4 Ways to Make a Road Trip for the Memory Books


Holiday travel may look a little different this year. Maybe you’ve decided to drive instead of fly, maybe you’re skipping family visits all together, or maybe you’re driving around town finding safe and fun activities you can do socially distanced.

No matter what you’re doing, here are four ideas to make time in the car more memorable and this holiday season.

4 Ways to Make a Road Trip for the Memory Books - Biracial kids in back of car getting ready for a holiday road trip.

Make it cozy

One of my favorite memories as a kid was my mom waking my sister and I up in the middle of the night, slipping on our slippers and escaping to a Polar Express Ride. You could do your own version of this by packing your car with warm cookies and hot cocoa while you take your kids on a drive to see a beautiful holiday light display.

Make a holiday playlist

What’s your favorite streaming music service? Make a playlist or pick a station to stream some of your favorite holiday tunes along the way.

Give your kids a camera

Whether it’s a disposable camera or an old camera phone, let them take the reins on photographing the trip from their point of view.

4 Ways to Make a Road Trip for the Memory Books - Camera for kids

Plan a holiday bucket list

One thing we’ve learned during this pandemic is that there are so many unique experiences you can do socially distanced. Research what’s available in your town and make a bucket list! Whether it’s seeing a drive through light display, going to a drive-in movie or a drive-through safari, you’d be surprised how many fun things you can do from your car. And even outside of your car socially distanced.

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Have a happy, safe, and affordable trip!


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