’m suppose to be, and in turn, inspire my children to do the same for themselves.

I want my kids to be powered by their passions… It’s actually something I have on my dream board to help my kids “unleash their passions” and it’s something I’m witnessing more and more these days. And lately I’m learning one great way to do this is by powering my own passions. The BuyPower Card can help fuel your passions. You get 5% Earnings on your first $5,000 in purchases every year, then unlimited 2% Earnings on purchases after that. I want to put 100% in living as an example to my kids to go for their goals.

Here’s how I’m striving to do that:

Make time for myself

This doesn’t happen enough. And I’m finding lately the time I do get to myself I’m usually spending it working. But taking an hour to take a bubble bath, and/or read a book or right now my personal favorite… Catching up on The Bachelorette, helps give me the fuel I need to dive back into the business of motherhood with more eagerness and joy.

 following your passions as a mother

Power my passions

I haven’t always been into photography. In fact, I picked it up just before my daughter was born and have learned a lot just by practicing every day. I love learning new things. Which is why homeschooling has also been so fun for me. As well as learning piano, and other random skills here and there. But taking pictures with my kids is definitely one of the items at the top of my list. I love that I’m saving little pieces of our every day that will soon be just a memory. And I love looking back at all the moments we’ve captured, and feeling grateful for those experiences.

When I asked my daughter what she thinks I’m passionate about she said “photography” without hesitation. Which leads me to my next point.

Following your passions as a mother.

Talking to my kids about what I love

In my experience, the more my kids see me practicing and doing things I love, the more they 1. Allow me to have that time and 2. Feel inspired to do things they love.

Learning piano at 30

When my daughter sees I’m practicing piano every day, she’s also likely to practice at some point as well. Either right after me or even alongside me. When I grab my camera my son asks “Do you want to take pictures of me playing with my trains?” He’s only four but he understands taking pictures is something I love to do.

I am their mother, but they know I am my own person with my own interests and passions. And I hope that inspires them.

We all talk about what we like to do, what we love to do, what we’d like to try. My hope is these ongoing conversations inspire them to dig deeper. And now I can’t help myself but to quote one of my favorite Disney songs:

“You gotta dig a little deeper

Find out who you are

You gotta dig a little deeper

It really ain’t that far.”

What are you passions?

So now I have to ask, what do you love to do? What inspires you? What would you do if you had a day to yourself? What if you had a day to yourself and money to blow?

If I had a day with no work/impending tasks or kids or husband I’d either plow through a book, sew things I’ve been itching to sew for months, or go on a photowalk/spend a day organizing, editing and printing an obnoxious amount of pictures.

No matter what your passions are make sure you’re letting your kids see you embrace them. We are their biggest role models, so let’s model a lifestyle of pursuing what we love and inspire them to do the same.

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power your passions while being a parent

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  1. I can see how it’s super important to maintain your passions as you raise kids. Photography must be such a fun one to work on and discuss with your kids.

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